Kimyhatta Pankey
Nerissa Martinez
she's so cute
Nathan Anderson
I can't even draw that, she's do good
Lau Lavinia
Delilah has pretty talent about drawing
I tattooed my dad when I was 3, not really I just drew it with a pen and he went over it with ink, he loves it to death.
Yvonne Fuentes
Elizabeth Rilea
My mom tattooed one of my pictures I drew when I was two
Olivia Muller
Aww I think it was ssoooooo extremely cute that the little girl drank apple juice!!!!! ( I would have written her name but I didn't know how to spell it!!!!!! Sorry!!)😂😂
Daihana Santana
foxs r mine
Lexi Claus
Everyone's like why would she let her 7 yea old draw a tattoo for her and I'm just wondering why this 7 year old is so much better a drawing then me 😂
Ïtżėł Hërñåñdëż
She draws better than me when I was 7
Arctic Rose
I really want to know what the actual color of her dress is lol
Sara sarc
Look at the woman's dress at 5:20 and 5:25 why the hell does it keep changing color??
Imagine her doing it again but 10 years later
Elaine Yi
I think this is super cute! Why do people think this is bad? It seems like the tattoo would be really special to her mom because her daughter drew it for her ❤️
Cookieface :3
Damnnnnn that little girl draws WAY better then me XD XD XD
Katelyn Palmer
when I was 7 I so could not draw so good
Amanda Robertson
my name is delilah
Green Eyes
My baby girl is named Delilah. She's 3 months old and a fiesty red head lol. I love this and when my baby girl gets older I'm going to let her do the same. This is very special and sweet.
500 subscribers no videos morgan
plot twist:she was adopted
Sea Cruiser Rachel
That 7 year old has drawing talents omg!
Roblox Girl9010
My ad was A tattoo add
Who else skipped the whole vid to see how it came out?
Constança Páris
that 7 year old girl draws better than my 17 year old self! love the idea
Sophie Hicks
Rach h
Juliana Blackthorn
I've designed loads of tattoos for my mum; she said if one of them stands out she'll get it. One year of continuous drawing has lead to nothing.
Noseyfoil 555
she has better drawing skill than me
Susan Wendell
A 7 year old is a better artist then me 😂
Minecraft Gurl
My name is Delilah
Caitlin Koi
It's amazing, not all of Buzzfeed's videos are bad. This was adorable. The fact that the drawing is technically bad is the point, the girl is 7 it's the most personal tattoo possible. That's gonna be a hell of a conversation piece as well.
Mia Paz
I don't think my mom would even trust me to tattoo her right now but ok
Victoria Tutorialz
The sinister look in the thumbnail 😂
Elise Dancer
2:16 Dee's feet are completely black!
OmegaFoxyPlayz 2.0
Two sisters doing candy videos
OmegaFoxyPlayz 2.0
Isn't this girl from candy something show
galexy star
ok people is it just me or do you think that the 7 years olds drawing is insanely good
/ ETazz24 \
She draws better than me
Fihron_ Angel
I just started watching and she can draw so much better than me😭
Nala Smith
That's a beautiful bonding experience.
This is 10/10, that little girl is gonna grow up to be so smart and the tattoo artist was digging letting the little girl hold the gun and take part! :D
why does her dress keep changing colour
Charleigh Crump
Did anybody else notice how good the drawing was for a 7 year old
"Dee" is such an amazing artist
Someday when I have kids I'm absolutely going to let them draw tattoos for me
fire chick
the lady with the orange dress was very pretty
Leslie Torres
She draws better than me
princesslq LQ
Me: Mom can i do your tattoo? :D
Mom: Hell no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: O.o
She is good at drawing :0 I'm proud of her
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