Meet Your Second Wife - SNL

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Hosts Helen Walsh (Amy Poehler) and Tina Fey introduce three contestants (Bobby Moynihan, Taran Killam, Kenan Thompson) to their future second wives.

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Note to future guest hosts of Saturday Night Live: during the week before the broadcast when they are writing material "just for you" please tell them "NO" when they propose their standard off-the-shelf hack formula filler sketch material like "America's Favorite New Game Show". Take that moment to remind them how you're putting your hard earned reputation and future casting ability in their hands and if they balk at this then tell Lorne you're sick, can't do the show and to call Alec Baldwin. Don't let these false friendship New Yorkers (who only care about their own jobs) damage your career.
Bea C
"Yay Brian"😂😂
Scott Davidson
WOW. The Thompson skit at end was killer!
Regine DeCossard
This needs to continue omg make more
Otto Nicator
"Daddy issues"...................
Sara Rae
this is gold
Alicia Vogl
I'm pregnant?!
Noah Slaughter
This skit needs a 2nd part
Honestly if you don't like this or find it offensive then why the hell would you waste your time & watch it???? smh, .... I'm sorry BRIAN LOOKED LIKE WT@, ABSOLUTELY hilarious!!!! :-D
lololololol, okay this one is FUNNY, SNATCH THE STICKS OUT, IT'S COMEDY & keep the ignorant,small minded, racist COMMENTS to yourselves!! :-D "Don't be white!" "Don't be white"... & the sonogram, I died!!!! :-D
caris m
was the five year old hayley from bratayley??
James Butera
How this made air, i'll never know
Kyle Brock
When Mohammad married his fav wife she was only 6 years old.
Brandon Inman
Ali Waleed
Did the black guy have to be named Toby?
Naaneey Naaneey
Wtf Is this i just saw this 😂😂😂😂
You're a dead man , Toby
Allie Cross
They need to do this again!
High Heel Knight
Oh, how I love this skit so much! :-D
Damn that last one!..
Lolo Swank
Dedicated to my ex-husband
Barry B. Benson
My grandma is 10 years younger than my grandpa so I guess this applies to them
Best SNL performance that Leslie Jones has ever done.
Kathryn Potts
I need more of this
Expressful Kitten
you just see leslie trying to keep calm when they say kyacking accident lol
Sinister Suspect
I was expecting one of their wives to be a man!
ReachingBeyond Skies
I was like wtf at first, then I thought about all the old geezers that have hit on me straight outta high school
Demeter's Daughter
This is so creative and hilarious!
Andy Ward
I think there is a deeper lesson to be learned from this video and I think you all know what that lesson is.
So my first wife is Amy and then my second wife is Tina? I'll take it!!! I'm 29!!!
EN Fingerhut
Athena Primrose
3:20 you can see Leslie laughing
Sarah Miller
gawd DAYUM this one is savage
Gregory Eatroff
"I thought this was a home makeover show."

"In a way it is."

I should not drink coffee while watching these sketches.
Proud American
Haha this is pretty funny and true.
Michelle Jin
these guys look so uncomfortable
dat was so messed up. someone will be scared forever by this video.
Sam Garza
What is with the Tic Tac and Viagra commercials?
Miriam Dorsey
there are so many good qoutes in this skit i can't chose one
The Pikachu Brothers
Anyone else notice Leslie trying not to laugh through the other contestants? Luckily, she got her composure when it was Kenan's turn.
Hazel Motes
In his novel "Love in the Time of Cholera," Gabriel García Márquez noted that when men and women are middle aged, the women no longer have the bloom of youth, but the men look OK. So it stands to reason that a successful middle-aged man can snag a younger woman. But when they're elderly, the women may look old, but the men are broken-down wrecks. So all of you younger women thinking you would be OK with a rich middle-aged dude, think ahead to when you're middle-aged yourself and you're stuck taking care of a busted-down old fart.
Shilo Louise Lord
yep! That's how it goes!
J. Fabricio Elías
Bill Gibbons
There's a 64 yrs old male teacher at my son's school. He teaches 3rd grade. He is dating an 18 yrs old girl at the same school and she is a senior. On top of that, he was her 3rd grade teacher when she was little. She is graduating in May. So not only is he 64 and she is 18 (46 year difference) but she is STILL in school and its where he teaches. The school is K-12. The Board of Education has tried to fire him but they couldn't since she is 18 yrs old and an adult. He is retiring in 2 months when school gets out because he and the girl are moving to Nashville, Tn. where she will be attending Middle Tennessee University in nearby Murfreesboro, Tn. He has 4 grandchildren older than her!!!! Its sickening. And to think that he taught her when she was in 3rd grade. He and his ex-wife lived across the street from the 18 yr old for 14 years. They divorced and he moved out and got an apartment. And to top it off, the guys ex wife threw the 18 yr old girls Mother a baby shower when the 18 yr old was born because they were friends and neighbors. So the woman that was pregnant and received a baby shower 18 yrs ago will now be the 64 yr old man's mother-in-law. CRAZY
Sheridan DeGraffenreid
'We don't make the future, we just know it'
Audrey Pelikoski
Oh dear lawd 😂
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