Lauren Marquez
Jake: your phones falling ( x3 )
(Kicks the bed) your phone fell

Ronnie Martinez
Ronnie Martinez
Zamiyah Romero
No one wanted to kiss Jake πŸ˜‚
ThΓ©a Floreani
who else could see the fans?
Leilani Frye
y u got to shock the twins jake?
dount nut girl
my botheres middle name is paul
I'm pretty sure that what you guys are doing is prostitution
Madie_the_ dork
Why do these 7 year olds have phones
Nora Jacobs
The girls where in the background the whole time
yasmine Zammel
i subscribed to your chanel because you're so cool and you post videos every day it's everyday broπŸ˜‰ keep up with the good work and always remember that you make people happy with your great fun videos YOU ARE A HERO also if you are a jake pauler like me don't forget to turn on the post notifications πŸ”” have a great day 😊
Vicente Garza
I wish I could have kissed the Martinez twins
Jesa Pyle
It's everyday bro!!!!
Natalia Ibarra
l love you emilio
cringiest video i have ever seen dude
Josh Pistonni
I won't to win a iPhone
Fuck I wish I was there, the Martinez twins were there. I love them , fuck I wanna hug Emilio.
Emma Petrus
When u live right by Jake, but u were too young to appreciate him when you did meet himπŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
Jacob Bautista
who think jake paul is awsome
Mindy Oden
here we go
Damien Robleto
Little girl: Can I pay you $5 to fuck us

Jake Paul: so you want a shout out?
Nguyen Nguyen
Jake Paul can you do a Jake Paul shirts stand plz
Moshe Galindo
Luis Lara
Jake paul can I go to your house
Brooklyn Thomas
here we go
Janneke Verheij
what happend with the lemonade stand?
Wolf Girl
i wish u where in bunk"d
Nathan Mihaere
I felt so bad for jake when the martinez twins got all the girls and he got none, he asked "am I hot"? the girls were like meh. man poor jake! :(
User Name
I can't stand the Martinez twins anymore❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍
Isis Cornelius
The Martinez twins did it bro
sei glass
dude you could see the girls waiting on the side for the Martinez twins
axel.H YT
Next time u fly out fans to date a team 10 member get a girl from sweden the hotets girls live in sweden i Know dat cus i am from sweden PS sorry 4my bad english
If I was there I totally would want a kiss from the Martinez twins
Rose-Marie Vooh
jake we have the same shoes
reid swails
i love you jake paul you are so funny erica is cute tessa she is cute you all jake paulars im a jake paular i love you guys
Jess Winterz
why do i have 2 change my last name its hayden paul
Itzmeee Brie
I thought the girls said I'll give u 5 dollars if u can fuck us anyone agree
"Can you give me five dollars so you can fuck us" Bruhhh wtf they like 11
Jade Friedrich
I will fly out there and go on a date with you cuteness
Hannah Meadows
that's said I know your catch frames it is her we go
Hamlin Dylan
I want to kiss girls
Chad is so brave
Hannah Jenkins
they were so lucky I wish I got to kiss one of u guys
Andrew James
wtf cringe
Haley Lail-Oxentine
SSSSHHHHHH I'm her daughter!!! HaHaHaHa!!!!
The legend 27
Wat about the lemonade stand
Soledad Vasquez
Zayshawn George
I want a kissssssss
Pathockey 4
I know the first girl.
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