Game Theory: Luigi's SECRET Identity (Super Paper Mario)

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Mario is mental, Peach is a dictator, Toad is a brainwashed monster, and Bowser is a struggling dad. That leaves sweet and lovable Luigi on the chopping block. But seriously, what could POSSIBLY be wrong with Luigi? Well, 

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I'm never going to sleep tonight
SugarTheCookie 2006
Thank you for making me hate Luigi MattPat. Thank you. (Ya bitch)😂
Game theory rocks! Mat Pat I hope you stay for a long time.
That person
Now all you have to do now is ruin yoshi good luck
Marina Hyde
Lol I love these but it's just a game
Sara Fox
Who's next?
Mario=psycho, Luigi=evil guy, Peach=overlord of a parasitic fungus, Toads=parasitic fungus, Goombas=the original residents of Mushroom Kingdom, Bowser=has completely justified actions, Rosalina=Peach and Luigi's daughter (totally unsuspected), and Yoshi...... we just have to wait and see!
Intex Aqua
MatPat so tries hard to convince all the viewers about his theories....
and i am afraid he is quite successful in that....
Philomena Ramiah
I love this game
Keith Ewell
The intro was 🔥
A Random tomato
" I kinda like the guy" who doesn't?
Tiffani Taylor
i love jacksepticeye 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😉😂😁😀😊☺😅
Luigi is harmless he was brainwashed
clorox bleach clorox bleach
Super paper mario is not canon
Melodi Rosen
I love him even more.
Jester 1009
Bubbles Normal life
So all I learnt that joey is a cow milking manic that loves to milk cows sorry matpat but that logic does not work
Uttam Nisad
Alanis Perez
Hey can u do a video showing the history of Daisy I would really like to learn more about her
OK now I think I got it peach took over the kingdom with parisites to have power and then Mario showed up with his brother and because of the disease Mario was desperate to get it on with peach but when Bowser put together his plan to save the princess without knowing she took over the kingdom he tried to save her while making his adopted kids think they have a mother(reason not to kill her) but Mario knew none of this and would not care about anyway and used his brother as a way to get what he wanted but every time mario made his brother angry he bottled his anger up therefore Mr L and then he got quote on quote mind tricked he never actually was hypnotisesed or whatever and he made us the gamers think he was hypnotised when really he was getting revenge without us knowing it therefore Luigi KNOWS THE 4 WALL KNOWS WE ARE PLAYING AND IS THE SANS OF THE MARIO WORLD... nice now I Luigi is my favorite
da Froakie
go jackscepticeye! you eat those tacos LIKE A BOSS!!!! YOLO!!!
Leah Bonnet
Luigi's symbol is L when you turn L upside down it becomes the number 7. Game Theory has 7 million subscribers!!!!! Hahaha the relation
GoldenEagle 2003
What about yoshi?
Did fox blow up the traveler from destiny

Change it to a planet
Athan Velentzas
if you think for one min then you will think... were the f is matpats videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what's the intro song from 3rd of March 2015
Reham Adnan
I think Luigi should be the new face of of the Mario games (I'm sorry my game wording isn't correct, I'm new to the world of gaming). Anybody else?
Kyle C.
Hail MatPat, MatPat is king.... Man, I really need a nap...
Still waiting for Pewdiepie to cringe at that paper joke you made XD
That intro tho XD
Lori Daws
your the best
Luigi is my favorite charecter in mario
Kawaii_Scarlet Valentine
I knew it!!!
Miguel Ayala
So Luigi is evil deep inside. I believe it. Some people are really nice but deep inside who knows. Like me, I'm a kind guy with strong sense of justice, but inside I'm all about questioning the human kind. Where are we going? I'm very deep. I'm a deep person on the inside. So in a way, what feelings we have deep down inside us, is who we really are, just dormant.
Crazy Gamer
please do super Mario maker😏
What's that music you used from 1:55 onwards?
Neil Roddick
matpat: "this is all a bunch of malarky right?"
screen: "malary" wait what..
dont make luigi mad
lets zock all
what woul mario be if he would be hypnotysed Charlie Sheen? + a killer xD???
lets zock all
i still like him more than mario xD
ღ Loren ღ
What these things have taught me is that Mario is a fucked up franchise.
Oh my god... I have a teacher who's called Mr. L! My teacher is Luigi!!!!! Illuminati confirmed!!!
Tuomo Aaltonen
You forgot about Dimentio's brainwashing plant
Generic Fish
as someone who plays and completed Super Paper Mario, I dont object to the theory but I would like to point out two things: Luigi is only the final boss as a result of being, I guess either possessed by or merged with (its hard t I describe) the true villain, Dimentio (who can be summed up with "an evil magic jester") and also he does not actively switch between Luigi and Mister L, he as actually knocked out of hypnosis and later becomes evil again only through his possession by Dimentio.
oops wrong video
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