Donald Trump Jr. Interrupts His Father's Call With Putin - CONAN on TBS

CONAN Highlight: Conan got his hands on another high-quality recording of Trump and Putin on the phone.

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Harri v'Jah
I swear, Putin at his desk swirling a radiation insulated test tube of polonium. Talking to himself like

"I don't think, I can take much more of this incompetence..."
John Do
Damai Martadisastra
Wollolong Kenta
"You should seriously consider pushing him out of an airplane." Killed me
this is beyond surreal.
Giga Shadow
So many butt hurt Repugs who can't take a joke
Vitor Lima
I love it
Nicholas Brajkovic
Strong anti-russian propaganda masquerading as shitty slap stick humor
Carlo Nati
a Gold mine in Comedy!🤣🤣
Wan Muhammad Shafizan
president Trump calling Kim jong un
Nico Montinola
not funny...i liked it better when it was Obama
Poorly Animated Presents: Little Donald and Friends
I love these so much
laura denton
Sweet! A guest appearance by Barack! The Conan show heard our prayers!
abcdefg hijklmno
Its a diaster the like of which the world has not seen, NOW, Where Is My HealthCare You G-O-Ps.
Swati Mazumder
I died when Obama appeared, from laughter XDDDD hahahaha
very comedy staff lol... they are really very funny family's... 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Justin Wilkens
thank you Conan for not spending all of your time on politics. enjoy in moderation.
HAHAHA this is the best!!
That sounds like beck Bennett.
nejolo matrilo
More Obama please. America needs to be reminded of what they didn't appreciate.
EnuR NesleiN
love this. who wrote it?
Raymond Juarez RAYRAE
Jun Snow
What could've Hillary done to the US..Think Conan..Think!
Michael Newell
Trump's real job is to be the dipshit distraction he is to everybody while the GOP finishes killing off the middle-class union workers public education Health Care and all the other benefits that help the distressed Americans living in this country.
Nadiah Lotfy
But Ivanka gets to do stuff...😂🤣😂🤣🃏
Robbin Gabrielsen
Now Conan is funny... Compared to other that is so whinny when they try to make it funny. I don't believe the Russia conspiracy but this is still funny
Jason Gastrich
David Lawman
"Out of the will" LOL...
Joshua Lewis
why doesn't the media ever show the details of the good things trump does.. like honoring veterans or donating money to children 's hospital. it's all negative all the time. almost like it has an agenda
Robert Dave Alonzo
Best conference call ever
Mikhail Angel
the best conference call ever!!! 😂😂😂😂
Putin be like: "...don't mind me, I'ma just grab my stuff and leave, excuse me please..."
Is it just me or does Junior sound like a mix between Kermit the frog and Ernie from Sesame Street?
Tru Feel
JS Landaverde
Savage!! Awesome Team Coco
this one was THE best
Eva Pawlowska
Mike Smith
Conan - MACA Making Amazing Comedy Always
i cant splel
at the end jr should've said that he will be sending this phone call to conan for cookies
Sateesh Sai Modukuru
She's hotter than you lmfao
From a trump supporter this is funny as hell
Leo Chang
Funny but bullshit.. Russia collusion is fake news
the best so far!
J.T Houston tx
😂😂👌 republicans elected this idiots with the help of puttin 😂😂😂
Stepan Serdyuk
For all people who actually blindly believe everything they're being fed by their news anchor.
r marcus
this segment always funny
😂😂😂 best one yet!
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