10 FOOD LIFE HACKS You Didn't Know Actually Exist

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Erendira R
Douse it have to be a jar?
Nicki Robberta
3:52 thats creepy
Tammy Rodriguez
I tried chewing gum to chop an onion and it worked.
Louis Lourens
a nother onion hack punsh it before cutting it really works
frisk the human
I can tell you a microwave hack: you get what pasta you want you put it in a mug( if you want to cook big pastas like spaghetti use a bowl) then you put it in the microwave at how many minutes it shows on the package . When they are done you just add what sauce or ingredients you want if you dont have ingredients just put some olive oil salt and peper and if you have other condiments that you have and you like them that is all
Isminoz Jamshedova
this video is booooooring. y is she talking so much
Katelyn Smith
DOY! You have to freeze flavored DRINKS
Isabella Sheldon
The goggle one doesn't work with onions
Connie Wan
Onions make you cry? I thought it was garlic 😭
Joan Beata
I like the flower ice cubes 😁
diane bowen
Nyah pugs
rainbow unicorn
Subscribe to rainbow unicorns that's me
Maribella Earley
Warmish Trout

Warmish Trout
I have no idea what is going on so im gonna poop in a urinal
Warmish Trout
you wanna here a joke

too bad because im not gonna tell one
Warmish Trout
I farted
Warmish Trout

Warmish Trout

Warmish Trout
I have no idea what is going on so im gonna poop in a urinal
Fused Cheetah
And nobody is noticing that the mold shape looks like a penis?
Nemo D333
I have plenty of time to grow apples
Watrmeln gaming And More
Square apple? 🍎🍏🍎🍏🍎🍏🍎🍏🍎
jarum ybarra
People hate microwaves because of the radiation that it uses
Gyiomi shit nahh
Miss Snapchat
If u stick ur tongue out while chopping onions ur eyes wont hurt. Try it.
Psycho KillerXD
im guessing the 890 dislikes in this video is from parents who dont want their kids to do these food hacks?
I don't like smores I know I'm a monster ._.
Super Boxo
Pickles World
im comment number 666 THERE IS NO GOD
Michael Patel
publish giant pile hwytc function cabinet pitch.
Dumb shit
Christopher Henderson
I love the fruit shapers
Slush Wolfwolf
Steven Argetsinger
I tried one of these and you never guess what happen I cut off my dick...
Claire Edwards
Wearing goggles won't do anything, you will still cry will cutting onions because when you cut an onion with a dull knife it crushes the onions cell walls releasing a chemical that effects your through your sinuses because your eyes are connected to your nose, mouth and ears thanks to your sinuses. If you really want to avoid crying while cutting onions, sharpen your knife before hand.
Moonlighting is dumb
what fruit are you

1. apple
2. bannana
3. tomato
4. strawberry
5. blueberry
6. lemon
7. lime
8. raspberry
9. blackberry
10. starfruit
Jen Amoranto
fruit shapers
I felt so stupid when I said "I hate it when I tear up when I cut onions" and my dad said "Just put the side of the onion that you cut face down on the cutting board." FacePalm My mom also chews gum when she cuts onions
Don't tell me the sky is the limit when there are footsteps in the moon😀☝🏼 😁
You can use coffee grains and pour it in your garden to get mosquitoes away
Martha McLaren
Am I REALLY the only one who hates when people put there title as something like this -----> "top ten food hacks u didn't know existed" like WHAT how dont they know what we don't know about and what we do know about like it REALLY irritates me a have NOT GOT to be the ONLY one
Hanan Abdelaleem
Oudomsack Philavong
Cool life hacks
Laura DeMars
Ok ok hold up hold up! I got something to say! WERE DO you buy the fruit shaper's?
the fruit shaping is the last part of the video
Maria Rud
Before I watched this
Maria Rud
Maria Rud
My daughter has already made flavored ice cubes
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