Ship Launch Gone Wrong

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☸ Video compilation showing ship launch that gone wrong ☸
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thank I was not there
Mike Sweeney
I bet some idiot took the ballast out to try to make the launch go easier....
Someone didn't factor in the factor of safety
Wanda pierson
Informative, learned somethings I didn't know.!!!🛐🕇
Gary McDonald
The second clip is showing that the companies boats are literally unsinkable.
Jpgaming modkid
that will cost their jobs...
Ricky Arellano
am I the only who laughed at this ?
W.D Catster
The Titanic Family!
Why so many rollovers, lack of ballast?
Ethan Wx
Hmm, maybe I'd rather not go on a boat
Someone might have died...
Wayne Eddy
these videos are really floating my boat😎
1:33 is successful the idiot was just way too close to the launch
Johnny Valentine
Cheers to all the massive amounts of retards who never paid attention in Physics.
Shark Pole
There is alot of science here
Adrian T
On the 1st one did the people die?!??!
Roelof Reinders
god jesus
Seems like few people took a crash-course on physics.
Maxwell Jamison
It's really hard to watch on how much money wasted
some people put too much faith in their cranes
Shaun P
Vile guy
1:30 did that guy die
Steven Manchester
3:46 Hey, at least the boat got into the water safe;)
Federico Peña
I heard the U.S. used to launch a ship a day better than the nazi could sink them...including warships (destroyers) easily replaiced. Is it?, we're just out of practice now...or we didn't hear the bad things in the U.S. due to...
Matsuhiko Takagawa
Despite being a maritime state, the facts that there are numerous ship-launch fails like these that kept me embarrased for eternity... and I am working at the docks, for crying out loud!
Jim Hudson
01:22 final destination 6 😁
Ambrosio Ramirez
cool man
Randy Smith
1:31 omg the recorder must be shocked
Sylwia Wojtasiak
Ok thanks I love video and games
3:36 Boat was heavier than the truck, huh? Whoops. That sucked.
Mohamad Ehsan
Indonesian proud of worst engineering
Mikoshi TV
I would say the one at 3:40 was a success... Except for the crane.
mario mendez
Where is Superman when needed ? No more telephone booths for Clark to change into his uniform quickly?
George Washington Bush
Correct position of ropes and technique helps !
bloody idiots... what about ballast???
Kanahele styles
Your gonna need a bigger boat!!
Anyone know why those boats tip so badly after launching?
The Ymid
1:11 lol
ጀበርቲ ሓንቂቆም
Raimund Heinrich
How the word "Clusterfuck" was invented, and why.
Blaze Plays
Guess I'm on the other side of YouTube again
sean partridge
I wanted to see that cop get bowled over.
3rd world = cranes = disaster.
1:20 to be continued...
This is so satisfying to watch, I hate boats!
Loaded Diaper2015
it just so satisfying seeing everything crash and sink
Mike grazio
gravity is a bitch lol
Blue Marshall
This Guy's Have to Research and Study More What Balance Means. and the Weight.
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