Three-Point Challenge with Kevin Hart

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Kevin Hart’s basketball skills are put to the test as he attempts to shoot a three-point shot to win a prize for everyone in our studio audience. #Kimmel #GameNight #NBAFinals

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Three-Point Challenge with Kevin Hart

Angela Narkin
Lebron = Kevin hart because they both are 4x mvps lol
Lol he probably dosent have that wedding ring no more
Jonathan C
Jimmy Kimmel is the master at speaking until he is out of breath.
Tony Rojas
So I guess we now know who should have taken that half court shot during All Star weekend.
Camour Addison
I want a fidget spinner I live at roxann rd 7127
Advait Natti
I could do that
M Awks
I love this guy! Kevin has really made the world a better place ❤
Tyler Rogers
i was like omg
DK 124
9 year old boys hit three pointers all the time. This fool does it and the crowd goes wild. Wave a fit bit in ur audience face and they damn near soak their panties. No wonder most celebrities are democratic. 😂
Infinity Mixtapes
Why the ball look so big? Is he really that small lmaoo
Pirate Productions
should have told him to dunk it instead lol
Marcus Lee
Great job Kevin! You didn't give everyone stupid fidgit spinners -_-
Ezequiel Guy
Real Baller, Not the Balls.
Flex Flux
4 mvp
Ty Williams
"There it is"
-Kevin "3-point Droppa" Hart
The JaGGeDGaM3r
" Do you wanna warm up? No I don't"lmao
David Cartagena
iam lylemark
4 TIME MVP !!!
Alright, wtf does an onion look like in his hands.
Najee Watson
damn wet like water 💦💦💦
Seann Webb
that basketball is bigger then him
Frank DeSan
need the Kevin Hart jumpshot in 2k
the ball is almost as big as him 😂😂
Moti B
Autistic kids in the crowd- "PLEEEEEAAAASSSEEEEE MISS IT"
Double-Chalupa Sam
HART FOR 3.... BANG!!!
am I the only one who would prefer the fidget spinner?
The ball looks bigger than him
David Taylor
Many people don't know Kevin hart and Nate Robinson are the same person
slim shady
Fidget spinners.. wot lol
Doesn't the basket need to be backed up more??
Eric Irving
autistic kid in the audience: "PLS MISS"
LeGOAT James
he beat draymond in a 3-point contest
Nathan Masters
All jokes aside he's actually good at basketball
I rather him miss
Wet Bron bron
Not gonna lie but his shot is kinda nice
Su Amigo El Ilegal
this is beginning to see racisms. always Kevin
glad to come to the comments and see that I'm not the only one thinking the ball looked massive lmao
Nick L
The one 11yr old in the crowd was mad kevin made the shot
Ronald McDonald
If steph curry was there u knew u were going to get a Fitbit can't say the same for lebron
sicktown Raider
Royce Machado
Everyone I see Kevin Hart he always on Conan
Ted Davies
I would rather have the fidget spinner
M 21
what a shooter. ahaha
the ball bigger than kevin
JTD Abraham
ball looks giant in his hands
Almost positive he stepped over the line
Mc Bill
Zac_ H44
Of course he made it he was an all star game MVP
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