coc whit kN
guys i have not watched this video yet...but im already gonna say it is clickbait and he didnt buy it...
Samara Samsenak
I love you so much and your vines
Lee Cook
I subscribed
Just let him film the f*cking car
Jaionna Cooper
Well, it’s really NOT clickbait it’s not a driveable but it’s still not clickbait
Carla Posada
Lamborghini hurricanes are not close to a Lamborghini Aventordor is the fastest Lamborghini
Dr. igoboom
buy mrch
/merch and bio
Dr. igoboom
do you know what fuck the lambo musem boss hes an ass know what like for luck for jake and logan to get the lambo.
Aide Hakem New gang
logan.......I GOT YOUR BACK!!!!!* gets a shot gun * their going to let you film or they are going to lose a lamborghini building post
༄Σк Star
im italian..lel
JJF videos
Logang paulers
Kelly Watkins
just kidding I like you both
Kelly Watkins
boo jake
Ilias Alradi
Fastest car around the Nürburgring WRONG
Porsche 911 GT2 RS
Daniël Ploeg
That coin is €2 not €1 😂😅
Andrei Ferma
“But no one can stop me vlogging’😂
yo logan u should've just bought one of those belts with a hidden camera in it and recorded that way I don't think the quality would've been as nice but better than no footage
Andrei Ferma
The people nowadays are dumb you should be a savage to get over them😂
Andrei Ferma
You and your brother should do 24 hours in lamborghini factory’s cr 🙂
did you guys get the lambo or not
MealexCrispi Gaming
Sorry logan :(
ARP Pretty
Let's hit 20000000 likes for logan
Kyeichi Cray Abella
Bro u guys should have stop filming don't need to film the factory and get that fucking awesome car!
kawaii Kate
The funny part was when Jake was stepping on the lambogini toy lol
Gaming Pros
That,s so sad like what the heck like that,s just mean to crush your present toy labergini jake is so mean!
Taylor Cody
I'm sorry. . .
Louise Dupen
yeah they shouldve followed the rules but at the same time,filiming your own car isnt the end of the world,they bought the car they should get to watch back their reactions of getting it in 30 years time like its not the end of the world to film
Cool guy 32
Boo Lamborghini for not letting Jake get a photo with it
Crystal_ Kitten22
so that lamborgini shop is a peice of s//t give this alike if you hate those people
Raquel Villalobos
Can I have a merch by Lincoln bio
Haze Peter
Douchebags , and I don't mean the people from Lamborghini, I mean Logan and his brother.
James Green
jeez Jake I think we know what a freaking lambo hurricane does and looks like
i guess i'm getting a ferrari
Charitha Lakruwan Vlogs
dude go to dubai you do whatever the fuck you wan't in car showrooms.
Anžej Praček
If you're allowed to act like shit in public in LA, it doesn't mean you can do it in Italy. Just grow up boy!
I heard ur coming to Dubai. If u r meet Mo vlogs
Jocelyn Broadwood
Daria K •-•
Wait I'm confused, why couldn't Jake get a lambo?
Aditya Prasetyo
In dubai
Aditya Prasetyo
Logan u have to meet @movlogs
Dariel Soriano
That is so sad
shiva jamunar
No it is not the chentenario is the fastest lambo
Anthony Rodriguez
Logan Paul I dare you to get over $30,000 dollars and buy a Lamborghini
Rosie Delgado
Ahhh first world problems....
Otaku Taco
Spoiled white kids
Linus Nielsen
Sad :'(
Maria Griego
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