Auctioning children to handlers like its a game show. Repent
Allan Chen
I have no idea what’s so funny.
2:22 They just went from jailbait to no-fucking-way, I'm out.
Jove Joved
So did SNL train that gorilla to sit in the audience at the end and look angry or was it somebody in a gorilla suit?
Sam Smith
I know I shouldn't but it's so fun
anime superpony
Avocado Queen
3:18 😂 Leslie laughing in the background.
"You a DEAD man Toby"- 🤣🤣 I died when I heard that. See ya soon, Toby
Naleen Phimmasone
There needs to be a sequel called Meet your second wife's father.
Really Happenings
I wanna meet my second wife
Allie Frownfelter
This is a classic
Jay Halverson
Question: Is the 5 year old Tina Fey's daughter?
This sketch was written by a bitter woman I will bet.
Kit E. Katz
You can't beat the Poehler/Fey Team!
Lea Ma
Omg this is so accurate
Best SNL skit in the last 20 years.
Courtney S
I know I shouldn't but they're so fun! 😂😂
Sidhu Superman
Stacey the 5 is looking cute hit like if you think that...
D C'mon
Can you say George Clooney!
I actually checked the release date of this video to see if this had anything to do with Trump 😂
Tony Styles
Holy shit this was great
Jaleesa Greene
That was hilarious.
Just_Mari_ Here
I feel like god does this in heaven 😂
David Long
So predicatble. Called the last one dead on
andrew james
Amy can't stop laughing at skit, kinda ruins it
Anne Bunster
i am so uncomfortable omg this sketch is terrible
Thamizh amuthan
perfect projection of female insecurities!!
Mohammed Magsi
This is SICK
Tsush Hehehe
Oh my god my name is Hannah, I'm in 8th grade, and I go to Williams Middle School and I'm honestly kind of confused.
Bryann Byrd
I need a follow-up to this
Mugsey B
Sean Penn should see this sketch XD

Also: "I thought this was a home-makeover show..."
"In a way it is!"

Come on, that is brilliant writing right there!!
hazel goodshepherd
For the benefit of new readers, when actual empirical evidence is presented, it becomes incumbent upon the opposing party to offer facts and statistics which decisively refute each point made. To offer mere opinion and/or postulation meant to discredit or undermine the data is the intellectual equivalent of an errant child stomping about and whining at the top of its lungs, hands stubbornly stopping its ears. Hardly a response with which to concern oneself.

Also, please note that I myself have never said that I am for or against a man courting a younger woman. However, it has been proven statistically that men who date older women do have decreased life expectancy. By contrast, younger women are the key to extended life for men. Science is science, whether politically correct or not.

Ref 1 - Health Guidance - Marrying a Younger Woman Helps Men Live Longer

Ref 2 - The Guardian - Men live longer when they marry younger spouses. Why don't women? by Anna Petherick - Marriage is supposed to help you live longer, but researchers say that women who marry younger men are more likely to die earlier. Why is that?

Ref 3 - Jezebel - Men Married To Younger Women Live Longer by Margaret Hartmann, 6/02/09 4:20pm
Theres a satirical truth behind this and it almost makes the sketch unfunny.
Daphne Lynne
This ain't right....
Benzo Prime
Loved it
Eloísa García
The facial comedy is gold!
This is the most disturbing snl sketch I have ever seen
Ellie Shevtsova
This is so awkward!!!
M Elizabeth
I am 20 years younger than my ex
Calvin Page
Pause yard distinct lugxs there over seem large penalty.
Wonder if these kids even know what this sketch is about.
Kareem Abdel Hakam
I'm a sucker for anything that pairs up Tina and Amy together. I really turns my day around.
So please, YouTube, SNL, anyone who can
Please make this available in Egypt and everywhere else so everyone an enjoy this :)
Betsy Collins
These guys in the comments should NOT be so shocked! This is so TRUE! No matter how fat, crusty, or over-his-prime, a divorced man always thinks he deserves a woman much younger than he is. LOLOLOL
Robert Mata
I have never been more confused with an SNL sketch..
Jay Ohlrogge
This is wrong on so many levels...I love it!
LOL I thought this was weird AF at first but it is so funny now and a little too true LOL
Faye Mccarty
hey pal derive this video actually looks lipe oddclimate
Luna the Therian
Gosh why! I can't believe it!
The Coopster
They need to make more of these
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