Emo Loser
They're soooooooo pretty
Jimin's Jams
Honestly they don't even know how it feels to have excessive facial hair! As someone who does I think they were exaggerating it a bit too much
Aaliyah Broughton
It's not even that serious
Ayesha _Khalid
The girl with the red lipstick went over her mother line at the top to cover her moustache hair look carefully
sad. *
They should see my legs and face fire they complain about the tiniest bits of hair
Sophia Grace
everyone has it the only parts we don't grow hair on our body is our palms and below the feet ... you know
We all grow hair everywhere.. really I know .. that's weird ok
Rozeara Aziz
No change .. fake video
-Sarah- _
This video tho #reladable😭
Lola Lauriano
Honestly they overreacted way too much, I have thick eyebrows which means I grow brow hair very fast and very thickly and I couldn't even tell if they had a unibrow or not.
Seungri's Waffle shop Manager
Am I the only one now thinking about how freaking cool it would be to have a beard ? Like it's so soft and look how much make up you would save up. Lol.
and...now im gay. Thanks
Livia Reyna
I have like a mustache but it not that bad but yeah thats the only thing on my face that i shave
Lisaa mc
she been cheating with brows all time
Archimedes of Syracuse
Boldly is the new buzzfeed?
Bleh :P
Oml nobody gives a crap about you unibrows. NOBODY. And as a person who never removes hair (yes a female) it grows very slowly so its not even a problem
Bubble gum Games
:i plucked them alittle bit:really
OnlyMichaelJackson (Angel)
Oh my gosh these giros are so freaking overdramatic especially the white girl
She didn't even make it all the way through and I didn't even see anything growing
Goof Trooper
When I went to school in hawaii one of our cafeteria monitors was a woman with a mustache
Bonzi Buddy
Boi, I literally see no difference whatsoever. When that one girl "plucked her brows" in the middle of the video, it made her look even worse than she did before.
Katie C
Stfu yall look literally the same
flying awsome unicorn
2:28 your still beatiful
first world problems
I'm blonde so you can't see it XD
Dum Kit
I flagged this for being gross.
Their is no Fukien hair on their faces
Fabulous cat on a unicorn
Why did I even click on this
Fabulous cat on a unicorn
Omg so dramatic
This is actually disgusting
Piper Rose
Why do they all have really good brows
Women shouldn't openly do this and it's unattractive
Angy Ikhine
Dramatic much?
Laurie Mack
Are we going to ignore that girls obnoxiously overdrawn lips?
I literally haven't plucked anything on my face in 3 months
Michael Barnes
2:05 this is England shop scene that Pakistan's wife
Safeya Percival
Wait "Lady Like"has copied "Boldly"!! Or "Boldly" has copied "Lady Like"🤔😦😮
Joel Adams
I've been growing these bad boys since birth!!!!
Perseus B
These women may suffer from something called BDD as I have that caused me to obsessively fixate on perceived flaws that can be either real or not. If you find you relate to this video, you may want to look into it.
Fran Bartoli
2:22 what's that guy doing in the background 😂😂??
Helter Skelter1208
Why does that girl try to make her lips look bigger by over lining and extra. This girl was talking about the interviewer judging their eyebrows, but he really should be judging them lips.
Elizabeth Cipolla
im so jealous of all their brows i have no facial hair lmao
Fox Citron
They look like me when I was 12
Fox Citron
think about it man need only one day
Dick Kickem
All men in the comments, we should see how fast we can grow out our unibrows just to make these women's game look week
Beckah Mataronas
I grow out my facial hair year round. Sorry to all the hairier ladies!
These women are ANNOYING AF
I haven't cut my eyebrows for the last 6 years
Evo Savage
which, of course, is fine.
Izze Ly
CLICKBAIT look at the dot on her lips 👄
Rhy Vlogs
Who else thought on the thumbnail it was a tattoo? 😂
Hey Boi
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