PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: Dead Men Tell No Tales Trailer 4 (2017)

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Official "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales" Movie Trailer 4 2017 | Subscribe ➤ http://abo.yt/kc | Johnny Depp Movie #Trailer | Release: 26 May 2017 | More https://KinoCheck.de/film/5jk/pirates-of-the-caribbean-dead-men-tell-no-tales-2017
Captain Jack Sparrow is pursued by an old rival, Captain Salazar, who along with his crew of ghost pirates has escaped from the Devil's Triangle, and is determined to kill every pirate at sea. Jack seeks the Trident of Poseidon, a powerful artifact that grants its possessor total control over the seas, in order to defeat Salazar.

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#PiratesoftheCaribbean #DeadMenTellNoTales is the new action movie by Joachim Rønning, starring Johnny Depp, Javier Bardem and Brenton Thwaites. The script was written by Jeff Nathanson.

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Movie burr
Would've been better if they didn't have such sad parodies of Will and Elizabeth with Henry and Carina.
Val Movies
0:53 this film contains scenes that may be too intense for younger viewers.
Pro Gamerz
Salazars head looks like broken egg
The Nameless King
so part of the movie happens before the first movie begins
Hoonigan Patriot
Going right now to see this in IMAX 3D at my Regal theatre!!!! So excited!!!☠️😆
Yab G
Bam bam bam badim 😫
Всегда у Yougo
15 day
Ultimate Unknown
Why is the rum always gone?
KevTon 13
0:28 What kind of ship is that? Some kind of bending ship?
Trace Michael Zurek
i need that background music i need it bad!
TLOPO Vulture
What's the song
Zachary Gilbert
I cAn see that in this movie the good guys r jack sparrow and barbossa and that girl and that guy and and the bad guys r captain Salazar and his crew
I really what to see the movie.
Paviyarasan V
movie relics date
i watched black pearl yesterday andi forgot who but they came across a wreckage and someone said " dead men tell no tales" i was like WTF
andrea leone
░P░i░r░a░t░e░s░ ░o░f░ ░t░h░e░ ░C░a░r░i░b░b░e░a░n: ░D░e░a░d ░M░e░n ░T░e░l░l░ ░N░o ░T░a░l░e░s ░(░2░0░1░7░)░ ░H░D░ ░M░O░V░I░E░ @ https://vk.com/wall421533617_14
Rudy Agcaoili
Kali association of america
Raura Lover
who is he? 0:21
kunaal singh
nooooorrrrrrrrrrr oup sz
Kirteesh Kumar
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Asmodeus Sins
looks... like all the other POTC movies before
Sadie Sheffield
"im not looking for trouble"
"what a horrible way to live"
literally me
For anyone who is a fan of One Piece, you realize the entire plot and main villain are almost directly taken from "One Piece Z." Not bad but it should be noted.
Nexis siempreaqui
still not sure if I hate it or love it
Rolando Mallqui Velásquez
It notices that they will have a lot of problems for Jack.
Mario Mallqui
Jack Sparrow with his madnesses of not being murdered by Salazar.
Domen Ban
Well I don't know for you guys...but I want to see Jack scared again...like the time he got the black spot.
music is back....
Man v. Life
Does Javier Bardem pick his roles on how crazy his character's hair is going to be?
Not 4K
ASF Kelly
Are Pirates Really this stupid?
Spring_purplekid /Funtime springbonnie
Dang you got the moves hitting
Spring_purplekid /Funtime springbonnie
Dang he has the moves
Zahid Maqbool
ooooo wao Finally i see the benifits of monkey :D
Is it just me or is his voice a bit more silly in this movie, kinda like when he playes the Mad Hatter? it doesnt sound like the previous movies
The Stone Emperor
The reason why jack sparrow fell in the mud was e was drinking to much rum
The title is Salazar's Revenge, not dead men tell no tale
Rehan Khan
Jacks back bitches :)
Har Al
Why do British soldiers always get fucked in every scene I watch?
Ketura Duverlus
lol monkey Jack is still there
TheSuper Visor
I'm supposed to defeat all Pirates but this one Pirat keeps kicking my ass
Spring_purplekid /Funtime springbonnie
I know jack gets the black pearl back and who's behind jack I know it's a hog of ghost pirates
Spring_purplekid /Funtime springbonnie
Lemonycash I agree
Jack Jack
Haha nice Scrum is back
Pralathan Sivagnanam
AR Reyes
:23 Henry "Wheres your pants?" :25Jack " A great pirate doesn't require such intrinseques
Game-Film Studio
trailer music?
Bullshnaga Nims
Johnny Depp has literally become jack sparrow on and off camera.
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