Unseen video from The Shield's return: Exclusive, Oct. 11, 2017

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Relive the reunion of The Hounds of Justice from a whole new perspective.
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Sayonee Suman
jeffrin n
I m happier than ever..but maybe roman will betray!
XDmaster 2.0
The shield reunited on my birthday and I’m so happy it was one of the best birthdays of my life
Martez Govan
Well they are back but not for long ...I hope they would stay together but mostly like not !
I feel thAt roman is gonna betray the shield
Abhijeet Veeranki
90’s Kane would have tossed them like trash!
قناة شيلات مصارعه خطيره
ذاشيلد 2018 اجلدو يا جلادين
I think they are referring to 2:04
Shupto 72
I can not believe I will see my best moments from The Shield.Reigns spearing through barricades...Triple Powerbombs...Total beatdown on mic by Dean....and....Flying Rollins.
Norita Augustine
The greatest team whole the time.. the 3 of them is the future of WWE.. long live the shields....😎
Jeff Caceres
Was that CM Punk passing by at the last part?
now give them their old attires and music
Get back in the armoury now boys 🤜👊🤛
Family O'Curneen
The best tag-team is back
O.L.Y Animationz
thats how i lick an ice cream at 1:40
Phúc Nguyên Dương Lê
Wassup with the weird music
Mason gaming 6667
Shield 😐😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😱😱😨😨😨✌🏻✌🏻
Jeff Dyl
The shield is here
Aqeel Shah
The shield is back I like
Leno Sangma
Shield is the Merichale
P. N.
I hope this is not just for 1or 2 matches cause I really wanna see shield vs sanity
jaden mith
Azuri Axe
Oh...and you peeps, I guess you can say, BELIEVE THAT
2:00 Hey you see Finn Balor
Brooke Sanchez
I cried when they came back IM SO HAPPY!!!🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Azim Ali
It says unseen footage but I already seen all of it lol
E.K. Muhdi
Wyatt family vs the sheild
Azhar Khan
Nice Fabulous
Illuminati Comfirmed. This video's got 666 dislikes 😱
Metal Hammer
Who the hell is the man in the end ????
Barbara Ellis
I know I won't be watching Smackdown if in fact HHH is put in charge.
Elias Sins
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BG Proto
Pls the shiled euro
Subscribe to dancing
Yes Best Team 🔥🔨
Telly Vin-a
why does this look like one of those sports documentaries 😄
Alan Leggin
Michael!!! Don't call the "Triple Powerbomb" the "Shield Bomb".
Naresh gunner hitman
352 dislikes from roman regins haters😂😂
That is a real OMG
it time to go to work!
Lenna Jevtinoski
Wth is a shield bomb 😂 ITS THE TRIPLE POWERBOMB 😂
The Wheelchair Ninja
why did Roman Reigns shake his head for? That I don't get
The is back belive that Roman rains seth rollings and Dean ambrose
Abdelmalik Akatal
This dream match shield Vs nwo
Something's off.......Roman is not feeling it at all, Dean is too damn excited and Seth is just Seth.
I personally hope Roman turns on them and finally make that long overdue heel run.
Shieldis great
Gio Talabadze
spear tv wwe
The destruction begins again
Arun Kamble
shield Rocks
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