Pronoodles 08
Pronoodles 08
Love the ending
Bestmasterswag 100
Kill them
Akayla Irby
PIMP SLAP em and say who u tank u pinching boo boo
Xorin Franklin
pinned by supermariologan so if logan pins your comment you gt a switch ok *pinned by supermariologan *that was easy
Nikol Diaz Casco
I want one I want one
Minecraft King
I love to pinch my sisters and they beat me up but I still love pinching them it so funny
Javi Lol
MetroPCS i
Jeron Cole
my Brother Pinched me and I Power bombed him through a Table
Alex Crish Dreemurr Who has an terrible life
I look like my brother when I'm green =_=
0:14 bat sound from walking dead season 3 game?
Mr.Golden Man
My birthday is on st Patrick's day
OC :Mason im nub LOL
if someone pinched me 2times ima kill them ima give them a mason knuckle sandwich
Brandon Basso
And yet he is still the cop
I would take off the green and pinch them
Elijah Medrano
You should make a video of jeffy losing his helmet and my name is elijah
Jimmy Blowe
That Is Very Funny
A Gaming2
I like how Cody runsπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
A Gaming2
oh my God Junior are you okay I hate you but I don't think you deserve to die
Flor Mata
This is kind of stupid
Humberto NuΓ±ez
This is a good vid but a little bad (no offense)
The Beanie Show
You Now The eyes forme chef pee pee broke
Joel Newman
I pinched my cat and now she will never love me ever again
Captain Bobby
young cepticye monje
I would my brothers xbox one if he didnt stop pinching me
Itshaxer Boi
I'd fucking punch them
king jibril
i wan one
Jonathan Johnson
It's OK man
Carlos Gomez
Beat their a s s
rosalina marin
Love your videos
Carmine Santana
Pop on them
Caleb Cullins
amari 123456
would I get a tendo switch with Minecraft on it but Rayman Legends
Dominique Brown
5:15 look at that skirt πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Susan Freeborn
Say Icup

Now spell icup
Yukari Iniestra
ay wahet a nintendo Swich 😏
the boss gamer second chanel
I would punch them in the fase
Ouassaidi Brothers
Logan Alexander
My friend colored on him green and I didn't go for it like if he is a cheater. Also in fact I got two people cursed my pants was green is it funny logan
Jakob Doucette
Green underware
TheCutiemark crusaders
Mr Pop
Please me
Mr Pop
maria elena
oh fuuuuuuuck say jeffy
maria elena
Solar Apocalypse
Was chef pee pew getting hit a reference to your head getting fractured when lance hit you with a bat??
Candy Soda
I pinched myself
editableMonkey RaXe
I would shoot them with a fuckin B.B. Gun bc where I live that shit hurts like a mutha fuka it hurts more than any states!!!!!
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