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Pedro Arias
That's it a joke?
Where he hit a boy?
Heyy Now
I think there's something wrong with that kid.
Jason Burg
Republicans making fun of a kid with autism. What's next?
Carlos Morales
You shouldve bitch slap that kid !
What a little fucking monster. His parents should be ashamed. When I was his age I would have been in awe of the Vice President, and would never have demanded an apology from any adult for a harmless incidental accident. What an entitled spoiled little fuck. Have some respect for your elders and stop thinking this whole fucking world revolve around your little ass. "You owe me an apology," I've never said those words in my entire life. What a little entitled pussy.
Im so glad.
That kid is a little brat
Andy Derksen
Wow, just anything to generate criticism of the Trump-Pence administration.
Ryan ZB
What a pussy, no wonder he grew up under Obama
apples answers
what a fucking faggot. mike pence should have backhanded that faggot sissy bitch!
Music Teacher Guy
Hey, remember when Ben Stein gave Arianna Huffington the middle finger on CNN shortly after 9/11? Man, that was great. And deserved.
😂 Pence a fake mofo
Helen Isaac
Good for the child. He was not going to be bullied.
This kid is celebrated?? When you're on a bus and you accidentally brush against someone while going to your seat, this is the person that yells "excuse you!" This is not what a society should admire
Mana Behzad
He owes America an apology as well.
Robert O.
"You owe me." That sums it up. Little disrespectful asshole.
After learning WHY this child is the way that he is, I think it's best not to comment. Really. Just leave this one alone, folks.
He apologized and the kid made sure he did! Good kid, good VP. Like Huff post said, they buried the hatchet. Gtf over it.
Well Mom and Dad, if your goal was to raise an insufferable little shit...MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!
Xia Seuii
An apology for what?
and oh how Hitler loved the children!
Chrisyl The Missile
Mike Pence is a good man regardless of the video's intent to shame him. Silly democrats.
Gerardo Mata
How is he a hero again???... wouldn't be surprised if I see him on Ellen a couple of weeks from now
DaseOne415 ho!
kids a cunt...
this is the new Americana. Where adults cry about everything, when the biggest bullies are adults. Where it's okay to talk shit about little kids.
Steven Cho
electrocute him
Donnie K
im a huge pence fan and i found this kid to be cute... he has autism so what?! they just process the world differently and it does cause them problems but they are people too!
Yamaha Rider J
what the fuck is with the comment this kid has it fucking right don't put your arm in someones face without saying sorry that fact you think the self is stuck up or self entitlement your just jealous is kid as more balls then you and wont let people walk all over them.

think that kid could bring world peace as he does not give up XD
Tristram Shandy
Who raised you idiots that think common courtesy is the mark of a "bitch" (nice language when you're talking about a child btw)?? Why were you dragged up so wrong?
To read all these comments condemning an autistic 10 year old disgusts me. The lot of you hiding behind your keyboards spewing your ignorant filth. Who the hell cares if liberal or conservative it's an innocent exchange between a child and man. Yet everyone is compelled to politicize everything! More in more I loose what little faith I have in fellow man...and this justifies that sentamint. I tell u all to go to hell but since that's nothing more than a fabricated fable, I can than only hope oblivion finds you all sooner rather than later.
Matthew Davis
That kid is a future SJW right there what a little a faggot..
This is kind of your next President. Dong get high expectations. Same shit hidden behind conservative skin and rethoric.
Marijuana Saves Lives
WOW, that just shows how mush Pence cares about children!
You really want to impeach Trump?
Manuel Silva
This is great. There are a lot of adults that wouldn't even express that they had an issue with getting hit in the face.
Autistic or not, that is a thin-skinned kid.
verticalimit78 comewithmema
l would never let this sick asshole not even touch one of my kids and this parents are allowing pence to actually pick the the little girl up?
K Nogne
People in the comments bullying a child like the big strong mature republicans they are.
Wow, you are all so brave talking shit about an autistic kid. What a pack of assholes.
Padom Diam
Chocolate caliente con mashmelos and your favorite cookies! an AWESOME kid! ;)
Lib snowflakes are pretty easy to spot. This kid is not one of them. He's on the autism spectrum- hence the concrete thinking. "If this, then that," mentality. "If you bop me on the nose, you should apologize. That's just how it is." He's just not at the point of understanding that some things are okay to let go of. He was very respectful. Many children on the spectrum would melt-down, throw tantrums, become aggressive, etc. Basically how the left normally acts, haha.
Shoahshana Goldberg-Shekelstein
Entitled faggot kid.
Thomas Olsen
Sorry, I may come from a more archaic mindset when it comes to my son is being bullied and hit, I tell him to hit back immediately...I'll deal with the teachers later...but he better not cry like a sissy (or snowflake is a good substitute now that I think about it) LOL...fight back. In regards to this persistent kid poking the VP desperately to get his attention...autism or not...I wouldn't have minded if the VP thought " F**K someone get this annoying kid away from me" LOL
Yasistas Arse
see the gay mannerisms on the kid. He's a future sissy faggot. He'll try that homo apology shit when he's older and get his face sliced with a razor.
So it comes to light that the kid is autistic. To all those libs that were relating to this kid, there you have it, your political sensibilities are in line with those with neurodevelopmental disorders.
This "kid" is just a pathetic degenerate spastic ! His parents should be ashamed to have such a trash at home and should litter him...
Love all the Trump supporters here calling out "snowflakes" lol... Y'all didn't mind voting for one, though
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