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Lele Pons
THANKS FOR WATCHING!!! I'll be commenting back all day!!
Matthew Holland
Lele pons my number is 661-378-6982 Lele what's your number
Alex Redai
that is Noway funny
Chelsea's DIY
Lol I'm such a fan! this vid is amazing
t money 23
Oh fuck lele pons
Julura Witherspoon
Samara Diaz
love your work
Shayla Hopkins
Part 2 plz
viviana zarate
I love you lele
Stephanie Alvarez
Yall dont know how much I love to watch lele pons 💕
Benzai Marinelle Buccat
you not clean my house lele
Isabella Lopez
OMG Markiban😍
This is not funny. It is shit.
some people said bad thing
unknown 3rd
This is not funny
Khan G
Did the cop's come!!!😅
Alissa Jaggers
BrahemProductions Entertainment
"this is funny"
said no one ever
Autumn Simon
You were like I'm so excited to clean and they were like no we don't clean we eat up everything
Maria Koutsogiannh
FretzMae Fernandez
Did anyone notice at the beggining of the video Lele was not wearing bra!
Piper Elder
I think its a camera.............. OOOOOOOOOOOH FUUU........... XD
Claudia Torres
"i think this is a camera"
Karina Zuniga
Was this supposed to be funny because I didn't even laugh
Omegafireministries Cambodia
i love lele she like to clean
ally land
Everyone is talking about how this video is not funny . Lele is a hard working girl that's trying to get like idk but she is trying hard.
Robin Mcgaughey
Karry Hofer
I have a brick that's funnier than her and it just sits there.
alex tapscott
and the
Slowly Dying
LELE PONS LEAVE YOUTUBE! You’re not funny please stop.
Aruba Ahmed
Kittenfight_ 326
I feel embarrassed for Lele 😂
Lol #laugh out loud
Omggg this is like me and my friends I'm exactly like lele lol 😂
Chloe Chapman
Is she dating wapa
that song from annie ;p
Amanda Navinn
I can say I'm one of that kinds of fri who is fuckin honest and loyalty 😂🔫
Hafsa Muhammad
I love Spanish music and I am top of my class in Spanish
A.N Carson
I love the YouTube videos you make.👍👍👍👍👍
Lisa Collins
It's just one do it doesn't clean I think it is a camera police comethey start running
Kennedy Beaton
Lele has the sluttiest looking friends
splitz 0xx Artz
Lol, she is such a bad comedian
Can you even call this content when it is so trash lmao
Unicornkeirasparkle 09
Loved it so much 😡😠
Jesus Gentil
Jordan Parkinson
Hey Lele like if I tricked you

Read more
AdelVice Mae
Im always impress in Plot twisted
I think the video would be better if they stoped with the over exaggerating expressions
Aroha Afu
lele pons is so cool I wish I can be her.
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