Women Grow Out Their Facial Hair For 30 Days

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You like what you see now? Just give it a month.

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Dani Adaliz
@danicoqui and www.myladywood.com
Tanha Dil
Francesca Rivera

Violetia Pineda
"OMG it's a nightmare"

"I feel like a monster"

You gotta be kidding me.
I never touch my eyebrows cause ill end up be worry like them... My main problem is the mostach :"( i didnt shave it yet tho X(
Nur hey
Lol why she crying
Brenda Sandoval
Yall are 3 of the most natural beauties Ive ever seen, I was mesmerized the whole time.. little hairs arent going to take any of your beauty away!
GamerGirl 2804
Oh my God, stop over lining your lips. It looks so so bad!
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I love Tanha!
Ellie Brewster Xx
Who else notices at 1:33 it’s got like the Alton towers theme song....
powerhouse extreme
They should of done six months
Because I could barely see a change
Plucking hairs from eyebrows isn't a good idea because so of those hairs will not grow back leaving you without eyebrows.
night mare
They look the same 😑😐😑😐
GalaxyCat 799
I don't see a difference at all 😂
Flock Of Fuckboys
I've been growing out my facial hair all my life where's my boldly spot?
Evie Simons
There's nothing different
Sophie Friesen
I agree with the "It's a ME aspekt" since I never plucked out any facial hair (I'm 16 and pretty much the only girl in my class who doesn't) but I'm completely fine with it. A girl once mentioned it like "You should get your eyebrows done, they're too bushy" but I'm like... that's me, what's the problem with bushy eyebrows? (She was kind of a bully anyway, so I never listened to her)
Lorna Harpham
Is it just me who thought that one girl sounded like Elmo...
Guys in 1 day... you got lots of hair... girls in 30 days... you barely have any hairs
Carolann Deakes
Wow are you really that scared of eyebrow hair that you couldnt even do it for 4 weeks ..wow... seriously people need to sort out their priorities in life what a shame.
Ivy Hunt
Lol, I do not care what people think about my mustache or my eyebrows. This is how I am, deal with it.
golden ocean waves
"I personally noticed a lot of growth, im paranoid" You really are dang. I see nothing.
Jovanni Ramos
Hahahahaha, Rolanda! 🤣
Truth Teller
Just rename this to "Women freak out about nothing for 30 days"
They was mad fake in the end like how they gone be like ugh I wanna take it off and care about their hair during the four weeks and be all inspirational in the end chile please
Bill Cipher
I used to get bullied since I used to have a mustache but I hate my own body because I have body hair and it sucks. I don't really want to shave my body because the hair could get dark, thick, or even hurt a bit. I'm afraid to go out in public so I often have to wear a sweater and jeans so people won't judge me.
Yvonne Arreola
I didn't see the difference in them.
but this is me.
I haven't removed my stache and it's growing out pretty well.
Vanessa Alvera
nothing happened
Meaks XD
The One who had the interview looked like a clown not being but why put so much white makeup on
fire style
no difference
I’ve been doing this challenge with you guys accept I’ve been doing it for 11 years
Lucky 15
I don't grow any facial hair so I'm very lucky and yes I have hit puberty and still no hair anywhere
They look fine.. you’d think they’re gonna end up like gorillas the way they’re talking about the hairs we can’t see 😂
I feel like this is unnecessarily dramatic?
W A N N A P L A Y ? ? ?
uhh, have only hair at the top of the lip and my eyebrows are big but like a good big lol
nona chan .
you guys are so beautiful even with facial hair, i dont see it tho.
Shirona The Weirdo
I have THICC eyebrows ;v;
Mary E. H. Bts
I let my brows be themselves and encourage them to grow and thrive
RoseWanderedTheWorld Forever
I only have to worry about my eyebrows.. thank god
My eyebrows would be so bad
Agata Mitchell
But, the thumbnail...
where is the bleach
I think they over reacted idc.
Jennely P.
I do this challenge for months on end and I have to model with all that hair on my face. It literally does not matter
Space Lobo
ur mom is the bomb
Hype World
They look the same because they pluck their hair all the time. Now there hair wont completely grow back.
ʌRicca De Rooseʌ
I have hormone problems, I produce too much testosterone. This causes me to grow more and thicker facial hair than normal for a girl, after 30 days I would literally have a shadow around my jaw and a visible moustache
Maggie !!!!!!!!
This is my 12th year doing this challenge...
Powerfulsuperamy :P
Guys you should see me after 2 weeks I look like Chewbacca.....
Tamryn Jayce
Hopefully they weren't forced to do this... They seemed really sad and it would've broke my heart if they were forced. Honestly, until they pointed out a microscopic piece of hair, I didn't notice.
BruhItz_ _Madz
How about the kids in poverty who can’t afford a pair of eyebrow pluckers? Jesus😂😂😂😂
Nifty Hamster
Honestly as a 13 year old. How do you expect this video to make girls my age feel better about themselves? I always never saw it as a problem until now when I just hear people say on the internet and YouTube "always wax your brows shave your armpits shave your legs" now I'm just sad now
I don't even shave
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