Women Grow Out Their Facial Hair For 30 Days

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You like what you see now? Just give it a month.

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In The Hall of the Mountain King
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Dani Adaliz
@danicoqui and www.myladywood.com
Tanha Dil
Francesca Rivera

Jake Marsh
female facial hair is disgusting
Cool Mario Bros
What an over exaggeration 😂
Fluffy unicorn123
Im 12 year old girl and i have a moustache. my mom doesnt let me wax it because she says im too young😑Its embarrassing
E Gon
You can't even see the new hair.
Vain women!
Aditya Tatwawadi
I don’t always look on the internet

But when i do i Eyebrows
Ellie 77
Hey those of you that tried removing your body hair with the laser thing, my Mum said it doesn’t grow back for at least 1 month.. is it true?
Dylan The Star
I’ve been growing out my facile hair for 13 years... (I’ve never waxed/shaved any thing on my face)
Destiel Trash
WAIT I don't have facial hair.... is that normal?
I don't understand what we learned from this experiment, Buzzfeed.
king potato
I dead just do my eyebrows once a month
Nataly De Leon Barrios
Do you like what you see?
-no,no i do not
Jazz Jessica
Anyone shaves and don’t tell their parents??
Ngl I have bushy eyebrows naturally and I was a bit mad when she said she didn't want to be seen as a slob for having them. Like that's a bit rude Hun.
Ashley Hanna
The only hair i have on my face is my eyebrows,(lashes too?? Idk if that counts) and some peach fuzz
Aki-chan Yamatokun the Psycho
for some reason i find the thumbnail really gross
laura morris
the girl who plucked her eyebrows. are you serious.
I mean..yea I'm at the age where I don't need to worry about my body hair and I just need to focus on my actual life but literally it's so hard xD sometimes I do wax my moustache and uni brow but it does grow back and I can't be bothered to get it done lmao. 😂
Lana Mohammad
It says 30 days but in the video it is saying week.
puppy palace
no hate but was there a guy doing yoga in the floor? :)
spakkittens fluffy
I dont grow face hair only my brows
אוריין לילוז
אוריין לילוז
Camila turin-flores
ok they where kinda overreacting but i mean idk cause i dont rlly have a lot of facial hair....
So are they shaving their faces everyday normally or something? I mean this isn’t really a challenge 😂
[Soon To Be ] Exchange Student X.3
Anyone else poking and prodding their eyebrows and their cheeks and just EVERYTHING rn xD
Im only 12 and i for real have a visible mustache
Kelly Ramos
That girl obssesd with her eyebrows pissed me of like fix ir hair instead of ur brows like
Francesca Attadedji
this is sooo overdramatic
I Love jun
I never shave lmao I hate when buxzfeed make dis type video like women are forced not to shave lol why do ppl care if I shave or not lol I shave for me
Joseph Bondarenko
Did I gag
wow buzzfeed lowkey making the young prepubescent girls recoil in disgust at what their bodies might become or have become, and how much they will hate every tiny bit of hair that grows "out of place" causing them to spend hours tweezing and shaving and ripping and coating themselves in chemical creams just to get that pesky peach fuzz away to avoid looking like trash
They look the same?
Wasi Khan
Ok u grls jus over reactin bout it u guys call ths hair.... u havnt seen women yet.... speaclly with pcos
I want facial hair
Oli Million
When you realise your not on buzzfeed
The Clorox Bleach
They are acting like they are growing a 30 cm beard. Even at close up i cant see a single hair
My mom did it for 44 years
Carolina 360
I did the challenge all my life
Kaylee Leuchs
Click here👉 2:23 look at the guy in the back 😂
sienna lipa
why are they so extra
I Am Smart
The girl that kept complaining about her looking hideous or a monster was way over reacting, she looked no different than before, I didn't notice anything honestly 😓
Ryan Flowers
2:20 she's being so extra when she's not even growing much hair
Bloom Rose
I have hair everywhere and people like me for it! I really don’t get it!
lilDragon lilDragon
This is weird...I barley see anything. I just feel bad because they are sending out a message to other teens that facial hair is disturbing. Not to mention they are over reacting!!!
Ashley Portman
dramatic af "nobody said anything about it" uhh yeah because nobody can see it! it isn't visible, the girl that said she felt hideous because of her facial hair is a tad dramatic
Alana Horner
Then theres me who never plucked her eyebrows
julia azevedo
this video was kind of annoying i literally don't see any hair
Janine Agoo
what was the name background music at the first part
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