69k likes lol
We ARE tying to roast people here
Naja and nauyana
Any small YouTubers trying to support each other
Lara Gorčenko
Sid is chance from team 10
Roberta escobedo
I actually looked like a carton ceracter wen I was younger
Keilah Hall
At 2:13 it really did. Oh my gosh.
Keilah Hall
I used to look like boo from monster inc.
Mimi T
Have you ever been trolled?

Read more
TheRainbowGamer YT
At 2:45, who else saw the comment πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ its said 'Nicky Minaj is more plastic than Mrs. Potato Head as well' .
Jose Perez
Honey boo boo is so fatttt
Lizvette Ortiz
What software you use for editing?πŸ˜ŠπŸ€”
i am interested in the human elsa
Tiago Jorge
4:11 my 4th grade teacher looks more like Elsa and this girl even with the white hair and braids
Isaac K boy
Ergie Mar Delatonga
Where is donald trump.. In simpson sorry for my eng.
Allie Kat
Elsa doesn't look like the cartoon 😭 lol like if you agree
T-Rex Cenny
On the Nicki Minaj one the comment says Nicki is more plastic than Ms Potato head
Adam Finnegan
My grandad looks like Carl from Up
a normal potato who needs her bias
well, tal look like the older version of louis (??) from disney cartoon Robinsons
mrsmiley face
🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑 99:99
Jennifer Martinez
boos real name is mary front monster inc
Edith HΓ€cker
my cat looks like toothless
I'm your number one fan and I subscribe every video ☺❀
Surprisingly I haven't found you annoying, well done
Brennan Family
Congrats on 6 mil subs
Jessica Creech
Wild Side
2:38 that is so meaaan
PrettyPinkRose78 MLP
Honey Badger
love your videos but she didn't look anything like elsa
Anna rose Rose
that. is. bum
HeadphoneGirl101 Kinyaxk

But I'm still a fan of u
Chandler Moran
I love ratatouie
the name is mary not boo
lizbeth Ortiz
you posted this on my b-day
sky katz fan 2016
conswala from family guy is Dora the explore 40 years later who agree's??
Cammy Le Vack
Elsa is fake
Sedrick Baxter
I like πŸ’— the girl πŸ‘§ that look like Elsa from frozen β˜ƒ that's so pretty
Bolt Lol
charlotte johnsen
IM Rachel
Jacksepticeye looks like Cosmo in Fairly Odd Parents
Magcon girl Mendes
Wolfy Kaname
lol everyone thinks i look like kyoraku shunsui, especially with my sparse facial hair, long curly hair, and the fact i always wear hakama and a flower patterned kimono xD
Chance Sutton from Team 10 looks like sid who else agrees?
froze Frost
Daniel Monea
i know this girl that looks even more like Elsa than the girl in the video. So accurate its hot ;)
Rachel Christyne
the people that look like the people from up look like them bcuz it was based off them I think and I think they played the voices too
xoash m
Connor Gannon
Rajon Rondo looks like Franklin the turtle
Wafiy Hidayat
there also one man who like a cartoon.......MR.BEAN
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