Gary Lewis
you can fold a paper 8 times. use a roll of toilet paper. un roll it completly fold in half 2 layers then again for 4 8 16 32 64 128 for 256 = 2^8
Dullah Yu
Shilpa Modhiya
The last trick i try but that is impossible
Balkarratol Ratol
time west😝
Dou DiySters
If u cut a morphious strip into thirds it's so much cooler
Руслан Носик
Ziggy Craft
For some reason this song makes me feel nostalgic...
speed O music
Joyce 16
5.56 is @meisjedjamila
Elsa Arendell
Last 3d paper link plsss....😄
kul laxmi
The last one was quite amazing!!!!??
Jack Colombo
Number 7 is a lie. Mythbusters baby
Naruto Uzamaki
U suck
Simon Barnsley
It's called a Mobius Strip.
Malab Atassi
25m viewers! how much people are bored?
Vaibhav Shrma
Angelique Dela Cruz
THANK YOU!!!! the 1st one was a homework assignment and i couldnt figure it out tysm lol
#7 was busted by mythbusters, they reached 11
taraxshine x
Meisjedjamila gespot 😂
simon crewe
pile of wank
Meghali Tamuli
3 rd nmbr is cool
Anask Khan
Syed Rehan Hashmi
Morpheus strip is the legendary one
mahendra chaurasiya
Dharma Hnb
nice music
muhammad arshad
Be careful for the table at last trick
Subha Vembu
3rd is
First small
Another big,thus she can enter
rathwa sankalp
i watch but never make
Francinne Llamo
I can fold a piece of paper in 8 times
Pankaj jha
Naiiee Abiva
Mobius strip
Jitendra Kumar
or koi video
Hacker warm
That trick is fack i do but it can't done that 4 no and 9 trick i do they are fake
Shaheen Shaheen
amazing 😍😍😍
Ashu Ramgolam
girl show your belly you are sexyyy
Shahed Khan
Find 3
Adaja Kruyswijk
Sameer Mohd
#6 is calling wrong. Its not the Morpheus Strip. Its Möbius Strip.
(This has nothing to do with the Matrix)
Sorry. :-)
4:54 😯😵😵
Pranav Kolambkar
any1 remember Xavier perret!!!!
Azeem Khan
ادم محمد
You suck
Not many people know this but you can also write on paper I know when someone said that to me my mind was blown
demi Koning
Vandana Shukla
l like noise maker
Chintu Kumar
om Kumar
notice how every single one of these are from a different channel
Baroque Bastard
Queef Simulator 2:08
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