Game Theory: Luigi's SECRET Identity (Super Paper Mario)

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Mario is mental, Peach is a dictator, Toad is a brainwashed monster, and Bowser is a struggling dad. That leaves sweet and lovable Luigi on the chopping block. But seriously, what could POSSIBLY be wrong with Luigi? Well, 

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Griffin Kelley
still waiting on my Yoshi theory
no not luigi
hunter the smart
game theory and green...... Luigi green.... what else is green? the answer is the illuminati
After that explanation of educational brainwashing I could think of no one but Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul
Swaggy Darkrai
Theory: luigi actually loved his brother, but because mario stepped on his toe, did some really mean stuff to him.. he probably changed
Command Creeper
Luigis evil run aaaaaa
caj william
caj william
3:07 haha underwear underwhere
Silly Noodle
PLZ do a theory bout Yoshi
I still LOVE Luigi
Bolty Creeper
Do more SPM theories, they are awesome.
Mr.Mustashe 727
MatPat, you still have yoshi
darth maul
its a game
except on the wiki directly underneath that line you showed it said that it could, in fact, get them to go against their morals. it's magic, i don't see why it wouldn't be more powerful than regular hypnosis. you are selectively looking at facts that confirm what your theory, confirmation bias at its finest.
JJ Frunkington
what ruins this theory is that Mr. L isnt Luigi, but Paper Luigi.
They're two different characters. Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam proved this. These characters exist in different dimensions.
Speaking of Mario & Luigi games, did you even play Dream Team? Theres a part where you GO INTO Luigis own subconcious. You see his thoughts. Luigi's greatest wish isn't to be better than Mario, but to always be there for him. To be there for every adventure and be able to help him.

Meanwhile, it still DOES make sense that Paper Luigi might harbor some hostility towards Paper Mario. Paper Mario's an awful brother who straight up ditches Paper Luigi in a lot of his games. Paper Luigi really wanted to help Paper Mario in the n64 one, but Paper Mario just kinda... rejected it. The only reason they met up in SPM is because they managed to die and go to Hell at around the same time.

shoutouts to simpleflips
Digi Shade
paper mario is in a different universe to super mario bros\every other mario game in the francise
Anika Lewis
Omg I started crying cuz this parody of Mario cart Luigi died
The doge king of the night
Hello "internet"? we are real people
Sara Fox
Now, there are only TWO good-ish Mario characters: Rosalina and Yoshi. Yoshi is just an innocent little dinosaur with ONLY good intentions. Which explains why Mario hasn't been harmed in any way by him yet. And Rosalina is the daughter of Peach and Luigi, with a life dedicated to helping baby stars grow up to be planets, stars, comets, suns, and whatever they end up as!
... Who else's opinion on Luigi haven't changed after seeing this video? I'm not just saying this because I'm LuigiXRules...
Zayaan Dadwani
My brother loves this game
Mr. L is badass
david franco
Please do one on Yoshi pls
After watching this, I kinda want to know what it feels like to be hypnotised. Just a weird thought in my head.
- DreamKeeper -
So yoshi has to be innocent though.. right? RIGHT?
Jacob Rogers
the educational way is about abuse over years Mario abused him over years so there might be a chance it was educational brainwashing
Does anyone know what song plays from 1:55 onward? To about 3:37
ChillNova Gaming
I am actually not surprised. If I were Luigi and was treated like he was, I'd try to rek Mario too, WITHOUT being hypnotized.

Fire Playz
I've never been brainwashed by my parents
dayne hunt
I saw Jacksepticeye
Marks Kantsons
But if she shot that leizer meyby she shot a maind contlorer whit the laser
Frank Lance
Can't the laser eye increase the reaction of Luigi's anger. Luigi is always in marios shadow which could bring jealousy or a feeling of hierarchy that conflicts with his respect for mario during the transformation. The laser eye could just postpone the fear factor in luigi that leaves confidence and courage and yet a feeling of incompletion being that fear is a major part of luigis character.
really Luigi's action were bad yes buuuut think about yourself for a second don't you have these sort of things everyday and never tell your real feelings on people. Mr. L is Luigi's dark side his real feeling and thought but he still has a good heart but just a life time of anger building up that he might have not know existed made Mr. L in his subconscious like all of us so to me at least that makes me like him more because of his dark side and negative feelings make him more relatable
Treble Clef Guy
Matpat I challenge you to do king boo as there isn't much info on him
Bill Cipher
Hypnosis only works if the subject is willing to go through the procedure which Paper Luigi clearly shows he is trying to be resistant to it. This is a case of brainwashing, the procedure that takes over the subject's mind unwillingly. Also great job spoiling the final boss to those who have never played Super Paper Mario.
this channel is aka SCIENCE CLASS who needs schools hen we have calculators and game theorest
What's the music at 2:02?
Nick Yong
technically, isn't it operant conditioning, not classical conditioning?
Ono for all the psychologists watching I apologize for the torture. This is not classical conditioning, that's operant. Classical is pairing two stimuluses. For example, Ivan Pavlov rang a bell whenever he gave the dogs food, so the dogs paired food with the sound of a bell. Operant conditioning, which is what he is talking about, is changing the way someone acts through rewards or punishment.
What about daisy
Mr Awsome
1:51 whas also green...the Illuminati
Siobhan Hamilton
It makes sense like in mario kart 8
Obi-Wan Kenobi
But couldn't it just be mind control or something do Nistacia could just be misspeaking or maybe something
Nori Shimogawa
its the most terrifying thing ever to see matpat find you after he has revealed the rest of your friends
Scrub Ninja
I love his intro!
Artifacts of Scrumplex
Super Paper Mario is a very GOOD game
Jason Mills
matpat rapes everyone he theorizes about confirmed.

damn, poor Felix.
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