President Trump and Angela Merkel News Press Conference 3/17/17 video ,ask fox news,wiretap

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Watch President Trump, she's got a knife in her boot # Klebb!!!
Oh man she has a miserable face. Nice hair style love.
Dumb the fucking Trump.
Madame Marine LePen from Paris would be good for Europe – NOT Merkel in Berlin! . Mme Marine Le Pen de Paris serait bon pour l'Europe - PAS Merkel à Berlin!
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The typical argument that terrorists are a minority is stupid, OF COURSE THEY WILL ALWAYS BE A MINORITY, even in Iraq and Syria they are not a majority. That says nothing. Fact is that many support terrorists and radical ideology without being terrorists themselves. That is still hostile to society. So just because we don´t have dozens killed in terrorist attacks every day in Europe it doesn´t mean that the situation is not alarming.
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+Marcos Dos Santos First of all, Islam is not a race. They don´t let them partly because they don´t have to let them in, there is no obligation to refugees or immigrants. Why do they even want to go to America in the first place? their culture is incompatible to the Western culture and way of life. Many of them are openly hostile and offensive to Western values, and they don´t have to be terrorists to do that. That is why Americans don´t want them, because these people don´t love america. If you want to immigrate to a foreign country you ought to adapt to the local culture and most of these muslims don´t wish to do that. And of course there are some terrorists among those refugees and immigrants.
The typical argument that terrorists are a minority is stupid, OF COURSE THEY WILL ALWAYS BE A MINORITY, even in Iraq and Syria they are not a majority. That says nothing. Fact is that many support terrorists and radical ideology without being terrorists themselves. That is still hostile to society.
Bottom line: NO COUNTRY HAS AN OBLIGATION IN ACCEPTING FOREIGNERS IN THEIR SOIL. That is a privilege, not an obligation. There are many muslim countries that are much more suitable for these refugees/immigrants
Paul Detzer
Why is no one reporting pizzgate
Michael DeSilvio
The wretched muslims stand out like a turd in the punch bowl. They pray to their pedophile god muhammad with their stinking asses in the air. They are cowardly clowns and horny rape happy retards.
Matthew Do
Trump said: "welcome to the people house, the White House..." He learned that from communist leaders who like to use the "people" to do what people don't like, don't want, don't need! The communist Vietnamese gov has "people court", "people news" etc but people is not allowed to speak in court, people don't have the freedom to publish the news. German PM had lived under communist rule before. She knew all .....don't try to fool her, Trump!
john osborn
Making total DRUMPFkopf family's German name) of himself, shaming America before the world, in full-on Captain Queeg mode now blaming the British for "wiretapping," not The Redcoats are Coming, time for guys in WHITE ones!
Eric Campbell
Merkel is a whole log of dog shit
Lol finally
Trump would not shake her hand because he had not washed his hand after sticking his finger up Malina's coochee.
Dasha AZ Lass
where are his companies?
the ones he still owns abroad?
Why hasn't he brought back his companies from overseas?
Trump products are made in
China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Honduras, Mexico, Turkey, India.

How many jobs could those have given to Americans?
Yeah, he doesn't have to pay even minimum wage to those people.
Why don't his followers pay attention to the thousands of jobs their dearest leader outsourced overseas?

