Chas Ptrs.
The first guy did not like the look of the place and wanted to "renovate" the shop. Are you kidding ? here take that, oops only had one bullet, so the guy walked away with a hole in the chest. The 2 guys with the woman are very dumb; one could have taken her from behind and not taken a pot shot at her at all. She's most prob. drunk or high on s/thing.
i dont understand how are those to guys in the army. or police force what ever..when a skinny ass woman comes to 2 man with a knife and u have to shoot her in the chest...what training is that wtf just smack her down with ur 1 meter gun wtf u have full body armor and helmet and 2 riffles and u are afraid of a 45 kg woman with a knife ....
My Salsa
first one was like "what, you shot me?"
kei Van
dam Chicos
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