Jamie Oliver #madebydyslexia Interview

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Jamie Oliver talks to madebydyslexia.org about his dyslexia and shares personal insights and advice

Christy Himstreet
So inspiring!
Dyslexia Jewelry
His last sentence...so powerful.
Kristine Walker
You are right that nobody should be put in a 'special room.' As a teacher in Canada, I'm hoping that we are working hard to meet the needs of the many different kinds of learners that we have. I hope we are not 'rigid.' I hope that we are also able to feed our students well, because right now we are not. And that is part of the way to reaching our students. Keep up the good fight, Jamie!
Thankyou Jamie Oliver for speaking about Dyslexia and how it impacted your education. In Boulder CO USA it seems like we are behind the times, and still dealing with similar educational issues that you encountered in your own education a decade or so ago. Glad to hear your nephews are in a different educational culture, we assume that's in UK. Would you consider speaking out more and become more involved in issues around education for these kids in the same way you have done for school lunches? Boulder Vally Kid Identified with Dyslexia BVKID is looking to make changes in education that better supports our kids and improves their educational outcomes. BVKID.org or BVKID advocacy on FB - we need a celebrity speaker in October 2017 for a Dyslexia Awareness event- contact us if you know of anyone who can help!
Raul Montoya
Great video I hope to see more interviews!
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