Because he is smart?
What does it make you?
You were conned. Oh no!
Dasha AZ Lass
15:03 Freudian slip... businessman slip... dumb slip... banana slip...
Mike Sherer
A presidents most important responsibility in 2017 is to protect America from scum, foreign and domestic. Thank you president Trump.
Trump is already aware of the German problem, so he restricts Muslims into the United States is normal, the United States needs to be able to agree with the mainstream values ​​of the Muslims, rather than want to kill the pagans and the Jewish Muslims!
Twenty-five percent of the world's Muslims are terrorists who support the killing of apostles, pagans and Jews, and whether such a Muslim should be eliminated?
Only Muslims who learn to respect other cultures are normal people, Muslims who kill the pagans and the Jews all the time is the devil, should go to hell, or chop meat into the dog!
Elke Summer
As for "wiretapping" from our past administration.... at least we have something in common... (pointing to Merkl).... HA HA!!
Thanks to Merkel the crime rate in germany is going up!!!!
Rick Kala
Love how the SHAKE HANDS AT THE END. Can we stop the Fakes News now????????
tony thomas
Merkel is my Chancellor. She handled this rude guy with class!
Alex Bajan
Thank you president Trump.
Javier Torres
He really struggles with reading...I squirm every time.
buajajajaja que porquería.
merry mi
Are there also videos without translation? Can't find one
Ibi Levay
missions in Africa...yes destroying Africa
earth shaker
definitely a one term president
earth shaker
I bet she couldn't wait to go wash her hands
earth shaker
this president is a total embarrassment in his actions and speech..he clearly represents trailer park trash
Khadar Yusuf
this is a fake president
Khadar Yusuf
trumps tremendous meeting with Angela Merkel sad
omg they have the same hairdresser :)
Joel Wolf
LOL. He has to read every word in his speech, barely glancing up and using his finger so he doesn't lose his place. I bet they carefully constructed
every word out of his mouth. I went to another station to remind myself of a man that never read a speech, spoke from his heart, and sent a clear message to everyone listening. Obama, you were our best president!!!
O Lake
Manuel Schulz
thumbnail is fake
Mike Fenimore
This Merkel bitch needs a good beatdown and Germany needs to be bombed again, BIGTIME, for committing acts of white genocide
kahlouch amin
Miftah from Berlin.
Without the American Gernamy would be like East Germany. America has
spent thousands of billions For the liberation, reconstruction and
protection of Germany. Many American soldiers are killed in the war.
deutschland beutet Amerika aus. Germany abuses the American laws and
leads to an economic war against the USA. Germany produce in East
Europe, China and Mexico to export to USA and lie and cheat like Volkswagen.
Millions of Germans migrants are in Western Europe ( Holland, Swiss,
Belge, Sweden, Denmark, Norweg, Britanien, Austria, ...) because of low
wages and poverty in Germany. Half million Germans are homeless and the real number of unemployed in my opion is 8 million German unemployed. Because most weden not counted.
The racism is everywhere in Germany and the German authorities. I was an automotive engineer, I studied at the
Technical University of Berlin, My wife and son were German but they
gave me no visa but an A4 format discrimination paper like the Nazis
era. You have no rights to work, travel. You are persecuted Because of
the mixed marriage like in the Nazi era.
God bless and protect America and Israel! God bless and protect President Trump.
Merkel is to blame if Europe is flooded by Muslims
Kerstin Wu
Ich lese so viele Kommentare, die Merkel als "scum" bezeichnen oder ähnliches und so viele Deutsche, die ihren Senf dazugeben, auf ENGLISCH! Ich bin so stolz auf mein Land (ja schande über mein Haupt, ich alter Nazi)(VORSICHT IRONIE) dass es eine so gute Bildung hat, den Marshall Plan erklärt, Englisch und Französisch spricht und das jedes Kind ab der Grundschule lernt! Deutschland ist so international eingestellt, denn Nationalität wird krank, egoistisch und eigensinnig. Ja, wir haben viele Flüchtlinge in diesem Land! Aber WENIGSTENS leben wir Globalisierung auch im Sinne von HELFEN, UNTERSTÜTZEN! Und da müssen einfach alle ran. Jedes Land und JEDER EINZELNE! #spreadlove
Why does he waste his time for this she-Nazi ..
Iam a German and Not a friend of Mrs Dr.Angela Merkel Politics
because iam a sozial Demokrat like Bernie Sanders.
It was not polite how our Chancellor Mrs. Dr.Merkel was handled.
Mr.Trump will have a second Chance in Summer!
don't dismiss
He has an IQ around 150 and has invested his inheritance incredibly well (a 4000 x increase in net worth at minimum).

Oh...he also won the Presidential Race for America....but yeah ok sure internet nobodies he's an ''idiot''.

Keep telling yourselves that.
John Townsend
I watched and saw a petulant brat. The calm poise of Merkel in contrast to
the obvious discomfort of trump was palpable ... certainly not presidential.
Joey Campos
Stop the throat clearing at the background. emotional manipulation.
Lynne Wilson
Can I ask everyone to google "Bavaria passes laws to protect own culture". You should be able to read The Telegraph article of 9 Dec 2016. You will see the problems tha Merkel does not tell you. Bavaria had to take many immigrants and they are not immigrants like you in the US know - they are mainly young men - economic migrants with no chance or desire of assimilating or integrating. They bring a hateful culture with them . As the Bavarians said "Without a uniform culture there is no society" It just isn't working this mass immigration. How dare Merkel bring another 12 million. How dare Turkish Erdogan threaten to send 1500 immigrants a month unless he is allowed to hold rallies in other countries.
She has a hell of a nerve talking about the Marshal plan when SHE was on the other side! She was (and still is) a communist from East Germany. She fought AGAINST everything the U.S. and West Germany stands for. Now, she wants to destroy Germany and Europe by bringing in millions of Muslims and terrorists that are destroying Europe
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