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Hosts Helen Walsh (Amy Poehler) and Tina Fey introduce three contestants (Bobby Moynihan, Taran Killam, Kenan Thompson) to their future second wives.

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tRump could of been on this panel.
Charlie Jones
This is what Americans would do with time travel😂
Terese Durand
"I know I shouldn't, but they're so fun." 😂
Sonny Andcher
Lol damm smh
Fourth-Dimensional Quasar
"I know I shouldn't, but they're so fun!"
love Tina Fey she was good in Whisky Tango Foxtrot and so funny
haha, all socialist libs obsessed with Trump...8 years biotches
Stгคzzเyค B๏ςђภ๏ש IV
honestly one of my favourite sketches of all time. It's jam packed with such insanely dark humour that just makes you piss yourself laughing each time you watch it
ThatoneLightbulb _
You know what would be even better... If instead of the girl being pregnant with the last guy's wife, the girl who is pregnant is his second wife, and pregnant with his child... just a thought.... ok I'm gonna leave now..
Kelly Bills
Qua ki sur pi ni ku??
Love red dresses
Sai Reddy
this is some dark stuff😂
Corey A. Moore

First: Tina Fey and Amy Phoeler are my ultimate 3-some fantasy

Second: This sketch was funny and creepy at the same time. When the first little girl walked out, I screamed Nooooo!!
Sherri DeNeise
Emma Shelley
I wish Amy's character could have been Leslie knope 😂😂😂
Barbarology !
Everything is 100 times funnier when you should be studying instead of watching Youtube videos.
J. Fabricio Elías
Curious Person
"A new kayak!" " Oh I know I shouldn't but their so fun!" I died 😂
This is fun, but I'm also speechless.
ruben alvarado
Amy taking her shoes off at the very end is hilarious idkw
When I looked at my birth certificate, I found out that my biological mother was 25 when she had me and my biological father had been 45.
brilliant sketch
luke timmel
who played the first guy's wife?
love seeing the defences of pedophilia is this comment section tonight
Camille McKenzie
Man, Toby's wife is PISSED
Adam Warlock
hahaha.....I love this episode
Ankit Ojha
Holy hell this is gold.
I didn't think this was funny, it was disturbing.
SNL brings up a LOT of pedo issues the past few years. One of their writers is...;)
Gabriel Dawson
light Does anyone recognize better than this result ? 3.
dead dog
This is garbage
Spaghetti Dog
I'm in love with Amy and Tina
Mabelcorn N.
lmao at all the assholes in the comments section trying to justify men who do this with "scientific facts"
Aunnesha Sen
Just noticed how Amy quickly removes her heels in the end. I feel the pain.
Raluca Perieteanu
Barry B. Benson
So they're just mocking relationships with age gaps? Wow. All that matters is both people are happy and legal. Sure, a relationship with a 30 yr. ol. and a 18 yr. ol. is a little awkward, but that's not our business.
Alexander Cayford
Wouldn't put it past Aku to host this show within the universe.
Petar Petrov
Man these old farts going for young girls are really disgusting. But to me the girls going for the old, used leather grandpas are even more disgusting.
Rick Sanchez
This is a good meme
D Fens
Isn't it racist for black women to freak out over the prospect of a black man dating a white woman? No one want to address that blatant fact?
Alex Johnson
Leslie's greatest sketch: they only gave her five words.
How is this funny?!
Buffy McMuffin
sick and twisted . . . and I like it
That twist with the one about the sophomore at Rutgers...damn.
Chad Campbell
this one got weird
Knez Fikol
Jason Vaughn
I've been an enormous fan of SNL for quite a long time and quite a few decades period but it's getting more trashy more vulgar and more accepting of things that most of us would never even joke about
Jason Vaughn
this is complete acceptance of pedophilia. Embarrassingly it's coming from SNL
Paul Miller
One of my all time favorites.
Vee K.
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