The Overloaded Shotgun...

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"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from
Outro music by MDK,

Nathan Bell
can't believe that monitor made it out alive on a demo ranch episode...was expecting the fiddy after the shotty failed...or a punt gun with all that shot you had left lol #lightbulb
Not one of your better days.
Your intros justify hitting the like button by themselves lol
Mike Hawk
Take that to the pawn shop and with a straight face ask what they will give you for it.
Jason Cook
i would have loved that weapon 😭
Tyler M
well u hot a new sawd off shot gun
Dj Project
Ok.....Never mind, I just paused the video at the end and took a screenshot of you. I'm happy now.
Dj Project
I want a t shirt with a picture of that last shot of you with the rifle wings!! That would be cool!!!!
haimynameiz shublabadub
Super sawed off shotgun
Rick Smith
Glad you tried this than some stupid teenager who would have likely killed himself by shouldering the thing because he was curious about what would have happened
Seems safe enough to shoot
Eh, Do I need this?
That intro tho xD
fletcher paine
That's a thicc computer monitor, sure it's not a TV?
It is not the projectile that destroys the barrel when firearms are used inappropriately. It is the gas pressure. When the entire system is submerged the gas loses energy while it is pushing the water out of the way and does not have enough left to pop the barrel. When partially submerged the gas still has enough energy to break things. In fact one can control where the barrel breaks to a certain degree by leaving more or less out of the fluid. It should break near the water line. Further out of the fluid is best...
Francis raphael
did you add extra wad?
carefulyew025 HD
I have Family Guy in the background and Stewie shut a shotgun whilst Im watching this.
Johnathan Davis
path of least resistance
U know lead is very toxic for the environment.. right? I love ur channel but u really don't give much shit about the environmental stuff..
Adolf Hitler
i Love your skits so much hahahah xD
Motion sickness...with as much as you move don't record in 60fps again, stick to 24 or 30fps lol
>mfw he bought a shotgun at a pawn shop
how is this legal lol
Lamont Moss
funniest intro I seen in a while
James McHugh
he made a pipe bomb.
Jasper Franzen
what do you get when you saw off a sawed off shotgun? That
idk why but i laughed so hard when i saw the shotgun exploded
Asus Loraxis
I really wonder what he's telling the cops about all those guns in his truck when he's getting pulled over :)
Necked-red Diesel903
Take it back to store or a refund. It's defective. Lol
I know it was cheap but it still pains me to see a gun get destroyed.
Levi Armstrong
That was insane
Badness Bob
Ive been watching demo ranch for a couple of years now and also your other channels but today ive decided to subscribe as im convinced you are sincere, honest and a true firearm fan as well as a good parent, husband and person. That makes 2 channels i now subscribe to, Neebs Gaming and Demo ranch. Keep up the great work and i wish you and your lovely family, the best of health, happiness and contentment. Bob. Australia.
Just buff out the scratches
Trevor Johnson
your analysis is incomplete without considering pressure of combustion gases. they are the movers and shakers in this particular problem and the pressure tends to be what causes issues like this.
Dragenslayer 907
path of least resistance.
Damn that shotgun has been broken from the predator 2
I havent seen all your vid in a while Good i still sub u
tony madison
poor old 870
ELITE sniper4
Rip Shotgun
What guns do you keep in that safe?
D Kernz
guys this is a sawnoff shot gun life hack😅
Crazy Pearson
how much was that shotgun?
Aidan Hollis CAP
Looks like Cobain's gun without the muzzle brake
Michel Cote
You need to collab with +SmarterEveryDay
Naufal Habibie
dude if the back of that gun broke the cinder block then do it backwards to a target that's cool
Cjs Swiniuch
That was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol
draconian sword
well you just lost quite a bit a cash
Demetrius Ford
the intro 😂😂
To all guys with big speakers: turn up volume at 0:19, go to your speaker, look at the woofers.
Sweet Patato
If you shoot the tv at the gun the tv explodes
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