Donald Trump Jr. Interrupts His Father's Call With Putin - CONAN on TBS

CONAN Highlight: Conan got his hands on another high-quality recording of Trump and Putin on the phone.

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Silvio Renzulli
Luis Hernandez
Love Trump
Jackie Chan
ya. ya 😆
Jackie Chan
Don. John son. is. all you
Damai Martadisastra
bhahahaha 😂😂😂
Dany Sharikov
Putin has another voice , just listen how he speaks in Dutch and english
Jackie Chan
crazy. shit🦄
Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan
famous. quote s
Jackie Chan
i. know. you. and. dont. me
Jackie Chan
hi. ha
Killergrip Offgrip
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha these people are really almost like that in real life hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Lee Johnson
Trump Jumps when Putin Call for Trump is Putin's Puppet.
Jackie Chan
to. bad. guys. hi. its. sown. ball ,😆
Jackie Chan
sleeping. you are. being. asshole😇😇🎓😆
Jackie Chan
You r. head. look s. Georgia. peach
Very Nice
Putin = Tywin lannister
Trump = Jeoffrey Baratheon
Oumoul Khairy
😂😂😂😂😂😂 this was so good
Cringy Autist
I miss Obama
Dylan Boland
Yeah.. because I'd imagine Putin would be very disturbed with the leaking of thousands of emails by Hillary Clinton and John Podesta referring to pedophilia and corporate lobbying..
Kaustubh Datta
It is getting lame now.
Vlad, Don Jr, Don himself, Barrack Obama, CNN, all the stars met on this phone call 😂😂
Sky High
Don Jr. sounds like a tired Rick Moranis.
Kevin Durant
Ovidio Nieves
rose red
😂.yeeeeesss I love it LOL
That picture is perfect.
Annamarie Sieberns
We need more of these…like one per week. Politics provide you with more than enough material to make these awesome sketches LOL. Great job, guys. I just wish we could see some of these a little more frequently than we do…they are quite a treat!
The Man
Whys Putin Scottish
Look, Putin's voice is actually much higher and he makes those weird too-pronounced internal stresses and pauses in each sentence
Sharpshire Eddy
Does anyone hear that the Vladimire voice over is like the guy from GTA 4?
The Truth
She is hotter than you :D
Ooo Z123
Double Dipshit Tuesday ROTFLMAO
Someone like Colbert is a condescending liberal biznatch He can not make a good joke about Trump even if his life depends on it Conan however Conan and team coco can actually create funny skits and jokes. Great work.
Whoever writes these phone bits is a comic genius.
...'give him raise... да' (V.P.).
EDG3 Gamer
5th time watching this, damn funny 😂.
Fakhrul Hadi
Dis is funny lol!!!
Adaptive Logic
Hillarious !
Grace Grit and Glory
Put the "Mooch" on the phone.
Gloria Mudany
That was amazingly hilarious!!😂😂😂
Keef Fontaine
This was incredibly funny. Thank you for sharing!
Fremen Warrior
Whoknows Knight
There are no writers, these are actual calls
Barro 45 is greater than 44
Meh. 7 and a half years more we got to deal with jokes about President Trump. Not getting any funnier.
BRING MORE BARACK OBAMA BACK that was the best part of the whole segment aside from Jake Tapper and Donald being in bed with Putin ;)
R. Sigmund
Is this real?
Haha, this was brilliant
Rick Sanchez
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