Signs to look for while waiting for giraffe birth

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Autumn the giraffe at The Greenville Zoo is past her due date, so here are signs to look for while watching the live cam so that you can see the baby giraffe get born. Subscribe to WYFF on YouTube now for more: 

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Lydia Raley
2 yrs old
Jacquie Isnardy
who is autumn. thought we were all watching April
Wyda Wake
Thank you ... AAP just posts video updates little actual information.
Tasneem Jamaldeen
We all have been waiting for April to give birth. Go April go❤️💙😊😀
Anita McGrew
I've been at it for a month now!
Bonnie McCormack
LOL at the 1:00 mark, the giraffe chewing when the woman starts talking cracked me up.
Sharla Guernsey
Maddy Puppy
No April is the famous giraffe who is overdue to have her baby soon BOI this giraffe is not even live sooo yea and people all over the country have been watching April live so yea
So handy since I just bought my brand new giraffe!!
monika johnson
Hey ding dongs this is a different giraffe,this is NOT about April. This is a old video April lives in NY this was in Greenville Zoo. Ppl so dumb,lol
skyxer msp
Why are pregnant named after seasons or months and who's WATCHING APRIL
Terri Bowling
August 2014/Autumn the Giraffe.
Amy Dahlin
is its name autumn if so that's my name
Debi Boyd
I have been watching April for 7 straight days!! Uggg...anytime now sweet April. ❤❤❤
Dottie McClung
It's not autumn its April !!
This video was published in 2014 its Autumn....
Ten Years Gone
Denver Zoo just had a baby today at 0300!
Samantha Leach
This is a whole different giraffe it's not April
Bamby S
Her name is April NOT Autumn!!!!
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