Cars 3 “Next Generation” Extended Look

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The Next Generation is coming. #Cars3

Copyright: (C) Disney/Pixar

Gabby La Laro
is jackson storm electric
Kenneth Schuler
☣😎The true🏃speed of Lightning McQueen👍😠⚠ rolling on the track detail slow motion Disney insane Play Store Cars 3 futuristic⚛cars Lightning McQueen original Red👍body💪newer Designs☢
Ciccio Pasticcio
ho is the next generation combustr 0:36
Ninjago and Games
How has this Trailer only 800K views? I was expecting something like 7 Million Views
Yes this I am definitely gonna see #LightningStrikesAgain
Fiona lover 2.0 gaming
That engine goes 396 mph correct
Dre Abraham
0:55 I don't see why they include the crash scene in EVERY SINGLE TRAILER, alright I heard you the first time, Jeez!
We get it, "McQueen is fading, fading fast" aaand Crash!
What's next? They show it on the back of the cover in the Blu Ray release?
Anthony's Channel
I'm going to say it one more time please show some clips for cars 3
Anthony's Channel
Disney Pixar please show some clips
TheRacerIs OUT
DIY Panda
Super CARlin bros, anyone?
robin the eevee !
I'm lighting and Jackson storm is the pay to win players
robin the eevee !
this is like me in clash Royale
Logan Butler
Logan Fuenffinger
Hey, Pixar...when are you going to realease the next trailer?
Flash VS Zoom
Gogeta ssgss3
1. Chick hicks return is confirmed
2. Doc maybe gets revived
3. McQueen is the main character again
4. Radiator Springs characters are confirmed
5. Finn , Holly , Professor Z , Francesco and other wgp racers will NOT appear
lpsgirl95 Mcqueen fan 1#
Ty Pompei
Cars 4 Plz 2019 Couple Videos
I want to die
i spy with my little eye...

a BnL symbol (no seriously i watched this closely and i saw it)
Lightning - McQueen
Next trailer ?
Angela White
Jacksepticeye 2
even after all this time he doesn't change his tires
Ciccio Pasticcio
0:36 is that ryan larney
What fast an furious needs to be again 😥😭
This is coming out on my birthday :D
renier rios young
make a new trailer of cars 3 please
That's a weird stock car
IceBoyPlaz O
Wait...Does this mean The red car(Too lazy to spell his name)is changing his look and stats? Cause the dark voice said"But you can rewind it"
Anonymous Disco
Jay Dirqy
Does McQueen have life insurance or car insurance?
Ethan Nguyen
1:23 that's the King's son
'You cant turn back the clock,but you can wind it up again' Damn so inspiring
Jolly XD dude
Comment/agree if you're a SUPER Cars fan!
RastaBad TRAC
What's this music please ????!
i cant wait this awesome
That One guy on the internet
Rosario Cancino
Olle car 3 rrallo macuin es el mejor
MyName is Jeff
I really wish Pixar would quit it with these extended looks and give us a full length trailer already.
Fernando's Awesome Channel
I think it will get like a $100000000000
Why does the crash look terrible in this one but so good in the teaser
Heather Parent
new trailer plus I'm exided
Michael Rodriguez
racing clip are awsome thank u disney pixar
cars3? nice!!
Super Ev
Cause Disney and Pxar made Cars 3 and some other movies
Dose Disney do one half and Pixar the other half?
Someone Please leat me Know!!???
Tamara Canales
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