Kristen Bell on the Success of 'Frozen'

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She told Ellen about the moment she realized the movie was something special. Plus, she demonstrates how her new daughter dances!

Laura Montalba
Kristen bell is so beautiful and funny! I just love her 😍
Burns Wright
ellen i am your biggest fan
Chloe Mae Y. Quiambao
That "I'm a walking food truck". 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mr. Paradox
DORY talking with ANNA!
Rowela Manaay
her voice is so beautiful😃
Kiruu キルー
I can imagine Anna is asking Dory to come to the palace using magical little aquarium made by Elsa
Ashley H-J
I cried of laughter at her impression of her daughter! 😂😂
Itz Ems
Who's watching this when Ellen had the sequel
LittleWolf AJ
my name is Kristen
Jennifer Carter
isn't she the chick who also entertained me for four fucking years by saying,"XOXO Gossip girl" !!!!!!
Yarely Garcia
Finding dory came out on my Birthday 🎉 It was a great movie 🎥
Keisha Elizabeth M.
Why did i watch this and i imagined that dory and anna was talking??
Is it just me??
HairIsLife HairTutorials
This was published on my birthday
Aqua Man
All I hear is a fish and a princess
Imran Atique
dish foll
Imran Atique
hi belt i have what about fetish
Nancy Noel
christen is wearing a map😮
Stacey Haskell
love she knows the jersey shore !
Kuya Manzano
Is social media the key to success nowadays?
stephanie chang
Dory and Anna 😂
Alix Raphaelson
Well, Finding Dory is out now and it's a really good movie!
Lily Grace
Yikes probably not the best dance to teach your almost two year old😂😂 who would have thought her daughter invented twerking.
Fluffy Unicorn
Wait do people still breast feed when the baby is almost one ears old?
Abigail Stone
Caitlynn Stanbridge
but the incredible from Pixar waited 15 years
Is that the song Colleen Ballinger used to make "My Family"?
Rashdan Azhar
She can be joy
Sophie Bea
Every time she speaks I just think "ANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Shari Hopkins
Neither free motivate firm time.
Mave Forsyth
Who already saw finding dory😍😍
frozen ice merches lol😂😂😂
Zoe Bryce
I'm just hearing Anna and Dory speaking together
John Ibarra
I love her, she is perfection, and her voice is magical.
Harry Dylan
Gani HAHAHAHAHA 10 years we waited for nemo part 2😂
10 years
Emma Ko
I love Kristin💝
Tiffany Whittington
Fozia Lafemme
This person is totally Avril Lavigne in prosthetic mask. Sorry, its not everyone dumb and blind.
Ri Key
Me... Anna and dory in a talk show lol
queen elsa of arendelle
Anupriya Verma
Omg she's such a witty mommy :D
Amber Wilkie
am i the only one who really didnt like frozen.
Jessica Dickie
I lloovveeee Kristen Bell's dress!!!
Gracie Claire Sauer
Does anyone know which beat that was?
Kamryn Burke
well, now Finding Dory is out, and is wonderful
katie b
It's hilarious how she talks about finding nemo 2
Kira La Tarte
I love that guys reaction lol
Lady Arctic
Ha and finding dory came out this month 😂
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