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Update: I misspoke, Steppenwolf says "No Kryptonian." As in single Kryptonian. With that still being said, we still stand by the Supergirl theory. Sorry for the mistake!
Dustin Melton
Or blue lanterns bc they resemble hope as well
Lison Andre
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The Affirmative Action League; The Yellow Menace, Ghetto Blaster, The Hasidic Faygala, Underwater Daughter, The Negroid Savage and Obama the Wonder Chimp
Poopoovagina Ass
Yeh that part isnt even in the movie ...
Michael Babb
It's Supergirl at the end that Alfred is talking to. She's also the one who puts superman in the ship's kriptonian regeneration chamber to revive him for the end battle.
Bare leg? How is that a bare leg ? It looks like blue and gold spandex. And how do you presume in man of steel that the pod belongs to Supergirl?
I would honestly be going crazy if it were Supergirl to the left, Superman in the middle, and green lantern to the right. I doubt they would do that but one could only hope.
Hal Horton
Maybe that green light under the ship is the Loknar.
We might just get to see Superman in the last seconds of the movie. Making us wish justice league 2 starts right after it. But they will make us drool for a year or so lol
Lion Man
I wonder which JL base we'll see...
vm brister
This is very interesting, DC is teasing this movie so well....I really think they're taking the bar Marvel's set more seriously in the previous "Wonder Woman" and this upcoming movie. "Justice League" feels like DC's decided "OK Marvel, Take This!"...This feels like it's going to be Really Special!
i already know who Alfred was talking to in that clip - the Cameraman. Let's hope he's not too late.
Dennis Bingham
Bare leg with lots of blue smeared on it? Or blue leg in a hologram. I vote #2
Eddie Storey
I am pretty sure the pod in the Kryptonian ship is not Kara Zor-El's pod. It had been in the ice for at least 18,000 years and it was a scout ship. Something else opened it, it wasn't Supergirl.
Steven Nodlehs
Two words - Martian Manhunter
Babi Lord Hammer Ishii
If superman returns it's gotta be with an awesome sonic boom.
Mats thesweboy
There is NO "Super-girl" at all, no fucking way. It IS "Super-MAN", do you OWN movies women!!! And that's that!
Keep building on "Wonder woman", "Cat woman", "Black widow" and stuff like that! Do NOT re-do all the male-movie-character's, for fuck sake.... That's so discriminating of you!
AK-40Singer& Blastoise98
You know Darkseid was made before Thanos right
Dr. Venture
really over thinking it.......
Sean McClure
I will be back for the review because even if this is Batman v. Superman awful it will assuredly get a glowing review. I love Justice League related stuff so let's hope it lives up to the expectations and Zack Snyder learned from his mistakes.
Jason McCabe
Darkside predates Thanos. Even Stan Lee has said that he was Marvel's version of Darkside.
party creatures
In the metropolis you can see the police borders that go around superman's memorial.
Janies Robinson
Some of ya'll DC fanboys need to chill the fuck out with the whole Marvel steals characters from DC bullshit. Each characters have their own unique story, so stop being a bunch of fake dumb ass comic lovers and enjoy the fucking movies and comics! Both Universes are pretty fucking LIT!
anthony barlow
ITS gonna be funny when your ideas are wrong
Steven Clark
I kinda wanna see the lantern corps send Abin Sur. Maybe that doesn't go so well.
Paul Eckert
I think supergirl is gonna be the one to put Cal in the regeneration chamber. He is gonna tell Bruce and thats why he is studying just who the hell is this chick and if she is really Kryptonian. Just a theory.
Saeed Khan
I think it's Jon Stewart making a come back!
Jordy Verrill
Aquaman and Mera have super dense skin, muscles, and bones. They can't fly, but in the comics they can jump reaaalllllyy high.
Handiman Jay
Also says "No latern"
I think some of the things you mentioned were right but I think a lot of it was long. If you have checked out other trailers you'll see that the island that Wonder Woman comes from and the atlanteans were the ones who joined forces to originally chase away Steppenwolf in the parademons when they came to attack Earth a long time ago. That's probably where the footage from the island comes from it's more of a flashback then what is happening this time in this movie. From what I understand from other videos I watched that momoa's character isn't actually the king of Atlantis until at the end of the Aquaman movie. He doesn't assume that role until the towards the end of the movie and that up until then he's pretty hateful of the atlanteans for whatever reason. So depending on when that movie takes place in the timeline compared to this Aquaman may not be the king of Atlantis. Something you didn't mention that you could have is that they changed the roles of Steppenwolf and Darkseid. In the comics Steppenwolf was darkseid's Uncle, but in the movie it's going to be the other way around. I don't know if Green Lantern's going to be in there or even Supergirl, but from what I understand that seeing that you showed with the four members and what you think of them looking up at Superman may not be that. It could just be someone on steps higher up coming down like Batman or it could be after Batman revive Superman using the Kryptonian technology in conjunction with a box and it revives Superman and then for a while there he's not evil, but maybe just a little confused and then lashes out at the four of them there or at least until he regains his senses and remembers who he was and what he is. I don't know if that's just spitballing but it seems like it would make more sense. I just don't think they're going to go on with a full-on evil Superman for this movie, it may just be like a really shorten period where he was confused after coming back from that temporary quasi death state. Man getting up really high could be explained in a different trailer where it looks like cyborg may have either like thrown him up higher or caught him when he was falling and then maybe even the flash help give him a little boost with a push or something and then he's actually like riding one of the parademons down as he's clobbering them. I think that's what I saw in a different trailer or at least that's what it appeared like hell is happening. Anyway keep up the video commentary I like your possible thoughts for what could be happening although I do think this movie is going to suck. They did a great job with Wonder Woman, but I just think for some reason DC is going to go back to the ruining a good thing like what they did with Suicide Squad
Samantha Cosgrove O'Doherty
its not supergirl its shazam
Chris Wilson
For the record. It's pronounced "versus " not verse. Versus meaning to go against. Verse as in a verse from a song
Neiseituo Sharma
Man if you are wrong
it's martian manhunter
Probably the reason why Superman was out of town... He went and fetch Green Lantern.
Adam Hawk
No jiu jitsu allowed.
Flava in ya ear
I hope not.
SUPERGIRL?! She better be in this film!!!!
okay but why is aquamans trident pointing doen?
Steven McClure
I beleive Superman will not appear to the second movie. I believe it will be Spergirl and Green Lantern.
Timothy Cullen
Is it possible The Martian Manhunter could be who alfred is talking to?
ekpere omenuko
i'm betting on martian manhunter to be the 7th
Edward Matos
We all know Supermans cape is down to his ankles. The holographic image Bruce is looking at has a flowing cape above the calves which is Supergirl. I'm convinced of this
Apocalyptic red skies are such a well-worn trope, you can hardly walk without tripping over an example. So... not an homage or reference to anything.
Aeric Vaughn
I hope it's an alien Green Lantern that shows up. that way they could kill this Green Lantern off and that ring would go to Hal Jordan or John Stewart for a stand-alone Alone movie later down the road
I like how the stock pic of Steppenwolf has a dead Wonder Woman on the side of the frame.
Still unsure why they decided to add Cyborg so early and instead of Green Lantern. I always thought of Cyborg as a Titan. Hmn. Also, if they didn't add him in, they could have made Cyberion, then have Cyborg join in the next JL movie. Oh well. I don't write this stuff.
The Affirmative Action League;
The Red Menace. Ghetto Blaster, The Hasidic Faygala Coprophagia Rex, Rainbow Skittles and Obama the Wonder Chimp
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