You've Found the Latest 'Finding Dory' Trailer

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With the movie premiere of everyone's favorite forgetful fish just around the corner, the latest official "Finding Dory" trailer is here!

Mythical Unipopcorn
Finding the tank gang please
Michael Ängu
in reality the brittish sea lions would shout: "f*ck off ya c*nt! Off you go!! bloody w*nker!"
Chris Bryan
I thought for a second Sigourney Weaver was a talking kelp.
Man it's been so many years since I last saw finding nemo when I was 5. Now I'm a 15 year old boy with a mustache and a little beard(which makes me start to feel old even if I'm young lol) and got into high school . Man time flies so fast huh?☺️☺️
Eliza Ritchard
Blah Blah
Finding Dory is such an amazing movie! I truly loved it..I think it's one of Pixar's best in my opinion
Heroninja NATION
Whats Next? Finding Marlin?
DANYBOY321 Godinez.
If you guys keeo seeing the movie intill the end there will be a small clip at the end of the creator's and all that,meaning there will be another movie.
title suggestions for the next finding dory movie:

- finding marlin
- finding hank
- finding the tank gang

any other idea?
opa fião
1:07 lesbians 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💋💌💌<3<3<3<3😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Zoe Elizabeth
Kate McKinnon, is that you?
It would be great if there is a Finding Cora Movie. A Movie about finding the mother of Nemo.
joker dragonpain
Becky is eating a cup !
Bence Kovács
good but not that good what it was in 2003 :((( original : 100%
this: 65-70%
Jon West
Ellen's fugly dyke voice ruins it for me
Elizabeth Roberto
this looks like a "GOOD" one just like the "FIRST" one called........ "Finding Nemo" (2007) p.s thanks for uploading this video....... TheEllenShow :) :)
i'm here to see Gerald
I'm waiting for Finding Marlin
and theres me, like gerald not getting invited to anything
Ramyak Rohan Mohanty
AWESOME MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mdmd Mdmdmd
"Hiy iwm dowry, can youw hewp me?"
Chayse Jordan
that scene with that squid scared the shit outta me
Name of song starting about 0:48 pls?
0:02 Kate McKinnon and Bill Hader. :D
Sradha Gurung
Sooooo beautiful movie 😍😍😘😘😘loved it sooooooo much
Absolute Legend
No Bruce, no Party...
vumkim lim
Looking forward to the triquel " Finding Sashimi "
asdasdsadsadas dasdsadsadas
what's next disney? finding gays?
asdasdsadsadas dasdsadsadas
thats lesbian! 1:06 don't watch this trailer there is a lesbian couple in this movie! this movie must die now!!!!!!!
Siddharth Nagaraj
Тhis is thе nicceist movie i eеever sеееееe!!! I аdvise еverybodу to wаtch it :) Yoоu vе Fooоund thе Latest Finding Dorу Trailer
John David Valdez
You саn't find this movie with bettеr quаlity thаn hеrе => Yоoou ve Found the Latest Finding Dory ТТТТrаaаilеееr
akash rupela
Yоoоu cаn't find this movie with bettеr qualitу thаn hеre => Yоu vе Foоund thе Latest Finding Dorу TТТrailer
Daiseyann Carrero
Prakash Chhetry
This is the nicеist movie i ever see!!! I advise eeеevеryyууbody to wаtch it :) You ve Found the Latest Finding Dory Тraailer
Schnecks Schnecks
Loved it😍❤️
fluttershy period blood
the fuck was that last bit!
Finally saw the movie, took 3 months to get the movie over here in germany but whatever, really good! I remember seeing the first one in the cinema. This felt like time never passed.
silver murex
silver murex
(epic adventure music) Long ago on a distant rock , lived a brave sealion ......inspired by true events......but one day....his rock was stolen by other sealions......and so his epic journey to retrieve his rock begins....a story of great perils ...of love and death ..and funny eyebrows.......... * Finding Rock , Legend of GERALD guardian of the bucket *
Joyce Ho
Vincent Bishop
Peter Gabriel's Solsbury Hill brought me here!
Grace Robinson
I have seen this movie and I cried
Bao Tony
Unbelievable. Disney is so lazy, the first part was 10 years ago, now they're making the second part.
Update: FINDING DORY will be swimming to stores on a blu-ray and dvd November 15
Kaitlyn Miles
Sooooo pretty sure the girl fish at the beginning is Kate McKinnon jsssss
I love it!!!
it would fit perfectly cuz she lost her parents when she was a kid
I think One Republic - Kids song should have been in this movie cuz I don't like the ending song
Zakir Hossain
I love it so much!!♡☆♡☆
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