Top Tennis Grunts

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Tennis Now's Blair Henley compiles some of the best -- or is it worst? -- grunts in tennis history.

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Izadore Vella-Garrick
what am i doing with my life

and what r u doing with ur life reading the comments

and what r u doing making vids like this
Tide Bleach
Who wants to hear the men moan and grunt that's it only women can play tennis
when athletic men grunt it is so sexy. like you can see the way how they f*ck or.... being f*cked! lol
Shut this bitch up and play the video's smh
XD 😂
Yeezy Breezy
FUNHAUS made me cum
Whetsit Tuya
That sounds creepyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
That last one was hilarious
Ryan Coke
Why the fuck is this moron wearing headphones?
Top 10 anime singers
DizzyWizzy &
Close your eyes from 1:31-1:38
Jakob Frisvoldsen
You guys do realize porn exists for this reason...
Adhi Rizky Putra
Thanks tennisNow you make me regret to using my earphone right now
Sanjeet Deshwal
turn volume to max and 3:16 earphones/headphone users 😅
Reece Dowley
Man I hate her. What the fuck.
Ville Metsola
That last one is hilarious :D
Ranger Joe
Gay Alien TM
People complaining about the commentary when this is clearly a channel that always has it. Stop.
Levi bond
Ya Boi
She's so fucking annoying
Ghostly Slayer
my neighbor said stop watching porn when i watched tennis for the first time
project stanford
most embarrassing fap
Elan Teichman
Juha-Matti Viiki
kakka video en tykänny yhtääö = -- ((
Jose Gregorio
Is it just me or does Nadal's grunt have an accent?
Monica Matos
#1 Gustavo Kuerten
Incessant Wake
useless grunting.
I came
Awesome tennis players now shut the fuck up.
they sound like fucking animals in heat :)))
This feels a lot like the guy who screams at paint.
Paul Anderson
It was a bit sexist.
Tim Doherty
Whenever the men grunt it sounds like 2 adult men fuxming each other.
Greg Drake
Idc what anyone says, Michelle Larcher de Brito is definitely the loudest. I mean just listen to that... I believe at her loudest she hit 109 decibels, the loudest of any tennis player (louder than the noise of a helicopter, a lion's roar, and a pneumatic drill).
So fuckin gay
I ain't even Bovvered tho
Apparently when I was a toddler I was watching the women's tennis and the shrieking scared me and I cried
Jay Williams
Jimmy Connors
What's happened to the screamers of women's tennis? I am enjoying the Sharapova ban, and Azarenka is out injured, but why has Williams gone quiet now? Is the scream phenomena some some of pack mentality thing? Have there been some new anti screamer laws passed? Williams just looks like such a crook now that she is playing silently and the same as before - there goes that "we have to grunt cos of how hard we hit the ball" nonsense excuse
we will Rex you 2016
super video
Azerenka sounds like a exotic bird.
milosz lech
I came
would be cooler without this annoying music in the background
Undercover Spy
Remove the commentary you fucking retard.
Angel Wings
too much talk
Holy fuck the last one was so grating I think I ruptured an eardrum
i get off to this shit
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