Game Theory: Luigi's SECRET Identity (Super Paper Mario)

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Mario is mental, Peach is a dictator, Toad is a brainwashed monster, and Bowser is a struggling dad. That leaves sweet and lovable Luigi on the chopping block. But seriously, what could POSSIBLY be wrong with Luigi? Well, 

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Reagan Films
My Life Was Me Being Brainwashed, I Wore A Hat Once And Everyone Complimented Me, I Kept Wearing Them... Soon I Was Their Queen Going By The Name Hatgirl.
Alex Fierro
I paused at 11:09
Random youtuber who comments on Things
I've played super paper Mario but I can't finish it because every time I enter count bleck's castle I die
EvokShok Games/Vlogs
Did anyone else find that Mario is wearing red, as in evil, and Luigi is wearing green, as in good?
2:30 oh, the puns. I love the puns.
Now I know what my teacher must feel when grading my paper ...
All filler and no substance 😂
Junky Fury
So you're telling me that when Peach got hypnotized, she didn't change her morals... so she actually wanted to marry Bowser.

Bloodmoon 33
I have the game but I was never able to past it
Gabriel Plays
From 64
Gabriel Plays
Plz do L is real Theory
cristol storm
he has bin told what to do all his life he always does what people say he even has feelings for the Princess he still loves his brother but all his life he has bin a shadow i feel alittle closere to him because he is like me i love my siblings but im always a shadow im always the one being told what to do sometimes i even think of s s because i just whant to be free
peashoorpro806 Gomez
Mr l is John cena!!!!!!!!
sir francis of the filth
matpat, you forgot about dream's deep in mario and luigi dream team.
Christian Lauritsen
f... yuo
Nick Olson
Hey, anyone else notice that Luigi gets more love than Mario cause he's the shadow? Now it's the opposite...
Pun-isher With Cattitude
Oh no, Luigi hides his feelings, how horrible!
Aftertale Fanatic
Luigi my favorite!~ <3
Lucas Naki
YOU MESSED UP ALOT but at the end of you vids you thats just a theory "a" game theory.
Lucas Naki
Mat pat you did see in the game scrip it says nastita instintly hipnotises her foe but you missed something in the episode you said luigi would save the day if he had to but thats not the true luigi. He acts to save his bro instead of not helping if was not helping nastita would not mind control luigi. He would do it on his own.
StantonianTV _
What is that beat at 2:04, dang
MineMeme Gaming
so basically, rules are brainwashing us.

Illuminati Confirmed
MrDr Edward
Matpadforpresidennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ttttaat
Alexis Ragsdale
I see why Luigi what act like that everyone else treats him like crap
RPM Entertainment
Do yoshi
Nyssa Ramsey-Clarke
Eh he's still a better character than Mario
Keenan Sullivan
ness. also, Luigi is still awesome.
Diamond MoDz
u kinda scare me matpat but still u r the smartest guy I kno in gaming
Caleb Cleveland
this made luigi 10 times awesomer
Caleb Cleveland
how dare you i i have paper mario (same one) and i haven't got that far yet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Mirian Padilla
well to be fair it's Mario who makes him feel like he's a villain like bowser
Julie Darrow
LazybønesDraws //Dani Brokenleg
King MatPat.. King MatPat..King MatPat..
Johan Mendez
1:44 well film theory is red and mario is red too so luigi should be a game theory employee away from his brother who works in film theory right?
Luis Carlos Perdomo Hernandez
Yoshi is still safe
Grace Long
At 9:25, one of the YouTubers is joey graceffa. He made a video on it and it was really funny!
TheAngel Wolf12
I live in North Carolina.
Isak Winter
I just think Nintendo doesn't do research you do and they think they can get people to buy anything that they make.
Serena Schutz
on the subject of brainwashing how do you suppose harry potter's imperius curse works
FandomGirl 1101
Maria Rosario Diaz
Oliver Brown
I watch these videos for the puns
Also because they're interesting
But mostly because of the puns
You guys misinterpret these videos. They are simply just theories without any of it being cannon to the games lore.
Dr Fate
Luigi is number one
Really? The Under Where? 🙄
Dragon Kraken
I will vote for MatPat as king.
The Ghast Beast
What about Rosalina
powerextreme high voltage
I'm sorry for disliking the video, but i like luigi too much
totally not Mr.Beast
Angelica Cutts
I think I have an explanation to why Luigi decided to do this. So as MatPat said in another video, that Mario is evil and doesn't care about Luigi. And if that's true than Luigi must have at one point found out and if he did than he would want to impress his brother. So he allowed himself to get brainwashed so that he could see if he in joyed it but he didn't. So when the "Spell was broken" he didn't stay evil!
If you think about it, Luigi's actions are still justifiable. I mean, if you were constantly abused by your brother and his crazy LARPing girlfriend, wouldn't you feel the underlying need to give them a big 🖕 and become the "villain?"
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