Clash of the Titans

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Battle for herd dominance between two cape buffalo in the Aberdare Forest on February 5, 2010. The music is "Elite Guard Attacks" by Basil Poledouris from the Conan the Destroyer soundtrack.

They fought for about 15 minutes and this is a slimmed down version of that fight. Either animal could have ended this at any time but they were duking it out for dominance of their herd and neither one would back down.

Prins Kvir Rza
I want NO BGMs.
Gideon Moisan
Amazing fight
such a shame no croc ever came out of the water to reconcile between these two cows simply :)
bonface bett
only the stronger to servive
Muzammil raza
this is from the guy who made pac man do drugs
allen vuchirai
The rule of nature, THE FITTEST TO SURVIVE.. your background music is not thtat good, would like to hear the clash of horns
pro oyuncu
Türk yokmu
Aakash Sakhya
don't want it
Daryl Leckt
fun fact:
the eventual winner of these fights can consume up to 700 lbs of their victims in a single 2 hr feeding frenzy.
Pranit Jadhav
Mughees Irfan
Dc Gujjar
Ah Dy
Vince Vengeance
i would called that a "PUSSY" war.
Hsjhsjsju Hejjshih
Ranjeet kumar Bihari
Shravan Kumar
engineering world
shahnawaz malik
rakesh shelke
Both r fucking powerful
Şaban Haymana
Ben omç o. Onr
Paul S
Big time headaches afterwards.
Horace Hogsnort
MBOGO!! Bad company.
Thuon Jambaka Nyakwar Anuro
Never give up however hard it may be in front of your enemy (read broken horn here).
miễn phí cà phê
hai con trâu đánh nhau rất hay
Von Milash
They don't protect their own offspring from lions this ferociously. What a loser species of animal.
Karina Buitron
Shahajudin Shaha
Monterys Velaryon
I'd love to see a North American bison vs a Cape buffalo
well its not to long ago that we were doing that too! hahah
somewhere in a cave
Hari Hari
How did the Buffalo with the broken horn win? The other buffalo was pushing him backward and suddenly it runs away?
Bellami Ephraim
All this for the pussy
Cem KaradağLı
Boynozu Kırılsada Pes Etmedi Galip Geldi...
We can't stand by and watch this as humans. They have to be put with a sleeping dart and separated or the population will be reduced to nothing (no thanks ton humans killing them too)
Diego Saenz
Gone Fishin"
A TRUE bull fight!
Raichu LeNope
How did I even got there, and for the love of god, why.
Bobby Spurlock
Was the blood coming from the broken horn?
Benedito Militão
titans. bom
Paul Ziolo
Haakon - my apologies - you're quite right, and thank you for introducing me to Mr. Poledoris' Destroyer' score. I know the 'Barbarian' by heart, but hever saw or heard the 'Destroyer'.
Paul Ziolo
Music plagiarised directly from Basil Poledouris' score of Conan the Barbarian (1982).
Tara Brown
@1:33 that had to hurt
Ro'ber Harpane'
You gotta wonder how many one eyed buffalo there are wandering around on the African plains & in Asian jungles. One piercing lance of those twisting heads in full battle & someone walks away permanently without their sense of sight. You'd almost think that was a given with the curved angles of their racks almost fitting perfectly into the eye socket area of their opponent. The title was spot on,, two evenly matched titans with no quit in them. No loser here,, the one that ran away simply chose to fight another day..
Von Milash
So basically the only time there useless turds stand up for themselves is when they're fighting each other. Any other time, they are nothing but passive victims and am easy meal. I have no respect for these dummies anymore. Just big dumb menu items.
Rafael Lastra com
rahul panwar
I bet you its all because of some Pussy!!
jose ribeiro ferreira
where is peta when barbaric things are happening
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