How EVERY Lana Del Rey song is written


OBVIOUSLY an exaggeration and joke, pls don't hate me Lana Del Rey fans...
In this video I discover that my camera can go horizontal

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John Fassold
hey everyone! the response to this video has been super awesome, thanks for the support :) I'm gonna be with family this weekend, but I'll try and have a new video for y'all next week. I might also upload something on my SoundCloud as well. the week after is finals, so I might be gone for just a bit, but I'll do my best to provide y'all with content soon. have a great weekend!
Charles Paroissien
Not the detergent again lmao
Apple tK
skip all the war and racism
please do Marina And The Diamonds
Taylor Elliott
I bet you can't do counting crows
Lyn Seg
I have a fucking crush on your sarcastic humor lord almighty
Siobhán Cassoni
the way he says daddy I'm screaming
I've never heard one of her songs.
i i
the city of hollywood has no name
we do the thing so taboo
under a sky so blue
i see him pull up in his car
in hhIS CAR
putting on my socks gonna see my man
brushing my teeth
combing my hair
there goes my daddy
he pulls up in his aquamarine car
the city of california
my devil in a marlin brando mask
i i
The city of California
Sister Mary Eunice
We need a compilation of your laughing.
Macka_ doodle
I love Lana but this is so true
Patrick Thelwell
Put your red dress on in the pale moonlight
Loki Lockheart
I'm dying 😂😂😂
potterhead 934
Lana Misty
lana's favorite words to use:
roses, perfume, chateau marmor, daddy, baby/babe, boy, swimming pool, red party dress, my man, cigarettes, driving, your car, summertime, ocean, wine, sipping, diamonds, soul, tonight, axiom, methamphetamines, lights, camera, champagne, coca cola, pink lipgloss, cherries, free, ride, (open) road, crazy, sparkles, white sunshine, heartbreak, death related things, motels, radios, that's quite it :D btw i am a huge fan of lana I love her from the bottom of my heart
you should really do a put together version at the end of the video just to put it all together at the end LOL
Petite Pakora Songwriter
Whenever I have a terrible day, I watch this video. Never fails to make me laugh - you are beyond talent mate
lauren peckham
this is pure gold
Autumn Young
I'm a huge Lana Del Rey fan and this was HILARIOUS
honestly offended but like where's the lie??
Rated MsT
John Koulianos
This gives me hope for a 'How EVERY Mazzy Star song is written', it really does.
Peach Valentine
did say daddy enough 😖💧
Juan Cruz Pizzaco Fernandez
we all hoped that you would use the "softone pornography" at some point......
Brian Tortise
2:44 important
You should do how to make every Panic At The Disco song, that'd be cool to see
Gangsta Boy, Kinda Outta Luck, Queen of the Gas Station, Making Out and other Lana Del Rey songs don't have this tone
Carolina Ugarte
lmfaoooo this is great! all the videos are!!! This needed more cigarettes in it lol
Jakub Matuska
I wrote my original CHAINSMOKERS song using John's video and I really would love John and all of you to actually see it and give me some feedback. Could you please UP-VOTE this comment? It would mean so much to me. Thank you folks.
😂😂😂😂😂 this is on point lmaoooo
Simgem Büber
i wrote a song inspired by your melody and lyrics in there skdjdsjx lol
can you make a video where you produce an original number one hit? fucking loser
shy car
But you didn't mention cocaine
Wihan _
I'm crying xDDDD
Ciany Jm
This was really accurate xD
Rachel Test
C minor + BPD = Lana ❤
ana maria
spot on
matthew walker
2:30 "my boyfriend's back, and he's cooler than ever"
Nicolas Butler
This tea is SCALDING and I'm here for it
the "there goes my daddy" melody was actually...really pleasant. beautiful, even.
Hannah Jones
bruh I just clicked a random Lana song and within 40 seconds everything he mentioned was in there
"the city of california"
Natu P
Kiana the Cutie
"city of california" 😂
Courtney Buttram
"the city of california"
No Egg Craig
The city of California thanks you for this video
Haunted House
990th dislike
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