Fails of the Month: Get Ready To Laugh (April 2017)

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We're ending April hard with a ton of awesome fails!! Everything from skiing, a mud mask gone wrong and even an old guy skating. Let us know which clip made you laugh the hardest and be sure to send us your videos at!! 


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Woman Falls During Sack Race
Scooter Rider Falls Hard After Flip Attempt
Guy Tries to Do a Trickshot with Basketball
Skim Boarder Misses Rail and Falls
Skier Tumbles down Slope after Failed Jump
Girl Nails Ceiling With Weight
Duo Tries to Spin on Pole
Mom Knocks Son Over at Beach
Girl Accidentally Spills Coffee on Computer
Skateboarder Smashes Groin on Rail
Guy Drops Stack of Food on Table
Girl Push Up Clap Attempt
Guy Slips on Dock n/a
Mom Falls into Frozen Pool
Girl Tries to Flip after Rolling off Ball
Toddler Yells Silly Phrase While on Swings
Girl Falls While Attempting Hula Hoop Trick
Guy Falls While Jumping on Teeter Totter
Girl Falls While Attempting Acroyoga Trick
Van Into Motorcyclist
Pinata Fights Back
Guy After Slip n Slide
Guy's Phone Found in Spaghetti
Guy Tries to Copy Friend and Slam Dunk
Guy Slips During Race n/a
Circus Performers Practicing on Hanging Hoop Falls
Guy Attempts Double Backflip and Faceplants Into Sand
Guy Falls During Stair Jump Attempt
Yoyo Hits Guy's Head
Snowmobile Can't Reach Top of Hill
Girl Can't Remove Charcoal Mask off Face

Fails of the Month (April 2017)

DogeOnToast !
0:31 who else thought that was a big ass mountian😂
Relja Pivic
So funny
4:59 on a loop
Thunder Mul
Am I the only one who found none of this funny
Khurram Zubair
1:37 look at the face of the guy with grey hat XD
5:00 He looks like Richard Spencer
Matthew Bradley
1:16 ...The left hand never knows what the right hand is doing.
Alexis Sanchez Jimenez
0:58 is what you're looking for
Elenh m
4:12 Έλληνες 💙
drunk charmx
Gallant Chaint
i thot it was pewdiepie
George Higgins
0:13 XXXDDD The fact that it happens to a scooter makes it so much better. XD
Christopher Gomez
dont do stupid things like that tray
Céo Kanes
Khôi Nguyên Lê
Luce Kromwel Rose
1:13...Un peu de français ça fait du bien !😂 Bon en revanche...Kaaris...Y'a quand même mieux niveau chanson française...😐
Lance Peter Productions
FailArmy has the videos that are not common in the internet! #HugeRespect
Irritation Gaming
The face mask laid eyes is a bitch
Irritation Gaming
super junkie
0:52 that's the moment in a chick flick when they start making out
Da Beast man
Look at his face 6:16
Elias Göransson
5:27 you girls dont need these tricks to look beautifu
Jose Barrera
The pug had me dying
Alexander A.
5:39: she can wait and use it as an outfit of a black woman for Halloween.
Keegan Kaufman
jessus you americans complain of a little ice water, in ireland we swim in freaking glacers. you know why she said help me i cant get up well its most likely from the type 2 diabetes
Silas Gramaglia
the guy are 4:55 gets up and lands it... not a fail at all
Ash Axkook
1:05 i admire the fact that they decided to include that in the video.
I really like the intro
rip kid with the broken taint
thanks obama
Why does that guy look like pewdie pie
Safa Gençtan
3:53 ringtone ?
Micheal Rimoni
Is this the New Zealand Fail Army Idk ther is heaps of them around earth
Maggie the Space Whale
"Oh help me! help me! I'm standing but I'm drowning!" 😂😂😂😂😂
Cupcake Crazy Arnold
3:05 Killed me😂😂😂😂
Cupcake Crazy Arnold
I wanna fall into a pool feeled with water, too bad I leave in Texas:(
follow mee
Gunner Gaddis
Now I now why you have so many subscribers!
William Johnson
why is it a fail if they get hurt its not funny
2:30 😂😂😂
OMG, why was the last girl in blackface?! Not cool.
Terry Green
2:35 i'd be like, "i hate you people and everything you stand for" XD
5:50 hahaha 😂😂😂😂
I fell so bad for Eddie Fredrick
This is so funny
Vvunyto vVeb
theez r realleee dum as fukkk

i got bored 2 mins in, cudnt fynysh watchun the rezt ov thiz fayk garbagg...
GAMER andrusa
Poor girl at 1:15
I fell so bad for Eddie Fredrick
Emma Jeremic
What's the name of the song at 3:23?
Ingo Holzwarth
richtig lustige fails
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