Women Grow Out Their Facial Hair For 30 Days

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You like what you see now? Just give it a month.

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Dani Adaliz
@danicoqui and www.myladywood.com
Tanha Dil
Francesca Rivera

girl or boy
I can do that I barley have facial hair not even eyebrows

my eyebrows are blonde so you can't see them
Gramsci Berry
That eye roll though 0:22
Mimi Shella
You have no idea what hairy is. I have hersutism and must shave almost everywhere everyday for the last 40 years. And it I is getting thicker and more course each year. Stop whining.
Ilana Boucher
They literally looked the same
Mya Darji
I see a lot of hate for this video but it's nice to know I'm not the only one to grow up with people calling me gorrilla
Honestly, I see no difference at the end
Jake Delicióso
my mom doesnt have to shave her face or do her eyebrows at all im so glad to be related to her.
My name is Joe aka my name is no
what hair?
Sarah R.
I have a SUPER hairy face. I always wax it, but have picked out ingrown hairs on my face that are an inch long or more. It grosses me out that my hairs could be that long if I didn't wax. I work at an all-boys military school so this challenge would NOT work during the school year because my students would notice and they can be assholes... They all have to be clean shaven, so I guess I have to too! Lol! But if it were socially acceptable for a woman to have hair on her face, I wouldn't do it. Waxing my face every week for years and years and picking out ingrown hairs has ruined my skin. :P
Tierra Owens
I never remove facial hair and I feel wonderful and I'm hairier than all these ladies combined. They are all gorgeous.
Naiyah Peterson
Why are these women so vain.....
sylveon 45
0:40 Frida Kahlo is bootyful
Katie Adams
At 2:23 I started cracking up bc of the guy in the back😂
Poi De
my brows are barely visible
Poi De
my brows are barely visible
Proxytale 101
Makiyah Wiggins
I literally saw no freaking hair on nun of their faces!!!!😫
Ishmule TV
Please explain the point of this video to me. I'm genuinely confused on the message of girls growing facial hair.
A b e e r
"I'd rather kissing you and not floss my teeth with your beard" lol😂😂
Where though?
Daniel Tallo
"Stubble doesn't hurt"
Have hair grow all over your face, and let that grow for a month... THEN get back to me lol
King gamer Sami
i thought at the month the would have grown a beard
Aqsa Rana
hey BuzzFeed, if you ever do a remake, hit me up, I for a woman have a lot of Faial hair
Hannah Yori
I have a moustache as a girl and I don't care...? I can see it, but I'm not self-conscious about it.
Forever Never
I understand it's hard to express yourself
Death by Kitty
So....... what's different?
Selena Rodrigues
I do my brows like every other month lol
The Ghosts
Why she at an interview when she's at buzzfeed
Jonathan Ngo
I don't think I've seen any of these girls in other buzzfeed videos after this one. Did they get fired?
Ganeen Tucker
facial hair is beautiful
What a sack of crud, she plucked.
Tbh i never saw a difference between any of the girls between the 30 days
I didnt see any hair. So stupid
Wexi Omnomnom Parsons
"I'ld rather be kissing you and not flossing my teeth with your beard" xD
Mitch C
They made it way too emotional at the end
Kawaii Dog
This just shows that woman can be super self conscious sometimes
Ana Medina
I grow a unibrow in a week this is nothing
Danica Quick
OMG I was so happy to see her name was Dani because my friends call me Dani
Brittany88 8
Does anyone else look at a comment with lots of likes and say,"I wish I wrote that"?
I'm kind of jealous that their eyebrows are so full and grow really fast. My eyebrows are barely noticeable
Saory Bautista
give me two days and i will look like fidel castro
Brianna McShea
spoiler no one grew mustache hair like in the picture
Summer Sky
i actually grow chin haie and hair all over my face i even have hair on my stomach. like no just no
I AGoodWasteOfTime I
try getting someone with PCOS and then realise that that is NOTHING compared to what they go through
Bleach Clorax
if you are having a buzzfeed challenge don't try to get a date!!
Deez Nuts
Clorox Bleach
It will take me 4 months to get that hairy mustache
Lauryn Sule
The only one that could say anything was the Asian one. The Hispanic one was literally over exaggerating about her eyebrows it made me really annoyed🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️
ally levin
lmao try having PCOS and growing a literal beard as a woman. and they're complaining that they have one chin hair or hair around their eyebrows no one even noticed.
Ryan Sandyballs
no difference
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