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Ksa 11
Antonio APC79
is the free energy real
sofia the skeleton
Tell a big lie
The Entertainment Channel
Lets see 5-mins crafts powering a LED bulb with any of those!
Mr. Thinkers
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Mr. Thinkers
Search 'Mr. Thinkers' and subscribed my channel for new updates of technology in smartphone
Fatima Ismail
It's same like last time bro
Fatima Ismail
Why is Science so cool
Roblox Minecraf
5:28 that's how u prank ur parents xD
Reese Hansen
Man I want to try these out
fahad khan
its more than 17 !!!!!
I love oobleck :P 4:54
Finland Frog
9:18 amzing
Delight Girl
who ever like 5 minutes crafts ? if U 1like
Clymans Robert
Tu vois plains de possibilités d'expériences a faire, mes les explications sont pleines de foix mal démontré ou va beaucoup trop vite... 5/10 t'elle est ma cotation.
Chicago Kiera
00:4, That looked wrong that's what my brother said
SuperGirl 345
That is ooblec peaple do not know if it is a solid or a liquid!
caption looks like a |
Dawn's Toy DIY'S!
I don't like how you put a video that everybody has seen already, it bothers me, and it kinda makes me feel bored, other than that, u r fine
Rihanna Is a savage
The spectacular science one was awesome!!!
Rube Goldberg
Is that egg stuck in there forever?
Natalia Mazurek
a może ktoś z polski? :D
StarKickers Cz/Sk
Tohle Je z česka
nice work
tinan rekovic
hmm 10:31
бля совок для каках кошек
جوجو احلى
الي سعودي لايك
Beka kz
Md Sadikul Sanim
hoh, that was so nice vedio really.i am leant more sceince experience to saw the vedio.do you send me the name of your facebook id???please
Fox Josh
10 sub = sub back
20 sub = shout out
30 sub = peo box adress
40 sub = insta shout out
50 sub = give away
Kaneez Fatima
Steven Gu
Christopher Lewis
Soda and Sugar, then light, But what is the liquid? States two ingredients, but show 3, plus the match?
Sameer Jindal
helpful video
The bed/couch/chair is lava
You died.
it would be grt if u metion what exactly is happening
Amela 2.0
So cool
professor Pannell
Who else thinks the cover picture looks like a swimmer with a swim cap on
Ramal Thompson
its my birth day to day can i get 50 likes and no mean comnets 😘😘🎉🎂🎁
Rylin Clark
I love your videos so so much!
Kristoff Bellemans
now I have one but still
2Renata Ligorria
comentario 402
AD tuber
that moment when you like your own comments because you now nobody will like your comment 😉😏😐
Archana yadav
Aathavan vijay
sub me i will sub u with 3 accounts
Bear Mar2
1:40 cool! How do get the egg out? Tell me if you know
Claudia Vicezar
me encanta aunque sea en inglés me encanta sus cosas es
Meliodas Gt
This is not 17 by the way its more than 17
i like this content ;) SUBSCRIBED
Kristoff Bellemans
can you subscribe to my chanel please I don't have any subs
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