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Oh man! Read the following verses carefully, then think, meditate and reflect among entire mankind in order to maintain the harmony of human unity as well as to annihilate riot, bloodshed, discriminations and all such mischievous activities. Remember that 1000 species of Lord’s creatures are praying and glorifying Him by their souls. Therefore, it is the inevitable duty of mankind bestowed with intelligence to act in order to keep the earth and universe in its equilibrium utilizing Adhikr—the Balance and Trust from the Impartial Lord.

4: 1
Oh mankind, heed your Lord Who has created you from a single soul, and created its mate from it, and from them both scattered so many men and women; and heed Allah about Whom you will be asked, and heed the wombs; certainly Allah is ever watching over you.

The soul of everyone is from the Lord itself. None has the right to select their parents or children. So there is no chance for partiality among mankind. The ‘aim of life’ should be to identify the Lord, confirm oneself as believer and to prepare Paradise in the 4th phase in order to inherit it in the 7th phase utilizing Adhikr—the Insight.

53: 45-46
He is the One Who creates in pairs male and female, when the semen drop is emitted.

No one has the right to select sex (gender). Lord is the owner of the body as well as the soul. So there shouldn’t be any differentiation between male and female.

And among His signs that He created for you mates among yourselves, for you may dwell in tranquility with them, and He has put love and mercy between you; indeed in that, there are clear evidences for the people who think and reflect.

So sexual intercourse should only be conducted in between male and female from the mankind, and it should be in between the married spouses. All others who do sodomy, unmarried sexual activities etc. are Mujrims (madmen who don’t think and reflect the aim of life).

64: 2
He is the One Who created you all, and among you there is disbeliever and among you there is believer; and Allah is observing whatever you do.

Each individual has to utilize Adhikr to become a believer. All others who received the Book are disbelievers.

76: 3
Indeed, We gave him option to select the way, either to be grateful or ungrateful.

Since the Lord is Impartial everyone has the right to be grateful or ungrateful, and therefore even the parents have no right to compel their children to become so and so.

2: 256
There should be no compulsion in ‘Dheen’ (religion), the right way has been made clear from the wrong way; therefore whoever rejects with the arrogant ones and believes with Allah has grasped the Firmest Rope which will never break, Allah is All Hearing, All Knowing.

‘Firmest Rope’ which is extended from the Paradise to the earth is Adhikr. Without testifying It nobody becomes believer and enters to the paradise. Read together 31: 22.

25: 68
The beloved servants of Allah don’t appeal to any other deity besides Allah, nor kill any soul whom Allah has forbidden except for Truth, and will not fornicate; if anyone does so, he is fallen in crimes.

The believer who considers Lord as impartial shouldn’t kill any soul (living thing). Believer shall not undergo or wish to undergo sexual intercourse with others than his/her spouse.

From the Book " The Ultimate victory is for Islam…. But not through Muslims!!! "

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