The Overloaded Shotgun...

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"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from
Outro music by MDK,

hahaha i had to replay 7:45-7:50 a couple times was too funny
Charles E
Who is watching this in 2020?
I don't even own a gun and this is the most entertaining channel I have come across
NGS I The Magical Potato
5:20 kinda looks like a force of nature
That much shot formed a pretty good seal! The rearmost area of the lead column was in high-speed motion, and the forward area could not even begin to move before the column attempted to flare out, and that formed a pretty tight seal! A physics principle of some type! The one that states objects in motion tend to stay that way, and things at rest do too, unless these objects are acted on by an outside force.
The Entertainment Braniac
0:11 you hilarious dumbass
Ron Wilson
7:48~ 👍👍👍😁
Kye thecrazycatman
poor gun, it had a great life.
Stephen Brown
Let all the politicians shoot the guns at each other!
Mike Peabody
True break action shotgun :p
lol that bit where you threw the shotgun spooked me. For some reason i felt it would go off and hit ya when it fell
Andrew Brown
this was fun
Love ur videosan keep it up
Bruin Booth
I can't believe you didn't shoot the TV at the end
Bruin Booth
Soooooooooo, Matt's been awesome his whole life
Josh Otis
Been following for a long time awesome entertainment ohh and there needs to be a comeback of the custom shotgun ammo tests. Lets she how creative people can get now
Grant The Gamer
I litterly call him shotgun savage
The intros, man. Always cracks me up
Chad Constantine
I came here for a pump action shotgun, but left with a break action.
Not disappointed.
The intros are the best lol
Remingtons aren't the best made for the test you performed, try the same test with a Krieghoff and let us know what happens.
ive tried this with an airgun used as a shotgun
Pvpking68 68
U bet u anything he looked down the barrel to see how full it was lol
Willie Young
Hey demolition ranch do you still have that big ass lead block send it to me in California I can use the lead thanks
Seth McDonald
Bailey Jimenez
did he go to the pawn shop that iraqveteran8888works at
Swedish Army
starts at 4:18
youre welcome ;)
rich guccione
HA I love how truck = blast shield
Jim Eastridge
but your new nickname is ELMER FUDD
Jim Eastridge
good video,we all have,what if thoughts
Jim Eastridge
u watched alot of buggsbunny ,Elmer fudd
This channel should colab with The Slomo Guys for sure, it'd get some pretty cool results xD
Skeetle Lambert
i take it to a gun store and say best shotgun i ever used give a little laugh and say wanna buy it only used it about once
john smith
Try filing the rim off a few shells and load 4/5 rounds into the one barrel and see what happens
Mark Rielly
Why did you put the exploded shotgun as the thumbnail? I would've enjoyed the mystery, until it was time to see what happens.
Matias Munoz V
Mason Larre
I need some lead
20 bucks says you own every luke bryan album
i feel emotionally attached to that shotgun now and feel bad even though that was AWESOME!
Jakub Palencik
His Last words. "Theres only one way to know."
Oddball002 Anonymous
0:47 cocaine?
Jack Vanpool
Who dislikes this shit
That shotgun blast is on some Asland ressurection shit
Best. Intro. Ever.
Best intro ever
Zealot Patriot
Why don't you try using a blank instead of a slug?
Jordan Perine
This guy treats his guns like shit I would never treat my guns like that even if they were 5 $
You must leave drugs. And by the way do not spread led on the fields, and one more thing take a rest . . .
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