TWICE (트와이스) - Signal : Line Distribution (Color Coded)

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******momo time is not actually 34s its 33s in one part i started the timmer too soon sorry xD*********
After making this video i was like “Omg this i missed something? This is too fair to be twice, jihyo and nayeon are not the first and second? MOMO IS THE SECOND?” but everything is correct, i’m pretty sure of it. Wow this was a really big plot twist for mim aha

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Watasy Wahyo
*****momo time is not actually 34s its 33s in one part i started the timmer too soon sorry xD********
After making this video i was like “Omg this i missed something? This is too fair to be twice, jihyo and nayeon are not the first and second? MOMO IS THE SECOND?” but everything is correct, i’m pretty sure of it. Wow this was a really big plot twist for me aha
Great for momo and Mina! And now a song where Jeongyeon actually gets the amount of lines a lead vocalist deserves!
Miranda Chen
JYP actually did a pretty good job with the line distribution in Signal. I mean, its not perfect, and Jungyeon still needs more lines but its definitely better than some other songs (cough Like Ooh Ahh cough). Good job JYP! :)
jaime saliba
Seeing the time and percent for my bae Jeongyeon makes me sad. Hopefully she will soon move up 💜
Jimin's lost jams
Can you really call tutturudu or whatever really a line?
Silene Primera
I'm happy for momo
Sumin Le
Sumin Le
VERY FAIR 😥😲❤👏💖😊
Yoo Jeongyeon
Tbh when I first heard the song, jeongyeon's parts sounded like she had many lines. But seeing the line distribution, she really has the least lines amongst the rest of them. But she has one of the best lines that actually sounded good and she stood out because her parts are always different that's why we all thought she had many lines. whereas others just repeated the same lines over and got more time. I'm still upset about the line distribution of course, having my bias to get the least lines but the rest were somewhat fair? BUT CONGRATS TO MOMO AND CHAEYOUNG THEY DESERVE IT
May Capiral
Luke Smith
The asian one gave me herpes
This is the fairest Twice song. Including songs with no MV (the ones that the line distribution are confirmed :v), this is amazing! :3
mOnzki Ulquiorra
Uçan Panda
Well, why they put Jeongyeon in Twice if they planned to give her little lines because of her sassy-but perfect- voice? She has talent she don't deserve to being wasted. Please give attention to Jeongsassyeon
Soo Lunah
i think this is the most equal line d. for twice
greenpiero piero
This distribution shows that you don't have to be the main vocal to have the most lines.
jungkook derp face slays me
this is the fairest twice line distribution :) i'm happy for Chaeyoung, Tzuyu, and Jeongyeon. altough Jeongyeon is the last she got more lines than other Twice song.
*insert name*
This is their most fair line distribution but THERE'S STILL NO JUSTICE FOR JEONGYEON JYP YOU CAN CHOKE
Mina is supposed to be one of the main vocalists but she denied being one so it was given to Jungyeon..but Mina still seems to be more of a main vocalist than Jungyeon because she has too many lines.
Tia Lalisa Army&Once&Blink
I'm happy for the mina, but it's not normal for a lead dancer to win a lot more lines than a lead vocalist, and then the jeongyeon and tzuyu with such beautiful but unappreciated voices.
İ am Not a Fan of twice but the line distribution are actually really well And fair
Park sojin Park sojin
I feel jeongyeon is being neglected by jyp entertainment
Paula Le
Ikr I wish Jeongyeon could get more lines (Jeongyeon is one of my bias)
How y'all made it look I thought Jeongyeon had like 6 seconds of lines. But I like how they did it with her part. We all thought she had more, it was because her non repetitive lines made us notice her more. So yeah I like how the line distribution went...
Brandon Tackett
wow the most fair line distribution I've seen by them! It's so refreshing seeing Sana and Tzuyu on the chorus!
this is actually not a bad line distribution at least everyone's lines are up , if yall ever see this as bad just remember monsta x line distributions seriously
JeongYeon got the least but made the Best affection for me.
what is the song,at 3:46?
Michelle Guajardo
I think that know that they have a few years on them, more of them are getting more lines. When a group comes out they always give the most lines to the leader or to the main vocalist and who is ever the most popular in the group. Now that some of them are doing variety shows and maybe one day acting. (Also, they have more practice in singing and performing in them) Some of them well get the spotlight. In got7 JB used to be the main protagonist but now that Jinyoung is known for is acting he became the protagonist in the flight log series.
Hai con chó Một con chó
What is the last song??
this song has the most fair distribution of lines, they all get more than 15sec and yeah Jeongyeon needs more line.
Puteri Sarah Mutia
I like signal distrobution , thank you jyp 😍
Thuỳ Anh Phạm
Kookie _Tata
Cheer Up Era in Signal
(in vidio clip)
2:35 Dahyun Style In
Cheer Up👘 ,
2:35 Chaeyoung Gun🔫
2:38 the blue camera
Aritsa Aulia
people here are complaining about jeongyeon's line. but honestly I prefer to get jeongyeon's line rather than singing repeated parts. for me, her part stands out the most
Joseeric Busmeon
Yaayy..My Bias Momo Had Many Lines In This Song...
Joseeric Busmeon
Yaayy..My Bias Momo Had Many Lines In This Song...
Apple Macaroni
Although I'm not a big fan of jeongyeon , but I also feel sad about she always sing the least
Jacky Diaz
What's the outro song?
So far, this is Twice's best line distribution. The members who don't usually get much lines were now given more. Next time, I hope Jeongyeon gets the recognition she deserves. Undeniably, she is one of the members with a strong and stable voice. JYP needs to promote her talent more tbh.
Bryan Kim
You forgot JYP :)
amelia Ernas
there is now the title of the song in part 3:46
You do realise this is an experiment to see what the outcome would be if all the parts were changed round the individual members. It has worked perfectly, if this song was produced by someone else im sure Jeongyeon would get more lines so stop complaining and enjoy the song.
KaL!ng CuT3
sana is so beautiful
Zalfa Design
ALWAYS! i'm a jeonyeon bias, she has strong voice, she is a lead vocalist, but? why ? she won't have much line?
Ashiya Eucliffe
Nicholas Spidel
I'm not even a Jeongyeon bias, she deserves more lines. She's so talented, let her sing!
Fatihah Reswari
can i know what songs in the last part?
Some of you dont get it. The times really dont matter. It is quality over quantity! Jungyeon my bias, but I honestly think she has it better than most of the girls in the song. She got 2!! solo quality lines. The lines like "jjirit jjirit jjirit jjirit" and the "do doo doo"s are really kind of like chants. I think lines with actual unique lyrics and vocalization is wayyy more powerful and important than saying the same word over and over.
im happy tzuyu and momo get more line than before
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