Ship Launch Gone Wrong

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Louis Morgan
I swear some people are FUCKING ignorant
Louis Morgan
hey bro I believe you put it in up side down
Gabriel Moreno
if it floats its a boat, if it doesnt it was never one. :P
Hitler's Gay Secret
1:34 beware vampires
Hand Lotion
That moment when you realise we now can make aircrafts as heavy as 12,600 pounds fly, but we can't make a strong enough crane rope.
3:51 idiots
Cowboy Dan
based on my vast youtube experience in watching ship launches they seem to have about a 56% fail rate
you had 1 job.
Randomthings68 :
2:12 why is those people falling over so funny
Randomthings68 :
When u try so hard and u don't sucssed u die
Mitch Hammond
They seem like they would be such a pain in the ass to get out of the water
marcus thatcher
@3:50 hey at least the ship made it in.
well that's just a dozen good reasons to NOT crane your boat- for any reason...
1:33 that must of hurt
Bob Roberts
The boats that rolled over had no ballast. Too top heavy.
Jimmy Pea
Didn't know there were so many incompetent engineers, builders and crane operators in the world.
Larry Bates
3:40 oh the ships fine its just the BACKFLIP CRANE 0_0
M'boi 1

That man died.
Am I the only one to see a pattern there?
Mohammed Cohen
Whole lotta 'Ooops' goin' on here!!!
Jonathon Cowley
1:30 isn't so much a launch gone wrong as someone being in the wrong place to watch it.
Sven K
R.I.P @ 1:30
Franky Garinza
1:36 surely dead or in icu.
Dita 98
4:33 goddamn it people!
why do people always film vertical AND move the camera away when something happens???
At 1:36 you have to become Jet Lee to avoid hitting any of this.
3:16 land ahoy
even the titanic managed to launch properly lol
Savage Wolf
awe Dang!! so much insurance money!!
RenoDark [MineCraft And Roblox]
if you look at 1:09 that shirt is indonesian
RenoDark [MineCraft And Roblox]
if the boat is indonesian at 0:49 that is indonesia brb
Ima Lizard
1:36 RIP
Who ever put the straps on had no idea what they where doing
Leonardo F.C
Crystal Mir
At least they didn't hit an Iceberg in supercold water
steve Kos
that is so stupid. how could they not know what they were doing before they launched it? aren't they supposed to know what to expect so as not to have something like that happen? maybe ships should be launched without anyone in them in case stuff like that happens, and then if the ship launches fine, people could go out there and board it.
Werk Galaxy
and that is why you need to know math and physics
Marin Petkov
I thought that I was a bad engineer.
All Obama's fault
Max Biggavell
What waste of $$
Safety standards. Theyre needed here.
caveman Versace
Someone needs to tell them they aren't submarines.
Quinten van Amstel
whit the second one they are doing a test if it wil right up again
Jovan Preda
majko mila
Some oldies but some goodies!
Sqod Ryvo
These video very careless stupid ship!!!!!!
Captain Cam007
Is it really that hard putting a ship into orbit? I mean common it's not rocket surgery
Bob alloo
I wouldn't want to be on a boat that doesn't self right from a roll.
Derrick Solomon
the third world is funny to watch!!
sledge onfront
I'd swear in Chile we've never seen such a fooly accidents. A we are In the 3th world as many people say ..
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