Sumair Bawa
what the f is Melissa McCarthy doing in the press room taking questions from reporters?
Red TowersEntertainment
Man remember how good Letterman was and now.....
Meelek Edits
So he admited that he asked for his loyalty and now hes saying Comey lied about that ? Wtf is happening D:
2K Trumplethinskin snowflakes disliked this ice cream cone of truth about their favorite carrot muffin.
waht mmm
fuck sean spicer
Off topic I know, but is it just me or is Stephen's "I have a cold"- voice kinda sexy? :D
Alex Landherr
Possible recording devices in the Oval Office? I haven't been this intrigued since Watergate and the Nixon tapes.
The idiot is in oval... 😱 I think the trump's mob connection would one day end up by wacking this guy.
9 Miles
This guy is obsessed with Trump. When u talk shit about someone constantly usually means u wanna fuck em. He's not even funny and people clapping are just stupid
Ella Maes
Swing designer since minute historical rule mess.
rusty wallace
Why does anybody in there right fking mind listens to this dumba.s it's kids sh.t WHY
Bill Meagher
Why doesn't crybaby Steven Colbert change his show to "Late Show relentless bashing of a President." Far cry from Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, and even David Letterman where we didn't see a nightly bashing of a President. Steve Colbert is a great example of how sick and demented the left has turned out be.
Gina Kay
πŸ‘ΉSean & πŸ’©drumphπŸ•΅ are going straight toπŸ˜‚ hell😈
I miss Letterman
Emily Leavitt
"my friends the flames would dance for me!" LOL I can't even!!!!
James Wallace
what a pathetic man this guy is!
Jeffery Scarbrough
Of course he talks to Russia. This guy talks to low IQ people and they believe everything he says.
REAl REAction
Hey it's been a week and this is still trending on YouTube... What kind of paid off bias liberal BS is that about?
L Yost
I like that Steven is attacking Trump EVERY night. It shows what a cockholster he is for the DNC. The same DNC that stole every voters choice to vote for Bernie Sanders. Hey Steven, keep playing to the morons of the democrat party that are too stupid to realize that the dem party fixed their primaries.
Jevo Groni
6:13 what a pretty lady, seriously.
Gareth Rees
is it OK to get rid of Batiste before Trump though? I find Colbert's monologues so painful now; listening out for the obligatory 3 chords and squawking "i get the joke" laughter throughout. Even Paul Shaffer wasn't that annoying
amber petals
why would anyone be surprised that the entire white house is constantly bugged??
Bill A.
it's a fuckin shame that anyone listens to what comes out of your fuckin mouth. jesus, you're annoying.
Ed Belle
Hey colbert why don't you serve your illuminati masters by giving your kids to the Clinton's for one of their satanic rituals
ha ha ha. now that's funny you traitor fuck
Ed Belle
Yo colbert , Jay Leno called.
he said he wants his show back
your unfunny jokes are killing his retirement you traitorous illuminati fuck face
Steve Angelini
Idiot is in the OVAL.
LuluΘ™ Ione
Donald Trump seems like a much dumber version of Frank Underwood
Jon Kiparsky
"This would be the first time a leaked tape made Trump look good". Not only are there leaked tapes to think about - the Russians also have some taped leaks.
Billy Blaster
Proof that Trump gave Russia highly classified information? Anyone? The National Security Director, who was actually in the room, said he did not. Does anyone have any evidence or proof that counters this?
Robin Hislop
Has he already asked for Sean's loyalty?
Jean Rangel
Trump is stupid but hilarious...The world is having lots of fun :D
No, that is not what "code-word" intel refers to. I spent ten years in a profession requiring access to code-word intel. Had I revealed code-word intel, I'd be typing this from Leavenworth.
Dumb ass pussy !
What do you think happens when you elect someone who is "UNQUALIFIED and UNFIT" to be president.
RoseMarie M
Anonymous Rated
I prefer Trevor Noah. Trevor is actually a transgender to the many that are unaware of this. I knew him in Johannesburg before he transitioned into male. Its a breath of fresh air to us in the LGBT community to have a trans like Trevor growing in popularity.
Mike Kovach
Trump is not screwing the country, Stephen. The "establishment, totally owned and controlled by wealthy internationalists PRESS, who have a stake insuring America dissolves into a borderless nothing, is screwing the country, In every position. Doggy style, missionary, and every other fashion. And the country is being "programmed to submit and take it. Wake the hell up and see the bigger picture.
Hunter Barnum
Keep the jokes coming, it's defiantly done everyone good thus far
anand apple
Faith Rocks
Man the demons are out in America. Democrats????? Don't think so. Communists. This is real boring. Scores of watchers tune out and shut down cable news with all this garbage. GARBAGE INDEED! LOSERS LOL You're Pathetic!
Those who believe absurdities will commit atrocities
Spice Girl Sean stammers on, never uttering an intelligent reply. Reporters are constantly exposing him for another Trumpski brain dead clown marching over the cliff of absurdity. One things for sure-Spicey knows all about Trump's "positions."
Ed Bear
Fake News!
Shawn Farrell
We are coming for you first big man when shit hits the fan be very careful what you ask for... You propaganda spewing cunt. I hope your ready to sacrifice your family and loved ones when it comes for you...
Deacon Verter
Trump is a disaster. But until we get a better grip on just what was said, let's not go conspiracy crazy. If Trump merely provided the Russians with proprietary Info on what ISIS is up to, fine. Let the Russians help us kill them Let's coordinate with them!
Elizabeth Encalada
"The idiot is in the Oval Office.." " Cold-blooded" Lol!
0:38 he pronounced 'began' as what>>?
Splendid Mendax
pray for trumps death. pray hard, it won't work but you will feel better.
Phil Robertson
As usual, Colbert is brilliant. Keep it up!
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