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Ayla, you're done.

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I’m a 22 year old kid living in Hollywood. I make comedy vids, travel a lot, and I have a pretty colorful parrot named Maverick. This is my life.

Benjamin QUACH
Tomy Bevi98
I mean what i hear on the video is %50 "Kong" and the other %50 "Literally" lmao
panda gaming
lol that white dog
Rachel Key
I'm getting.....

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Emily 23
he posted this on my birthday
Kianna Sanon
Poor Ayla 😯😢
Kianna Sanon
Jace Duckworth
Make it a white tiger
Jay Ayala
LEDs in your yeti😎🤑💩
Josh Olivas
If they did this to Lydia omg
Darius Huggins
Why did ayla lose your dog kong
Emely Rose
Sleep on it
shark 4020
Think if she lost kong in real what will logan do
Chrystal Thompson
Put a maverick somble
Wyatt Machowski
Bruce Stone
screw dat ad "Kong" who notsed it?
Carlos Garcia
Fuck alya
Samara Mousseau
i am logans kid
Gabriel Cruz
Ayla + Logan= Evan
Samantha Walt
Logan...dude...that was funny but...not cool. Tone it down bit, that was mean.
Fuzzy Lantern
Did kong actully get sold i just wanna ask u
Jack Sparrow
i think thts the reasons Why she quit!!! i miss her as well
Dan Phillips
Poor ayla
Savage Lemon Pie
Don’t click ‘read more’

Admit it, you thought I was one of these guys who make a game out of saying “don’t click this” or “don’t click that” and you end up in a comment that says you won.

Well played.
Clarissa Lee
Bayla!! Have a great day!!
Erica Greene
I am going to unsubscribe. Rude
She fucking cried man
Sillyjill 12
You are mean to Ayla she wouldn’t have quit if you just stopped throwing plates.
Jodie Flintoff
When Evan came in with long I didn’t even realise he had it.
Amari Grant
Logan quick question need an answer who tf it mike buttski on butthead street
Darrius Williams
You're so nice
Cross Sans
Your yetty needs your eagle simble thing on top
Melenie Ngep
wait i when i was sick i looked oit the window and saw a dog that LOOKED LIKE KONG!!???!
DizzyMilkandcookies Gammer
awwww why you got to mess with Ayla? YOUR THE BAD AMIGO!!!! XD
Kelly Davila
Evan Reed
Logan you should put spikes on the wheels like the cool bus
LaTisha Williams
Paint your car gold and pick the bird on top of it and paint logo on it
Idubz8 boi
You should put a maverick vinyl on the hood of the car
Brooklyn Mann
Put the maverick bird on both sides of your yeti and on the back of your yeti put be a Maverick on it
Michael Marshall
How come Kong doe not have any merch
Michael Marshall
Logan u stand out more than the car
Super Awesome Girl
Poor Ayla also sorry if I spelled your name wrong
Ellie Flores
This video was the reason I subscribed
Alfredo vazquez
Cool you prank her
Tiffany Lawson
Put the maverick mearch on the yety.
Dennis Laur
You should make maverick leashes!🐾🐕🐩🕊
Elina Söderström
customize a Maverick on the yeti
رفا البرازي
What did you do that so sad 😢😔👎🏻 I don’t want to lack👎🏻
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