Game Theory: Luigi's SECRET Identity (Super Paper Mario)

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Mario is mental, Peach is a dictator, Toad is a brainwashed monster, and Bowser is a struggling dad. That leaves sweet and lovable Luigi on the chopping block. But seriously, what could POSSIBLY be wrong with Luigi? Well, 

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Cassidy TØP
That Arrested Development Mention though... XD
Sam Colvett
You took my Toad jokes, and I was angry. You took luigi, and I was pissed. but take my Shy Guys, and you're dead to me
Cupcakekiller 205
I'm glad Luigi is showing how he feels and standing up against Mario, that's amazing, he's still the best character in my eyes, cause I hate Mario.
Dread Wolf
Luigi is number 1
"You've been brainwashed without even knowing it."
Explains the Five Nights at Freddy's fanbase.
Th3 RandomN3rd
derrick daniels
can you do a game theory on who is chibiterasu's father from okami and okamiden
This makes Rosalina being Luigi and Peach's daughter a little frightening. What was the timeline for her conception again? It was years after paper mario, right? Right!???
Well this does explain how he won Peaches heart, he showed what he had inside of him, a bad guy, and chicks dig bad guys, or extremely badass good guys but thats a less frequent breed.
Huggy gamer girl123
Memories... I remember playing Super Paper Mario...never finished it...
Ben Lawrence
In this one, the editing is top notch.
James Daley
Luigi is still a billionaire no matter witch way you cut it
EzAf Tpada
we got the answer to this but who is the real slim shady
Chase Simonds
TiggerHoffs preaching channel
So if it's doing what u want to then basically if he wanted to give it right back to Mario but didn't before that it means he didn't necessarily want to do something that's wrong but yearned to get pay back like all of us have these desires while on the other handhe could be taking advantage of the hypnosis knowing that he's himself but thinking he's not basically fighting what he knows and thinks is right
Cody Quick
I agree with ioovle ioovl moose
Luigi too? You have officially ruined Super Mario Bro's for me. Forever. :(
Melanie Bisnath
B-ron 3000
MLG Boss
I have a counter theory that luigi was in distress at the time thinking he was aloud to do anything to get out of the Situation,harm,violence and murder its how I'd act if I was being held trapped by the goombas not knowing what was going to happen but because this broke Luigi's moral code so he had to change it
DragonZlay (DragonZlayer)
W8 but Paper Mario isn't canon, it was all in Rosalina's book (Theory-Ception)
xbackwardriverX XD
okay so the educational brain washing could have happened if the lazer eye thing was also time travel as we see is possible in mario and luigi partners in time
Burntcheese productions Patterson
If yoshi lays eggs is he female?or hermaphadite?
Anthony Maccentelli
hopes and...dreams? (HOPES AND DREAMS PLAYS!!!!!)
Wait didn't dimentio control Luigi at the end of the game
The One Eye
Every one loves green
Lance Tan
Paul Cavanagh
teehee... Underwhere.... Underwear.... AHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Scottie Burgess
ok then now, would you kindly stop these mario theories, would you kindly stop all this madness, would you kindly...
Kirito Yamada
i hate this theory T_T
Michael awesome
can you blame him with a brother like Mario
My Mermaid Channel
But Luigi doesn't normally do anything Mr L does because he controls it
Mac Cheese
"Luigi's SECRET Identity"

You mean Ness?
Connor McKenna
gotta love that intro! <3
Otter Greenberg
it only took me 1 minute on Friday for a teacher to convince me to belive its tuesday
I can't be brainwashed or hipnotised.
David Smith
Deran brown hypnostised a man into shooting Stephen fry (they where fake bullets in the end). He also convinced a man to turn himself in for a murder he didn't commit
Roberto Davila
All of the channel support
Gus Milwakee
+The Game Theorists please make your intro theme into a ringtone plz
Now all you have to do is Daisy, Yoshi, Wario and finally the koopalings to get a full set.
James Gibbs (Jeevse)
I am disappoint.
You didn't make ANY jokes about "Green Thunder". Also, you could've made reference to that door in Partners.
Danish Hypocrite
Jonathan Blake
Does anyone know who these youtubers are
Italian Love Cake
Think we need some team Wa next.
Jennifer Sanford
Its his thought about the enemy's
So Luigi's a Hufflepuff and Super Paper Mario is what happens when a very much abused and jaded Hufflepuff snaps.
Lucas Harrio
it's not persuasive,educational or suggestive. ITS MAGIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIC
Abstractkiller9 XXX
Or maybe it's video game magic and this is the first one I didn't believe anyone else
Malthe Felter Mcwhir
No... Luigi... No... please...
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