TheOdd1sOut but Every time he says "i" The quality drops.


*cough, egocentric, cough* JK lol.

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TheOdd1sOut video:

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Lol, Theodd1sout says i alot!

this is art
Allstar Evil
Watch in 240p
Theamazingnater *Roblox Tutorials, and much more!*
(2:17) insert tetris joke here
Ozzie Productions
1:45 that shape on the right... IM DIRTY MINDED
AnimeisRulez Teriek Robinson
Theodd1sout but everytime he says CarlSegan42 It Gets Faster
Bentley Corona
It is night time and? I live in the Northern Hemisphere. So if I go outside I'll freeze.
Mike Sweeteck
Better in 144 hp
Handsaw [ESK]
Minecraft 2 confirmedddddd!!!1!1!1!!1!1!1!1!11!1!!1!!1
Foxie VlogsTutorials
Emmah Pop
aaahh the end is sooo bad
BonziBuddy 475
theodd1sout sucks he's a bitch
Tonybunny - Minecraft and PvP
even tho the quality is drop but it still HD af
General Truth
the video got 36k likes while theodd1sout comment got 52k likes.
Banana AJ
I cant
Syrita Lee
I'm 9
name last name
I like this Minecraft time lapse video
poke expert
Andy Moncada
He says "i" to much
Dean Records
I know people probably wont care but can you check out my newest video and leave a comment or something? I worked very hard on it and would greatly appreciate it :)
The beast gamer 09072016
0:14 rip computer
The beast gamer 09072016
I could create this in minecraft I will call it animecraft trailer
The beast gamer 09072016
Why am i watching this
Theoddonesout isnt a cool meme
Philip The Pro
6,664 subs o.o
Savage potato
I'm 9
144p for best quality
Derpy Kidd
clickbait didn't say I was watching Minecraft 2 trailer
Paulyn Swift
I'm 9...
Please don't subscribe to me
Mom I think that my IPad is broken, the quality of the video is awful...
LeoTurtle Bacon
Rubikcubik Games
At like 2 mins in I can't even tell what is going on
#Beast Mode

Evil Ewok Boss
That's mr😅
toxic Snake
it works
toxic Snake
I like sports and unlike stuff and i...
Jenthe D'Hulster
Now i know how Minecraft was invented
Tom Headen
Watch this in 4k
Kate Vogel
I'm a ambervort
C. M.
This looks like minecraft decoration pictures.
Nigger faggot
and there you go changing your quailty to 144
Micheal Junior
Its -14p
Minecraftpexboxpcexpert 88
"It's the best comic ever" I died
Z Alsup
By about halfway through the video it looks like one of those pixelated censorships that YouTubers use.
I watched this video outside
DuploeGaming 1504
dis boi above me got his video cut off
enderbrineskull tv34
did james know that 8 year olds are in 3rd grade
Jeffrey Nguyen
wow isn't tetris fun?
Imelda Garcia
This is content stealing but worse dislike and unsub and sub and like oddone
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