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Learn Shapes For Toddlers!

      Join this amazing adventure with Max the Glow Train, Blazin' Bill the Monster Truck, Pete the Truck and Robo-J5 the Robot to learn 2D and 3D shapes and see a real monster truck shape race! 

PART 1 - Meet Robo-J5 the Robot. Bill the Monster Trucks practices driving around holographic shapes created by Robo-J5. 

PART 2 -  The toys go to the construction site where their friend Frank the Fork Lift and his team are building a REAL monster truck track using 2D and 3D Shapes. They also meet Mike the Monster Truck from Team Sphere and the not so nice Joe the Monster Truck from Team Cone. 

PART 3 - Monster trucks race around 2D and 3D shapes and at the end Joe the Monster Truck learns his lesson about respecting others.


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