Optimistic Nihilism

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The philosophy of Kurzgesagt.

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Optimistic Nihilism

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
We tried something new this time. Many people seem to feel existential dread when they watch our videos. So we wanted to talk a bit about the world view that is behind our scripts. The philosophy of Kurzgesagt if you want to. Hope you like it! Back to science next video.

This video also begins the new Kurzgesagt bi-weekly video cycle. So next video in about two weeks.
be sure to correct the subtitles to eutopia, utopia is a place in no place. etymology counts
Tommy Richardson
You can’t create your own values.
Sanath .K.S
then I think it's OK TO HAVE DRUGS because it makes me feel good. It doesn't matter if you live for a short time. 70 years or. 20 years. I will be happy.
Clash With Pigz
Holy shit this is deep!
Clash With Pigz
The music is so trippy it's perfect!
Put this video at the end of the playlist because of your comment: "we tried something new this time. Many people seem to feel existential dread when they watch our videos. So we wanted to talk a bit about the world view that is behind our scripts. The philosophy of Kurzgesagt if you want to. Hope you like it! Back to science next video."- Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Best video ever!
Sogeking Sama
"and video games to finish "
Nice one
Sogeking Sama
So there's now collosal Titan watching over us

Carla Lussini
5:42 Elon Musk is like "challenge accepted!"
84 Tubbs
That's why you got to live your life to the fullest reach your understanding to the fullest so when it starts again maybe a little bit differently then it was previously maybe through some greater interference you know you did the best you could the eternal hell is having your life cut short to have it happen all over again maybe that hints fifth dimension of properties to change the course of your infinite destiny will you make it a heaven or will it be in eternal hell
Chloe Brammer
nihilism Rick and Morty faggotry intensifies.
I fear
Ali Fida
Hit me like a ton of bricks
Lucas Lins
Pickle Rick
Allen Joe
Carl Sagan ......
Andy Chew
Someone show this to a Christian
Nicholas Gonzalez
Edmundo Rojas
Ideas like: "take everything that makes you happy ... Live as happy as possible ... have fun as much as possible" ...are the most dangerous thought that can exist ..
i like it! it explain my point of view !
mohamed tarek
I needed this a lot
Diogo Ledermann Firmino Pinto
Oh... my... god...

I think I just found out my favorite in life.
Shane Euston
The most underrated channel. You guys are amazing! Will definitely support.
Just one question is it possible to use your animation for a music video for Youtube (Not monetized) and give you full credit? In the intro & in description?
Maja Umek
I love this video
Jhon pedorro
And that's how a new generation of happy crazy free people was created (?)
Perfect! I've tried explaining to my creationist Christian family my view of how things are, but this video does a better job. Nihilism gets a bad wrap, but I find it peaceful. Thanks for explaining it in a nice and effective way.
Peter Xanthopoulos
Life are you kidding me life has no purpose that's not true this video doesn't talk at all about faith or anything and I believe that it's not bad to steal or get drunk or anything bad
Rocío Morlán
No lo llamaría nihilismo :) aún así el video me gustó mucho.
True... Hitler do the same xD. But HEY anything god "do" is true. World created using... nothing (big bang), Its nearly inpossible to stay all humanity in false ("live is unendable" )
Im suppossed to help build an human galactic empire?

Welp. Time to become the god emperor of humanity then. Joy times ahead people!
Dimmed Light
The meaning of life?
Life: To invent the purpose of life.
mehmet fidan
Such a truth its too hard to handle even if you seek the truth. Thanks alot to greatest channel
i am about 3 seconds from putting a gun in my mouth
Scott Daris
I love you, Kurzgesagt.
“Close your eyes, count to one. That’s how long forever feels.” That fucked me up
Juan Lopes
Humans are constantly evolving, and we won't be as we are now in the distant future. Homo sapiens won't exist anymore as today, but there will be more species developing from us, as monkeys and lemurs did in the ancient times. Maybe, as ancient fish, we are going to "get out from the ocean" which is this planet, and live away, grow legs... maybe, interplanetary evolution? Time is nothing when you know there are big species which have survived for millions, and some small ones which survived for billions of years. Stress and adaptation is the reason why we can survive over the ages.
OPN Phoenixatrice
I'm not saying this to rag on Kurzgesagt by any means, I'm just venting a bit of my confusion and sharing with others.

Somehow, despite once holding the beliefs presented in this video, I've never once found this idea truly hopeful. At its core, nihilism deeply scares me, and that may even be why I've since turned to Taoism. For some reason, I don't find the thought of life having no inherent meaning and actions having no true meaning/consequence (I can't quite find the right word) behind them inspiring, I find it terrifying.

In short, it makes me feel like a lost little kid at Disneyland; I should (or could) be happy because of where I am and what I could do if I wanted to take advantage of my time here, but I really just want to get back to safety and certainty first.
Justinas Povilauskas
I just watched this video. And I clicked subscribe button. Its the first video ive watched but this one is really good. I needed this in my life. Thank you
Нулиина Форг
Великолепное видео и прекрасно что не только я так думаю)
Marley x
This video had me so shocked because I literally wrote a poem with the exact same outlook as a younger teenager during an existential crisis
Tristan Heartt
This animation looks like it took a really long time.
sanja hanic
Loved this type of video! It really inspired me and made me think about time I have!
The real question is: If life has no meaning and is mainly suffering, why keep living?
Stuart Kinch
This channel needs an oscar
Trevor Phillips
Esse foi o melhor vídeo que eu já vi em bastante tempo.
George Mukkath
I love your animations. They are beautiful and I appreciate the message in the video. It would be really helpful if you could tell the software(s) that are used to make such animations.
Nietzche rip off
Wow, i feel like this video just told me to kill myself
Omid Tenkaren
Create a purpose in a purposeless universe? Isn't that called deluding yourself and living inconsistent? Anyway, create video!
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