TWICE (트와이스) - Signal : Line Distribution (Color Coded)

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******momo time is not actually 34s its 33s in one part i started the timmer too soon sorry xD*********
After making this video i was like “Omg this i missed something? This is too fair to be twice, jihyo and nayeon are not the first and second? MOMO IS THE SECOND?” but everything is correct, i’m pretty sure of it. Wow this was a really big plot twist for mim aha

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Watasy Wahyo
*****momo time is not actually 34s its 33s in one part i started the timmer too soon sorry xD********
After making this video i was like “Omg this i missed something? This is too fair to be twice, jihyo and nayeon are not the first and second? MOMO IS THE SECOND?” but everything is correct, i’m pretty sure of it. Wow this was a really big plot twist for me aha
Bae Mina 2
Naeun Eunha Momo Jennie Forever
MOMO is the true 2nd because she has many lines!
Paçoca kawaii
Até que a divisão não foi tão ruim
Song Eungi
Sorry, but in 0:33 It's only Momo who sang that part, not both Momo and Mina
So, i think Momo got first.
Kawaii Coco :3
Momo!!!!!!! Yay my bias!!!!!✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️❤️❤️❤️
Aldi Reynaldi
Lol. Jeongyeon’s lines are singing part. Not repeating (like dahyun, etc) 😂 so it’s fine for her. Blame on JYP? I guess you guys should clear y’all mind about Jeongyeon not getting many lines. I mean, should her sing the part “tingling” & “signal bonae”? Those are not even fit for her precious vocal 😏
At the end everyone had more lines than nayeon so she was like ahh bitch no and changed it but then Mina and momo were like bitch hah
Jeongyeon is a LEAD VOCAL (along with Nayeon) and look at the lines she got out of everyone in twice Jeongyeon is the one that deserves the most lines she has a strong stable voice too smh why is JYP doing this🙃
the fairest line distribution twice ever had
doesn't momo say the stuff before mina and momo sing together by herself?
priya ray
Which is the song at the end?
Mariana Angeline Añgon
I keep asking myself why is it called line distribution if isn't word or line are counted i think it's time distribution
Tara Mishra
This is the best line distribution in TWICE. JUNGYEON, really JYP can't you get some sense. Why you give JUNGYEON less lines?? Please this is my request. Get JUNGYEON some more Lines
eae men
Momo is so horrible, how she gets more lines than Jeongyeon???
Thế Phạm
i like môm
Esme Rae
Jungyeon still shines the most
Patricia Bonggala
yeyyyyy Mina
good distribution actually, not gonna lie
Kevin Luong
Why jungyeon
tbh, jongyeon could've got momo's "tururu tutu tururu tutu jillit jillit jillit jillit" part, cuz that would make all of them have more than 20 seconds and it'd be one of the fairest line distributions in kpop. other than that, this ld is fair enough.
Aira Black Velvet Twice lOvE kpop
How i wish they sing it

Da at dahyun
Chae at chae
Da at da
Chae at chae
Da at dah
Chae at cha

Mo at mo
Mi at mi
Dah at mo
Chae at mi
Mo and mi mo
Da chae both

Mi at jeongyeon part
Tzu at chae part

Sa at jihyo
Je at nayeon

Na at tzu
Jih at san
Tz at dahyun
Je at chae part

Min at jeongyeon
Tzuyu at mina

Jeong at jihyo
Sana at nay

Nay at tzuyu
Ji at sana

Momo at momo
Mina at mina
Chaeyoung at momo
Dahyun at mina
Chaeyoung at dahyun at momo
Chae dah mo mi at mina and momo

My opinion bk alot of raps
Jennifer Li
Happy for Tzuyu ☺️
Fatma Macit
Obviously this is one and only fair twice song
disney forever
así deberían ser en todos los grupos
I love your line distributions because you don't speed the video up.
Leon Telschig
What this is.... good
Fenty K
Chaeyeong doesn't even sing her singing part live, therefore it should go to Jeongyeon. She needs more lines she's literally the backbone of the group
Lucas Silva
So happy about momo, she sing a lot in this m/v, finally
jeongyeon's voice probably doesn't fit in, she has a really strong and mature voice. this is more like a cutesy type of song, but atleast she got lines, better than none. i too think that she should get even more lines
I am tired of Jungyeon getting fed dust... it is not right she has such a powerful and mature voice.
Jf Lalhmingthanga
I like you and you are very smart
Mu Yixu
C'mon guys i think we shouldn't put our hate on Mina being a sub vocal and getting more lines, we should just hope that Jeongyeon will get more lines in the future . Twice fighting!!!!!!❤❤
Beautiful Face No.1 Dancing Machine Momo
Momos second?!?!?!?!!?!!!?! IS THIS HEAVEN?
jennie kim's
look at the injustice. why is jeongyeon given the least lines when she has the most stable voice of them all. i'm not hating, i'm actually a once.
Stacy Jenns
jeongyeon will forever be my favourite twice's voice #PetitionForJeongyeon She deserves more lines but her lines are my favourite in this song
b43khyun -
Sammy Nozo
I'm glad chaeyoung got lines besides their raps! Chaeyoung and jungyeon are biases but I want the lines to be even
CL Lai
What is the song name at last
Danger Innocent
Oh my gosh. MOMO :) 2ND
Omg this is like the fairest line distribution of twice
Xx AlphaWolfHunter102 xX
At least Nayeon and Jihyo don't have to worry about getting tired from singing most parts of the songs.
i only ask of justice for jeongyeon and tzuyu wtf JYP....
WinwinIsLife NCTzen
even though jeongyeon get the least line , i recognized her part the most , her voice and choreo part is really good , hope she get more line for their next song
Maikeru Koito
What is the last song?
Maikeru Koito
Beata_Stai Music
Why all are talking about Jeongyeon? This distribution is FAIR!!! Finally fair twice line distribution! Somebody must be the last:)
Paula P
I'm happy because this distribution is one of the best they have and they sing more equal :)
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