TheOdd1sOut but Every time he says "i" The quality drops.


*cough, egocentric, cough* JK lol.

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TheOdd1sOut video:

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Lol, Theodd1sout says i alot!

this is art
Lautaro Robledo
Can Someone Tell Me The Name Of The Video
Braith Templeton
lol grafs are crap
TGs Trains Vlogs
TheAlolan Luxray
it turned into an Atari
fudge dat
its night time ...
Shawn Febry
terraria lmao
sky delos santos
gaming with Joe //mcpe and mcpc
that mean i am suck at making friend
NinjaGI Gamer
Boy all the pixels are great
Spirit Wolf
😦😮😑😶😭 I love to play with other kids I can't jaunt watch this video without ppl I mean this video ha ha h..... wait..... I ant no introvert I love to play out side and with other people but when I can't go our side (when it gets late) I got on the internet (!THIS IS NOT A HATE COMMENT!)
you should have reduced audio quality too
Galaxy Cool Dude
dank videos and more
watch on 144p
how to compress videos to a sega genesis REAL!!
I'm only watching youtube because it's 11pm where I live and it's cold AF
What the actual fuck
goku son
but it's night time 😐
This proves how much he says "I".
TidalWave254 •.
I'm definitely an introvert
Eh Eh
James you think you're so smart... you put "James's Clubhouse" it's James' Clubhouse😑🙄
A Can Of Soup
I've reached gameboy advanced graphics at this point of the video 0:34
hugo tornel
i am introverse and i like it
I'm not outside because it's 10:00
look hard at 0:13
Omarion S
it is night time
144p=best quality 2017
Isaiah Williams
lol im out side with my sis and watching this so...
1 pixel
Dude Bro
Yo this minecraft 2 trailer is sick!
Clorox Bleach Lemon
I'm a special kind of bleach
xXBritt Ze SavageXx
I got a hooked ad, about a carnival shutting down...brb as I install that
Rana akhtar
look at your subscribers TheOdds1Out has +2000000
Alladin Fawakhiri
2:35 meanwhile the quality of my porn vids
VbgVbg 113
Large Pixels and squares...
Nyan Scout
When the quality drops so much it looks like a bunch of pixels
Max Heff
WTF is haping
The Monoat
why are they censoring porn?
Kitty Cat
im an introvert
the gaming noob
I'm an inchavert
London Jace
I'm watching this outside lol
Neil Rigsbee
At least the audio quality doesn't drop
The quality dropped when he said I'm and it he also made the quality drop
AtomicGummyGod aka sapphire_potato777
Joe Hall
AnimalFriends World
It looks HORRIBLE not meaning the sound
Danial The Skeleton
I went to HD quality and this isn't changing! THIS QUALITY IS UNSTOPPABLE!
Nicholas Martin
ummmmmmmmmmmmmm 10p video
Drake_ Gamer55
lol im actually 8
Gabby Laufer
I don't know if u ( James ) did this, or if this is a problem with someone else, the quality is blocky and looks glitchy.. I'm just saying.. I'm not trying to affend anyone...
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