Kevin Nguyen
Blair Henley has a beautiful one-handed backhand!
They are constipated and need the loo BADLY!
Jack Donaghy
Grunting c#nts
SHUT THE HELL UP! This is Inexcusable, and is ruining Tennis. Watching Ashleigh Barty atm on Canadian OPEN, and just annoying as hell. Is she having sex?! Or just a complete brat who cannot shut up because she thinks she can win by driving the other player to just get off the court cause of her constant whining?! I literally root against all players who do this, because the quicker they are out of any tournament, the better the matches are.
Yukari カレーうどん森川
What kind of porn is this? Lol jk just wanted to make a weird comment
1:30 the ball was at HIS balls XD
3:58 Allahu Akbar?
Joe Masters
1st clip sounded like they were having sex XD
Neizrezana Salata
just play the fckin video i dont need to listen to this blonde goose
ur favorite human bean
Fairly sure this is someone's fetish
Jeremy Cairns
Why would you put music over something that we're supposed to be listening too? Ridiculous!
EloTricks HD
box box any 1?
James James
No need for pathetic noises who do these people think they are
de brito takes the cake
Francois Thurston
Nothing wrong with grunting at all. If you don't like it as she said don't watch. But seriously get over it. Serena, Nadal and others as we've seen grunt. It's part of the game let it go.
Christopher Hargreaves
Carlos Burloq sounds like he should be in a goddamn karate movie, not playing tennis.
Michael Mclean
the last one sounds like a bird
Male grunters sound like 90 year old men, trying to pick up their walking stick off the floor.
Female grunters sound as if they're using a cactus as a dildo.
Zevenen 70
It should be forbidden above a certain decibels. It is not helping the player at all, it is just something they got used to. It can be very disturbing to the other, it is annoying as fuck. You can just train it away, why all the fuss?

Penalty points for those attention seekers!

In other sports you make also effort at one moment of releasing all your energy, do we her them grunt there? No. Stop this nonsense. Make tennis classy again.
It's a form of cheating and should be banned
get this big headphones bitch out my face
aasif tak
last was horrible
Izadore Vella-Garrick
what am i doing with my life

and what r u doing with ur life reading the comments

and what r u doing making vids like this
Tide Bleach
Who wants to hear the men moan and grunt that's it only women can play tennis
when athletic men grunt it is so sexy. like you can see the way how they f*ck or.... being f*cked! lol
Shut this bitch up and play the video's smh
XD 😂
Yeezy Breezy
FUNHAUS made me cum
Whetsit Tuya
That sounds creepyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
That last one was hilarious
Ryan Coke
Why the fuck is this moron wearing headphones?
Top 10 anime singers
DizzyWizzy &
Close your eyes from 1:31-1:38
Jakob Frisvoldsen
You guys do realize porn exists for this reason...
Adhi Rizky Putra
Thanks tennisNow you make me regret to using my earphone right now
Sanjeet Deshwal
turn volume to max and 3:16 earphones/headphone users 😅
Reece Dowley
Man I hate her. What the fuck.
Ville Metsola
That last one is hilarious :D
Tutorials I Guess
Gay Alien TM
People complaining about the commentary when this is clearly a channel that always has it. Stop.
Levi bond
Ya Boi
She's so fucking annoying
Ghostly Slayer
my neighbor said stop watching porn when i watched tennis for the first time
a c
most embarrassing fap
Elan Teichman
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