Stranger and Pilgrim
I LOVE this video!! It's priceless!!! :)
Catira App
This was the beat thing thta happened in 2017
Nora AlMeida
People really need to put compassion a priority. He could have just said, ‘excuse me’, picked her up, and have her put without pulling her out like what happened. I understand that it was a sudden thing; but if compassion was a priority, then, the first reaction to be kind would become the norm.
Sondjivan Owens
The baby rolled in. I died 😂😂😂
The Arronode
It's ok bro, you can be a human being on tv if you want to
Rex Art
I like how he lays out his books on the bed
Dmitriy Kim
He is a professor in my univ. (PNU) and my department (Global Studies), I took a class from him btw
Vhiick Tore
Chinonyerem Proud2BIgbo
So, instead of raising his own children he pays a foreigner to do it while he and his wife get to go about their hobbies. Capitalism is the most scumbag ideology in the world! You have to pay for items that are free, you have people imposing their values on you, and you have to put up with hypocrites, psychopaths, idiots, racist, and bigots everyday! I guess a paper fiat makes up for all the aggravation? Why would any sane person work for someone else when they can use nature to create their own reality and wealth?
samuel juhn
the baby girl kept on saying in korean "why are you doing this mommy!? whhhyyy!!!" this is too funny!!! i just saw this!!! because when this happened i was in the rok army!!! lololol!!!
The slide 😂😂
Bubble Balooza
Lucas Silva
Fernanda Marques Fontana
Não gostei
Fernanda Marques Fontana
Fica mal tratando as criança👿
what type of diarrhea wife/family is this the most dramatic lactose diarrhea like bullsht
Apenas uma K-Trouxa
Mariana Ospina Pinzón
Perihan Gamze
Isn't it funny that BBC issued this on its own channel lol
Big Boss
The way she close the door 😂
Rachel Amaro
The first girl walked like Leonardo DiCaprio meme
Tero x
I can’t stop laughing my ass off, my parents are staring at me. I showed them this and they also can’t help laughing 🤣
Wht he discard baby???he should consider them 1st then next
A lexy
this reminds me of monsters inc.
The last bit 😂
Great One
Someone needs to make a gif of the girls walk in so we don't have to keep rewinding it
Deez Nuts
Where the hood, Where the hood, where the hood at
that asian lost her job
BTS Trasheu
The BTS version is better
David Johnson
I remember all of the racist Democraps thought the Asian woman was a maid... Democrats are so retarded
Andrew Berrocal
These children have no respect for their Dad trying to do his job. He should have taught them better.
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Christian Pizzirani
We turned this into a Halloween costume this year! Thank you to this awesome family for inspiration!
Maria Kelly
Marian Kelly is awesome!
I died laughing.
Thank you for the research material for our Halloween party entrance this year!
SaphRetuks ING
The mum's grand entrance made this all worthwhile. 😂
emma f
the wife came running in
K Grajales
I love this video so much!
They are in the korean family show! haha the kids are super cute <3
eric chang
Jay B
Didn’t even look at his kids? Piece of shit
The Girl From The Stars
His face at 0:26!
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