Brooklyn and Bailey – Dance Like Me (Official Music Video)

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With this song, we want to share with you all that it doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, or where you come from… you matter, you belong, and that dance and music can help break down those walls.

In a world where differences are highlighted every day in the news, and exclusion and disagreement becomes more evident, it’s easy to forget that we all have way more in common than we have differences. 

You see it everywhere, international, national, in politics, high school… even at local kids soccer games. It doesn’t matter if we are cool kids, nerds, hipsters, loners, shy kids, cheerleaders, sports jocks, drill team, etc. It doesn’t matter if we are CEO’s, beggars, stay at home mom’s or politicians, etc. It doesn’t even really matter if we love gymnastics, movies, dancing, math, or food. We live, we love, we laugh, we hurt, we cry, and we bleed the same. All of our bodies can heal themselves. We can think, we can communicate, we can listen, and we can learn. 

Love what makes us similar, and celebrate what makes us unique. We all belong.

Dance like me, like you, like he, like she…

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Produced by SelectNext
Executive Producers: Mindy McKnight, Amy Neben, Adam Wescott, Scott Fisher
Director: Nayip Ramos
Producer: Danielle Shapira
DP: Cameron Schmucker
Special thanks to Lovejoy Independent School District, Donna Washburn, Dennis Womack, Andre, MPS Studios, MP&E, Bolt Productions, Production Zone, Lori Boldt and The Dance Movement, Taco Crush, and Cory Richards
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Brooklyn and Bailey
Have you downloaded #DanceLikeMe yet? If not, click HERE! ❤️'s -Bailey
Kelly Heart Faderanga
My sister and I always plays this on Spotify! By the way, i like ur song!
Heaven P
your video was my favorite!!!!!!!
swiftie for life
I love this song.. and the lyrics really helped and know that im not the only one who loner in school
this song is great and has good meaning to it!! good job B&B!
Annika H
I have no idea how many times I've came back to this video and snag word by word to this song and watch the video😻
Lilly Forte
I think that the people who disliked this video thought it meant "Dis I like"
Khloe Dowell
I love you britney Spears,.
Chloe DeLany
That was AMAZING!
Mabrie Hutson
💙💙❤️ love it
Alyssa Granado
pls y'all go on America got talent you will win I know it
sparklepop Studios
I love it 😍 you guys are the beast I ❤️ you
Cutie b. Girl
Can't stop playing and listening!!!!!! Already have it!!!! Love you guys!!
Parinoor Multani
Love it
2021 Amy Santana
i wish i could be apart of your family
2021 Amy Santana
hi im amy im only nine years old i love all of your videos and love your song!
Santino Cristo
This song is so good
Juegos tips hacks etc :'3
soy el único, que piensa que una de ellas se parece a una que salio en la rosa de guadalupe :v?
Rianne carla
The Janitor is the MAIN Character lol😂😂
Jules Mazzone
♡ this song
Ruby piano tiles 2 Queen
Great song best song in the world hope this gets world wide you awesome Brooklyn and bailey I wish I was you sister Brooklyn and Bailey
While I was doing my homework I literally listened to this 10 times!!!!😱 I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!😱😱😱
Aleena Farhad - Arnott Charlton PS (1524)
They have such beautiful voices my family is so 😴 tired of me listening to this song because it's on all the time hit like if you agree
The Gaming Girl
They both sing so different but both so good!!!
siddharth singh
Amazing Zee
one of my favorite song 💜
khushi bhomer
love it 😍😍
Lucy Jayne
Brooklyn did everything
Munira Husain
love it what a beautiful song
This is actually pretty good, good job
Girly Darkskull
I like the part where they sing!😂😂
Siri Parashar
this is one of my fav vidios of brooklyn and baily
Zainab Raza
amazing ❤❤❤❤❤
realmirzd 1401
Bailey almost looks like daya on my opinion
you guys are tots pretty
the best song ever
Pinky Lemons AJ
The teacher is my fave
Elma Guarino
i love this song
Cinder Raichu
Omg I LOVE this song! <3
Keilany Gutierrez
I saw kamri in the video
Lily Ledesma
Y'all sing good
i will i love you guys
not yet
so amazzing a dance to it
Kennya Thomas
who else noticed Parker. in the video
Arianna Riccio
This video is so good good job love you xoxo
sorry i mest up
i love your guyses song ive lisend to it like 50 timesa
Joanne Singh
this really brought back memories of High School Musical!!!!!!!
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