The Overloaded Shotgun...

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"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from
Outro music by MDK,

Nelia Hillman
The beginning tho
Kaleb Elliott
Can you do a video on how many guns you have
Nice fail hahaha
laine schweiger
This was actually really sad for me to see bc that was the first gun I ever shot and later owned it was passed down from my grandpa to my dad and now to me this it’s one my favorite shotguns but this is still the best way I could think of to destroy it
Riley Milligan
You could possibly fix the barrel with some serious welding and heating and reshaping, but the receiver is completely damaged and unsalvageable and would just need to be replaced, or if the barrel and magazine tube aren't fixable then you would just have to buy a replacement.
I used to do this with my BB gun when I was a kid lol
Glitchtale Sans
congrats on making a nuclear gun!
Jose Perez
Take it back to the pawn shop and tell them it blowed up
That is one of the computers at school. I guess he decided ,"oh I am going to shoot one of these pieces of shit"
Well that escalated quickly.
Random Fox
demolition ranch you should try a shotgun not proofed for steel shot fire steel shot in a shotgun meant for lead with a full choke ?
Vukasin Tomic
Can you give me a gun?
you got some life kid. I love it!
Allen Guptill
You should do it again but instead of filling it up so far all at once you should slowly increase the overload and see what it's critical max is just as an extension of your original curiosity.
Intro 10/10
Cassius Animus
the bald eagle screech at the end had my dying laughing
Carter Allan
β€œSawed off shotgun”
Luis Matos
That was basically a small grenade
Emil Bild Granby
5:15 evil laugh
allan moffat
LoL @ 7:47
I LOVED THE SHOTGUN. I WANTED IT !!! YOU ARE A MEAN MAN !!! YOU ARE SICK !!!! LOL.. jk.. but i did like the shotgun.
Friendly Badger
I Love shotguns!
I think you should submerge a shotgun fully and fire it. I don't think what you think will happen is going to happen. I think it will blow up the barrel.
White Ice Tv
preparing for the race war, I see
David Horner
goes to show how much boom smokeless powder has. even a little powder IS a pippe boomb.
The Random YouTuber
Well, you really blew that one. Just like 911. Bouncing on my boys dick to this.
Jfjunior Francisco
Intro, what's the music?
Victor Rivarola
Next time you need a funnel, just grab a soda pop bottle, any size, and cut its top. You will have the bottom part, which you cannot use for this, and the you part, which I'd your funnel!
Nick Pietrzak
Perfectly good Winchester 120
I am a cheese addict
5:54 yeah one sec hold my beer I'm gonna go get a hammer and some duck tape.
Keaton Allen
MATT!! How about what would happen if you made jello in the barrel of the shotgun? Would it explode the barrel? Would the round pass through?
dominic tenorio
I love the intro to this videoπŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
Your Avg Doggo
4:17 farcry 2 irl
Gnome Chomski
Link to water video?
These intros are so god damn good man xD!
god the NRA commercials before videos are so fucking stupid
Synyster Gates
Matt can you give me a rough estimate of how many guns you have
Tristan Yeater
that was freaking awesome!!!
Ninja Foxx
too much over acting
Ninja Foxx
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Bradley Wedeman
Bro didn't even get close lmao πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
I could have protected my family with that shotgun...
Jacob Harasimiuk
Best intro ever
Angel Wolf 1
We do weird shit with guns down here, lol, that sounds pretty weird.
Angel Wolf 1
Lol, jk
Angel Wolf 1
I mean come on man
Angel Wolf 1
Dude, we all knowyou have alot of money. Personnely i take offense to you destroying a perfectly good shotgun over a damn experiment. Here in the south eastern united states, we treat guns with respect, we dont blow the fuck out of a good gun.
Chicken Permission
...No copyright strike? Holy crap, thats actually really surprising.
Rolf Bjorn
I saw it coming from the beginning... you were making a pipe bomb out of it :P
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