Ship Launch Gone Wrong

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☸ Video compilation showing ship launch that gone wrong ☸
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The 3:45 one was successful, so much so the crane tried to follow it
jack sroka
3:45 love how the ship happily floats away from the cranes total carnage XD
1:08 ... fuck stupid humans ... morons !
Glad they do a better job assembling iPhones!
The Blocky Terrain
Adi Adrian
After watching this you will not see me close to a ship launch again
Adi Adrian
01:30 RIP
brad fiser
In case you didn't understand some of the foreign language in this video here is
the translation "OH SHIT MY BOAT"
Josh Docherty
What are you doing to my ship
Alexander the gamer
Lol that ship is turning over
Red Vlogy
The couple of a videotape is from Indonesia
Naufal rafi difanka
3:47 okay okay, the boat now safe
Ship happens
Jooply X Harrington
these silly boats shouldn't be upside down
pendekar laut
this is so painful to watched
Cape SIX
3:48 that ended up working out okay
The UnbeatenLake
1:11 when you fail a test but realize you weren't the only one.
How expensive they are....
jason Wayne
Holy shit, has anyone seen that video in full anywhere else where that chick got hit with all that wood that was in the water that ship kicked up, that looked like it coulda killed her and looked like she took a direct hit, damn I didn't see that coming and wouldn't expect you would be in that kinda danger watching a ship set off from hundreds of feet away
Josh Morgan
For fuck sake. Does anybody do math anymore? Fuck.
Figge Berglund
I lift a lot of boats. Thouse crane drivers makes me wanna shake them and ask what h-ll they are doing!
1. Make sure the sling can hold the weight of the boat. Compare two numbers. It cant be very hard!
2. Tie the sling to the boat so the boat can't slip out. It takes 15 minutes and can save a million of $.
3. If the crane starts to lean, quick lower the cargo. It's better to crash onley the cargo, not the crane too. If the situation is less serios, pull in the boom. What ever you du; don't just sit there like an apathic idiot and watch the catastriphy happen!

I don't know why I'm writing this. I just get so frustrated when I se thous morons in strong advanced expensive cranes.

Btw. I'm swedish. So if I spell like a child, yoy know why :)
Rothschild 666
Only the Russians can launch ships like that.
Something Awful
1:30 Final Destination 2
Jakob Siska
scott robinett
Airforce 1 gaming
What am I doing watching ship fail videos? I'm supposed to be on the titanic in 10 minutes
feels like a typical day
Ben Bellino
Cameron Simpson
4:32 if that was my boat SMH SOMEONE WOULD OF been drowning by now
0:30 might be intentional? A roll test of a self-righting vessel? Man, I hope so.
SGT Norgan
3:48 at least the ships the right way up
Tony Ferreira
Abandon ship captain!
1:32 lol that's wat u get for not running
Aldrin Vargas
Peenoise idiot building ships then sinking them before they even get to high sea.
Jesse Campbell
the guy at 1:32 looks board to death lol
Ben Johnston
"that is not my job"
Hira Naveed.
You will hate me for this,but when every ship fell,I started laughing.
Oh dear
Outstanding! Congratulations to all involved!
Chrishantha Goonathillaka
ice bear
"when you try your best but you didnt succseed"
Max Schmidt
who will pay for if they wreck the owners (super)yacht?
0:36 When the boat was at a 90 degree angle, pretty sure that could have been the cue to get it back on land.
Ladies at 1:30 is a dumbass.
Bucher Frederic
those people at 1:10 saw an opportunity, and took it
Edward O'Shea
Umm #2 is not a ship launch nor is it wrong, it is a rollover test for Coast Guard boats made for extreme weather.
The comments in this video are savage lol, at least the engineers and crane operators tried.
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