How is it Made: The Sublime Mercedes-Benz C-Class - Extreme Factory Production Line

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Video filmed inside a Mercedes-Benz factory and showing how the the Mercedes-Benz C-Class is made.

The Mercedes-Benz C - Class is a passenger car of the Mid-size car segment produced by the German manufacturer Mercedes-Benz since 1993. It is the successor to the Mercedes-Benz 190.

Video credit: Dailmer AG
Sector of activity: automobile manufacturer

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So this is why I can't find a job in car factory companies, because most of the jobs are taken by robots? Fuck me sideways!
Yellow Goggles
Cool video but damn.. Not one minority the entire time .
Abdul Rehman Mahar
ferdi antonio
Aaron Roy
I didn't realize that weirdo was touching up on my benzo like that. I want a refund.
I want one now.
MiroN ApS
I like this
EyE aM wAt ChInG U
I've been to the Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. Amazing place to visit.
rey van
Souvik Mondal
Soundwave are u there ??
Gaspard Henry
attention research until hunt key reference modest proper victory.
javier Ibarra
nissan looks like hell (plant nissan aguascalientes , mexico)
how tha hell do i always get a run on that damn clear coat!! shet and damn fisheye too damn gotta give it up to this robots
Muhammad Noman ssk
Human skills unbelievable amazing
jason talay
damn Germans in my eyes u r the one leader of what purpose of human on this earth
made in German needed question ask.
God Bless
Everyone of those guys must own one of these cars.
All of you who are talking about buying new car now you see that all car are use for your not the first one who drive it. DWL. 😂 😂 😂 👆
Asalgado Multimedia
Salvaje comentario en español aparece.
Fazal Karim
Germany is brilliant
Novicco Ramos
good job
Carlos Alves
perfeito isto e trabalhar por musica
sweet ali
wow awesome
setia hasmi
kerenn cat langsung pernis
Irving G.
I want to be the emblem guy. such satisfaction on a job well done.
Jens Gustafsson
robot Will soon replace human Forever
9:12 :)
how do they do if nature called while working ??
Michael Robert
Imagine how cheap Benz will be now that robots do all the work!!! 😂
I'll take all of them go ahead and drop them off at my house thanks!!!
Moscha Hotel
Soon the machines will do all the jobs

All hail teh machine overlords
Brucifer Guf
The perfect number of Mercedes painting employees - zero.
Denise D
Wow this is fuckn amazing
Prasanna prasad
give me just one car . Just one will do
Wesley Holbrook
Wesley Holbrook
this isnt even that good of a car
all this time I thought they were made out of empty beer cans and banana peels...euroturds.
Kaloyan Bankov
wow production lines are the worst even a high end like this one. I just finished watching Charlie Chaplin - Modern Times...
Yatin Alkatiri
In my country, if you drive a Mercedes, even the old junk and low series of it, people's judge you a rich man...
Niki Prasetyo
kapan bisa beli mobil itu...
i wouldnt mind the hood emblem guys job
Fuck the C class. S63 AMG is the way to go
Liberty or Death
Boy just look at all those PEOPLE working their butts off. What a crowded factory of employees you have. Welcome to the future if human employment.
Misa Buruiana
Kahri Rhodes
Which factory is this?
so lord wont you buy me a Mercedes-Benz
aaron crawley
I don't have a phone tho
Ali 1002jj
nice,I like working at Mercedes company
Kaydeen Williams
bubbly 3:15
Ghulam Mustafa
hi, friends i wants join job in mercedes-benz
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