Women Grow Out Their Facial Hair For 30 Days

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You like what you see now? Just give it a month.

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In The Hall of the Mountain King
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Past Times
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Dani Adaliz
@danicoqui and www.myladywood.com
Tanha Dil
Francesca Rivera

King Koopa
colagiacomo problems
Oscar Astora
Pathetic insecure twats. Kill yourselves
Scooter Scooter Skrrt
If you cannot see it with 360p, it's not hairy.
Tibold Mcdonald
Cheerio kids you can get some spectacular free makeup at sites.google.com/site/28feca24961
Rabar Omar
nothing changed
Tara Quinch
I personally like my facial hair. The men I've dated thought it was sexy. But I'm older and Black so it was a bit different back in my day and community. Although I can't take chin hair..
Adelaide Zhang
That one woman sounds like Kermit the frog
Elgora Varka
I feel blessed to have albino body hair XD
IfryToast 2
Proton Gengar
1. This is disgusting
2. Buzzfeed is even more disgusting
Devon Carrow
This is so annoying.. try having alopecia and praying every day for ANY hair
Joey Triemstra
pause the vid at 3;49
Lemon Ade
click bait = loss of respect.
I'm Stupid
This video is disgusting
Sarah Rose Julian
I feel this on a personal level. Coming from someone who was bullied at school for having moustache hair, I agree with everything said here.
Sorry but you ladies need to get over your selves. None of you appear to have a hairy face certainly not anything near my level and it's not at all visible through the lines. Other people have commented that we can't see any difference between day one and day 30...and as for saying you've got a uni bro when you haven't. I'm guessing you will have deep-seated issues of self worth if a little extra facial hair makes you hate yourself this much
Working things Out
As a 13 year old with trichotillomania I WISH my hair grew that fast (not unibrows and stuff but ya)
I have kept my mustache and chin whiskers for years. My eyebrows were permanently thinned by plucking years ago, but I don't pluck them now. 'Traction alopecia' is the name for permanent hair loss caused by pulling, and it happens most often to people who tie their hair up very tightly, like Sikh men wearing their hair under a turban, or people wearing cornrow braids, hair extensions, or very tight dreadlocks. I think I got my facial hair from my mother's side of the family, as she had one and her mother also had one.
Nataliya Davis
I barely seen any hair!?!?
splash gaming
Daily Ginger
This was pathetic.
Cosmic Wolf
mia merlin
its juz hair....y ur grossing
Katie Dietrich
Woooooooooow, I have a fuzzy face, not hairy but hairy if you know what I mean. So I dont pluck or wax my face except my eyebrows and NOBODY FREAKING CARES
Kazi Maimuna
these comments are really entertaining
Beat me up And leave me bleeding
XxNKxX k
i know exactly how you guys feel..
jessica Barrera
4:17 😂
3:50 mhhhh cakey and too dark foundation
Rosie Gigg
People keep saying that they're overreacting, but I think we're failing to realise that although we might not think that they're that hairy or whatever, they notice it on themselves and for them it is important. We are in this society that teaches women that facial hair is "gross" and that can leave many of us feeling self conscious. Wether you feel that way or not, it's not up to you to say that they're overreacting or making their feelings invalid, because at the end of the day it is what is important to them.
David Lupu
Jess K
that girl has really good brows tho
Meme Boi
I got click bated by buzzfeed
these ladies think they're hairy? If I didn't shave or wax for a month... yikes
Tanha sounds like a female Seth Rogen.
I don't care.
ya kidding?
Grace Tayler
Who else genuinely think natural unibrow is really pretty tho
Murasa Aoi
when ur an actual hairy girl and u watch this video....
Leilani T
Umm it's takes me a week to become a man. 😩 No I will not have facial hairs... it has to go!! Idgaf what others think! It's not me! It's kind of OCD.
Destiny Rose
dude, not to be gross but I can go 5 months without waxing and still don't have a hairy face.
"There are women out there not allowed to remove their facial hair, hang in there..."

Okay, because ya'll were freaking out about eyebrows for the most part, this falls flat. Perfect brows are not the concern of people in cultures/situations where their facial hair removal routine is policed. :S
Alicia Rodriguez
so dramatic i feel like a monster becausei have a lott of hajr on my arms and im only 11
Aisha Maqsood
i see no difference at all. like duh. i'm literally so hairy.. going for a laser treatment next week.
Nevenaxx Phan
I don't pluck my eyebrows for weeks and don't care.. also I have a mustache.. It's not that important.
Yrsa Lenander
I wax my chin and neck every month.
Madison Callahan
that one girls is annoying, like bro, it's ur eyebrows, that doesn't make u hideous
Anya Nur A.
over reacting girls....... like THERE'S NO DIFFERENCE
Ilse Oldersma
I'm confused, why would u remove facial hair?
The thumbnail is obviously pen
basic msp
@ :39 why did they add dramatic music
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