Gummy Food vs. Real Food Gross Food Challenge

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Kaycee & Rachel finally did the challenge "Gummy food vs. real food" after so many requests!  So, now here it is! Hope you enjoy this challenge and tell us what is the yuckiest food in this video! Have fun watching!

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WHAT'S IN THE BOX CHALLENGE Kaycee & Rachel in Wonderland
Nusrat Bhatti
younger one is soooooooo cute❤
Linda Yu
Linda Yu
1 2 3 Bad Baby cartoon New
Kaycee and Rachel please do the eat or wear it challenge
Marry Kyi
i mean gummy vs real food 2
tabassum umar
and i don't like the real food of these girls yuck :/
tabassum umar
yuck stupid what are you eating see the little girl real food yuck
Janine Alviar
Kaycee and Rachael do gummy worms vs gummy bears
diana Lucban
eww. rachel l.
Sapna Aadya
do the pizza challenge
Diniana Frinda
eva limas
Are you Indonesia?
Melanie Cajas
Rachle is so brave cause she ate all the bad ones
ricky de dios
pizza challenge
Harsha Raisa
the egg isnt a gummy
Gerardo Lizano
you guy's suck don't sing anymore there so cringey
Casey Belcena
wear do you
live 🏠🏡
susana sepulveda
rence gil
hi. first time viewer. cool videos. but the mom's voice is annoying as hell. she sound like a chipmunk. and I cringe every time she laughs
Jydme Melody
estuvo chistoso
Joy Macaraig
Azhlea Rosalada
rachel was so brave when she's eating a gross food!!!!♥♥♥♥
Matthew Napitupulu
where are you from
Mary Vang
OMG the big sister is asking like a baby
sehal sajid
this is Haram richel
Mary Vang
omg the little girl is so cute my favorite part is when she eats the crab it's funny and cute
Abby Paquette
She is so cute😂🙃
Kaya Burkett
Rachel is the most cutest girl in the world💙❤️💖
IzzyWizzy xx
rachel is so adorable x
Diablo Gaming
Rachel has gone hyper
ari medrano
ana ortega
amén hermano
sofia kate valenzuela
i like rachel is so cuteeee
Comfort Afrifah
Bum v. C.
real fennakin
real vs gummy i dont think the kinder egg is gummy
gery oreta
i like rachels attitude.. hindi xa madamot.. :)
Rima Brahma
kacey talks so well
Ike the tae tae tae
Mey Jing
Mariyah Soffiya
they are one noise children
สุภาวดี ลีรักษ์ mpk
Allan san antonio
ice cream challeng
Merniel Harvey Hilado
I love your video kaycee and Rachel wow your family all complete
sala ka lado
fuck you two girls read this comment fffffffffffffff $$$$$$$$$##########kkkkkk mother fucker you two bitch suck my dick espically the small kid
Noemi Zp
her baby sister is ugle anoying😣
Yasmina Baddar Emran
Rachel is brave
Arjun Thapa
Hi kaycee and rachel i love your vedio
Kawaii Kitties Meow!
ari medrano
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