Cars 3 “Next Generation” Extended Look

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The Next Generation is coming. #Cars3

Copyright: (C) Disney/Pixar

Eduardo Mousse Idemicio
Nossa o Todd Marcus ainda nem se aposentou
Izhaar Hoque
Cars 3
suma sebaben
Thebroman548 Gamer
Owen Wilson is 48 not that old :)
Irma Seleniene
nice !!!!!!!!!
Nelson Griggs
When you're a 20 year old man and happier for a new cars movie than cod. I'll be in there with all the kids no shame lol
Anybody got goosebumps when Jackson storm was going sonic speed at 0:29 o.o
Chad _Playz_Minecraft
Mcqueen better get an upgrade to be as cool as that other guy or else i swear to god this movie would suck he better look just as cool as the other dude
Tasrik Hasan
1:21 why do I feel like they are calling my name 🤔
Specklestar -Dawnfire- //SS Dawnfire
Holy heck they added Chuck Norris in this
Bruce Spitfire
This raises so many questions. Now I don't know about NASCAR but I do know about formula 1 and the rules and regulations involved. Is there rules in NASCAR like, the amount of horsepower in the car? The height of the car? The width of the tires? Etc.? Because wouldn't storm be illegal and basically unfair for the rest of the cars? Just me?
Sanket Desai
I don't know what everyone thinks but this is gonna shatter the fate of furious record of this year for biggest opening
Josaan Moreno
for some reason the beginning makes me think of a five night at freddy trailer for some reason.. xD
Edward Kenway
anyone knows the music from 0:33 ?
Ladenwarrior306 Ladenwarrior306
What is the name of the song
Daniel Robertson
looks like a cross between "Rocky 3+4"
What is the music ahhh I need it!!
Gokulkrishna GK
anyone got that background music..?
Diego El Cholo Simeone
Cars 4 will feature him
Why won't lighting cheat by using super charge or nitrous
Origyn // Migzz
When McQueen crashed. I hope they'll replace it to Hennessey Venom GT.
Outlaw Vision
i think for cars 4 there should be street racing or something like that
Vidja Vlogs 92
Lighting, Lighting, Lighting!
Edgar Zubakin
somebody knows where to get that 1000 rpm spinner thing, nobody has it at my school
Show Press
0:15 ¿Dinoco? thats was looked in toy story and is a reference of a good dinosaure
Daniel Velasco
How many likes can this apple get ? 🍎
Ian D
I'm pretty sure Pixar lowered the intensity of the crash scene for the sake of the child fans of Cars. From what I've heard, they were terrified when they saw the first version of crash.
surada manisha
its like the movie of flash and zoom but here they are cars!!!!!!!😂😂😂
Adam David
Jackson Dayee
Wow, Disney is really going all out now. I feel for DreamWorks.
Why don't they just transfer Mcqueens consciousness into a paganism zonda or a Hennessy venom gt
Avsfan9601 Go Avs Go
Storm is like Logano
Marginal gains is what's up
Big Dee
is that the GTR
Honestly if I could just get the name of the song that begins @ 0:34 I would be so happy :'(
Braden Shaw
Not sure how an animated trailer about talking cars is getting me so lit but it's happening. Could just be all the energy drinks and lack of sleep but I'm going with it
shits like nascar hell yea
theGiantMidget 2000
Pixar AND disney lol
This is the Deathly hallows of Cars
Power Brothers
This looks like the best cars movie yet!!
messi pollo
mater will beat everyone in a race
An OutdoorsMan
Bet storm can't jump off a car flipped upside down like McQueen did in the first movie
the girl sounded like the girl from subnatica like if u agree
Jeremy Trolinger
i mean lightening always comes before the storm
The M4st3r Gaming
if this were from a human perspective someone would have gotten a cramp and ran into a wall in the crash scene
can you tell me about music that are usiung in this trailer?
An apology for ever thinking of making a car, a spy...
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