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Jousting, Scooter Racing & Paintball: Bubble Wrap Style
Special thanks to Sony Action Cam for helping us celebrate Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day! 

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Abhiram Chadive
tyler didn't win the battle he was out. He's the most overrated.
Lincoln Fife
I love the jousting battle
Sara McCamley
foul you Deming
wazi hasnain
ector Rodriguez yeah mostly
Linus Möller
Do a 20 000 000 special if you get so much suscribers
Josiah Reiter
Phillip Caetano
Who is watching in 2017
Reillz ProGamer01
Bendy The Ink Demon
Don't mess with me
Gale Lueras
Me pokelord
Pamela Jacobs
lol bubble wrap armour
Donna Boeke
I love bubble wrap
Theresa Yearout
those suits are amazing 😂
Arianna Johnson
I wanted TY to win
Frost Gaming
0:07 no I dont
Jack Champion
Do a fidget spinner viodo
Betty Noire
Who's watching this is 2017?
Landon Kelley
Eli Dunford
1 sub= kiss your crush and get $100000000

1 like= 10 years of good luck
Raymond Gutierrez
Ty wins and Coby on the demo battle
Crazy Man 200689
Adolfo Trevino Gongora
Coby wind in the future
Ginga Ninja
Who's watching in April 2017
Quinn Olson
Tyler stepped out
Patriot Wilson
Ty always wins
Do a nerf video
Syfiie Wafie
Who is watching in 2017
Manatee Overlord
i wish i had as much money as DP...
Juan Carlos Montejo Guerra
the armor esa awesom
El Men Shido
Mu favorite si ty
Marie Shearn
Your epic ty!!!!!!!!!👌👍
Elizabeth Bridenbaker
that is so cool
Just Frank
Pink? really?
Marc Franche
are favourite shot was the mobile laser shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Henry Gemmell
J.jc drx
Green Hatter636
Éimhín Hedley
it Was The first one to touch the bottom y didn't they tackle each other
Lol2Win Lol
Dude Perfect who has created dude perfect?
I think it was Ty
Ryan Owen
hi dude perfect just subed
Aarav Patel
Miladys Guzman
this is so awsome.the person who i like best is 1.tyler
2. cory 3.coby 4.cody 5. garret
Sanai James
Congratulations Ty u did a good job on the first event
Lucas Brabec
He fell on his face read the
Kiran Mirza
Kiran Mirza
conman388 88
Lincy JOHN
Uploaded on my birthday
Sammy Alawi
Nick Conz
I belive garret won not ty
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