Jack Capello
30s was the best
Soaked In Bleach
Ok no offence but why is she so gorgeous
I will say it again and again
Hoppy's Pond
What the fuck happened in East Germany in the 80's
Rage Quit Hero
germany today is still very gothic the 1980s havent left them yet lol being goth there is almost mainstream not even joking
Daniel D. de Lima
The music, the video splitted and the transitions after the 1950's hit me hard. Something about those things together felt so good!
Vincent Osburg
If you compare the 2010 look of all countries, you can see a huge similarity... globalisation
mr yotube
В ФРГ она выглядит как шлюха, в ГДР как колхозница
PincheeZ ツ - Vqln
햄순 햄순
Vani Nagesh
80's so fucked up
I'm surprised that eastern Germany hit 80s more, considering it had less freedom than western part :p
johann duchow
Elian- Timotei Rancov
whoa niggas be like: wtf was in 80's bihh. they rlly on sum dum. niggas in 80's were going hard wit dat post-punk and goth shit
Orlando Alsbrooks
She's so hott!
Chavia Zeta
The 80s are always the craziest
John Intus
80s WEST is actually quite awesome
Miss Lightning
Kurt St. T
0:35 what 30 years of communism does to you
Human Holocaust
I'm an Aquarius and the jews are killing my race
ㅅㅂ우리도 합치자
I like the music. what is name of this music?
alone. lonely.
samantharosee _xx
Great job, Brookie! Loved looking back and watching this again. ❤️
people say 2010s is boring but i like it. natural beauty
why is the 80s always so fucking weird. jesus :D
Why are they nude?
Kate Pellegrini
Dude... she looks JUST like Hannah from 13 Reasons Why!!!!
caitlyn who r u
Why did everyone have that textured wavy bob in the 1920s
Nahian Hasan
so pretttty 😍😍😍
thats wh at hitler likes
the 80s west fared so much better than the east
1960s EAST OMG
1930s is so damn cute
Gaby_Panic! Fall Brendon Boy
The 80's, always fucks up
Hey Brooke.... Marry Me!
(it's legal since last Friday in Germany :3)

Sry (>^w^<)
did we win the ww2 in the 40s or they just a too beautiful
flashboy GD
Schöne grüße aus Deutschland
esmee Charlesworth
Do England
This is gonna be funnnn
Mxrvxn Vxllvnuxvx
80s east is fucking dope
Serri Jang
동독서독합칠때 뭉클함...ㅠㅠ
저는 망타쿠햄구섭둥이억스바순이 입니다
I'm korean...I hope that south and north korea will reunite someday;C
전 한국인입니다...저는 남과 북이 언젠가 독일 처럼 통일됬으면 좋겠어요ㅠ
私わ 韓国人です。。。私、いつか南と北が統一されたらいいです(´・ω・`)
Kukuryku na patyku
Please Poland next💕
Moon YT
0:52 i think the east went pretty hard...
she so beautiful
Ezra Alldredge
That wink at 1:07 got me weak hot damn
Elemena Shirazi
You can tell by the 80's East Germany had had enough.
Was hippie, punk and synth pop movements allowed in East Germany???
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