All of them are disgusting
Patrick Green
misleading title
"Especially soccer, and he was very good at it" plays clip of an American football game
Magnificent Bastard
"Interested in soccer" shows American football.
John F Willis
It's just not natural to look like a sack of door knobs.
CHaOS AeroCrunch
he fucking put american football in the background when he said soccer
Μανώλης Μυλωνάκης
this is your most disgusting video
Enrik Shehi
3:14 how's this soccer?
Major Me
Says soccer, shows football
Alex Ross
You said he liked soccar and then showed American football clips.... Wow.
David Szczepan
Ten Photoshops that took it to far
At the age of 13 yo... i look like 17yo
Sergi Salillas
These people are braindead bags of hormones
boi dat
I'm feeling kinda uneasy...
you keep calling American football soccer wasp with that
aditya kumar
Very dirty
Dave Steadman
I got here from "why is trump orange?"
The last guy is impressive.
So the last guy .. football or american football?
Hib Hob is deadeu
Fux's muscles looks like its natural...

Don't hate and spam me please...
Max Krampe
why is the last one taking to far?
its actually more inspiring what he achieved after that accident
too far??
nasser also died 2013, ronnie retired. These guys more interested in the $5k they made than truth.
Why sooooo many GD COMMERCIALS!!!!
FadeBeatz Official
this is not bodybuildung this is stereoids every idiot can see that
Douchebags Refuted
Nasser el Sonbaty "has" several degrees and "speaks" several languages? I find that hard to believe when he's been dead for 4 years.
SlowingUnicorn 180
Black people are sooooooo strong 💪
I love how he talks about soccer and plays american football in the background 3:10
Sooo they didnt take it too far. Just some interesting stories of bodybuilders. ffs.
Rick C
Valentino looks like he's 25 in the pic that says he's 13.
Murphy Slaw
Whoever edited the video on this is a grade a troll
Holly Me
that's foot ball
Define too far
it's yo boy Justin 123
at 3:14 he said he liked soccer but he put a video of football
love how everytime Soccer is mentioned they show american football -.-
J Dubs
At 3:20, you said soccer but showed futball
Red Dogg Truth
You say " back surgery " and then show something about HIP surgery . WoW are you fucking stupid .
Abdulla Sallam
says soccer shows football
Looks like Scott forgot leg day....
I don't understand why anyone would wanna get that big. All these mutha fuckas look like the marshmallow puffman.
Downvote for the BS thumbnail picture for the video that isn't even in the vid.
Specky Cyclist
I don't want to look like THAT! But I would like my waist back. Not gonna happen
All of your Wi-Fi
Yeah so these guys have pretty impressive bodies but HULK IS STILL STRONGEST THERE IS! 💪😠👊
why do you say soccer when it shows a clip of football?
Tiago Santos
2 times the narrator mentions soccer and show american football images!!
Pushy Wopitime
i want to get in shape but not turn into these messed up bastards
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