zane krystyan
I actually really like Jackson storm, I honestly think he's just as stubborn as McQueen was when he first started racing, mqueen's time came, storms time will come too eventually, don't worry, he will eventually get it ;) all of the biggest legends eventually have their breaking point, just like McQueen, doc, and the king.
Cheska Santos
on 0:37 if you pause it you will see the imac icar the apple n.o 84 racer
Jay O Ninja Azul
This is real cars 2
Nicholas Lacey
I got a cars 3 diecast.
BorisTheTeethGuyGaming1265 Molina
Poseidon Heir
Poseidon Heir
Cars 3 was what Cars 2 should've been
ronaldo bulatao
0:45 This was the extended part for Jackson Storm's Introduction.
Raffy Ellama
this is coming to the Philippines on July 26 I'm so excited
Gerardo Alexander Ramirez Rubio
Like si fuiste al estreno y ala primera funcion
BorisTheTeethGuyGaming1265 Molina
Marialejandra Roldann
what is the name. of the minute song 0:34
Jeffy Jeffy Gamer
1:05 my favorite part
Eisen Asperin
These next-gens talking about Mcqueen should not race in Florida 500 like Ryan Laney, Bubba Wheelhouse, Chase Racelott, Daniel Swervez, and Jackson Storm. They think they are just way better than Mcqueen. They talkin' trash 'bout him. Mcqueen competed in World Grand Prix (if the movie was focused on Mcqueen) with the best and fastest cars in the WORLD. They should shut their mouth. Then they should start talking if they even come close or even finish at top 10. Not to mention Mcqueen is in his prime on that movie, I don't think the next-gens come even close to Lightning even if they ever have the chance also not to mention the dirt section "the great equalizer". In my opinion Mcqueen is the best all around racer he has it all the speed, horsepower, and the skill. Mcqueen also trains in dirt not in the F@#$$ simulator like these guys. Mcqueen is truly the best I mean over the years including games & movie shorts Mcqueen is a monster truck, rally car, and touring car. Lightning Mcqueen is the best all around racer even Darrell Cartrip said that in cars 2, Lightning Mcqueen in his prime would dust these
Next-gens especially Jackson storm in a real competition like the World Grand Prix!
dani Alfajri
this good
kev p
Jackson Storm is still a J-E-R-K!!!! D-:<
Paola Alfeiran
Every time you make a new movie, make a video of the emotions from Inside Out react to the trailer
The Wtf husky
0:34 to 0:55
wich song is it?
ET-R Gaming
Why can't they just give McQueen an engine swap or body job. It's just like plastic... and heart surgery.
Shedletsky ROBLOX
I'm so handsome in this movie
maggiegay soc
other cars crash
Tom Sharman
When your childhood comes back in 2017...
BEFORE: Light Hearted in cars 1.
paula ugaddan
Tiger's Toy Bag
Cars 3 is going to be good, we can't wait!
Luis Gontes Jr.
Did you notice the crash sequence with the voiceover of "You can't turn back the clock" was in reverse
dark nett
Look at all those toys they'er gonna sell
I love you Lightning McQueen!
Emiliano Garcia Solis
who thinks that doc Hudson says get ready for what's coming. more speed more horse power. more of everything.
Valent R.S
mcqueen looks like hudson,got a very bad injuries :v
steven David
los dos Ramirez
hey I saw that
J.C. Reef
Why this Movie is Rating G because is supposed to be rating PG !
Walter Schivo
It's Mr. T vs. Rocky Balboa in this movie! Watch out for Clubber no. 95!
Calvin Laudrensio
They should've casted Jeremy Clarkson, because... SPEED AND POWAA
Eduardo Mousse Idemicio
Nossa o Todd Marcus ainda nem se aposentou
Izhaar Hoque
Cars 3
suma sebaben
Thebroman548 Gamer
Owen Wilson is 48 not that old :)
Irma Seleniene
nice !!!!!!!!!
Nelson Griggs
When you're a 20 year old man and happier for a new cars movie than cod. I'll be in there with all the kids no shame lol
Anybody got goosebumps when Jackson storm was going sonic speed at 0:29 o.o
Mcqueen better get an upgrade to be as cool as that other guy or else i swear to god this movie would suck he better look just as cool as the other dude
Tasrik Hasan
1:21 why do I feel like they are calling my name 🤔
Specklestar -Dawnfire- //SS Dawnfire
Holy heck they added Chuck Norris in this
Bruce Spitfire
This raises so many questions. Now I don't know about NASCAR but I do know about formula 1 and the rules and regulations involved. Is there rules in NASCAR like, the amount of horsepower in the car? The height of the car? The width of the tires? Etc.? Because wouldn't storm be illegal and basically unfair for the rest of the cars? Just me?
Sanket Desai
I don't know what everyone thinks but this is gonna shatter the fate of furious record of this year for biggest opening
Josaan Moreno
for some reason the beginning makes me think of a five night at freddy trailer for some reason.. xD
Sensei Kush
anyone knows the music from 0:33 ?
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