Jasmine Nguyen
That's Robert Kelly's wife, people. Get this fact drilled into your minds and stop being so ignorant. Just accept the fact that interracial marriage clearly exists.
S Brad
A million from 24 million views are mine. I can watch this video forever.
cherry bomb like markeu
this is from the return of superman right HAHAAHAHAHAHA IM LAUGHING SO HARD LMAO
Adriana Alejandra
That moment she just swag walk in' Yo dad, then came the littke one, me too, So Epic..cute
Fucking Purpose
Im just watching "superman " returns and someone on comment section mentioned bout this ... this is so cute , the mommy is actually funny but c'mon i'll do the same"
Eri Airlangga
Interviewed about Korea and his wife's a Korean
Random Tanker
Lol innocent children i think they wanna talk too
Lanky Gooner
Baby comes in like "am i live?!" 😂
Gary Crowder
When the second kid came in, I lost it! 8-D
Dilox et Giujin
go in my channel please im a debutant thanks ps im french
Marcya Lins Campos
Lol the mon run so fast to get them
Anthony Chopra
hahah. that was funny.
the VIP ARMY of EXO -L
Yena and Yeseob
Saksham Shrestha
This can never get boring
I can relate
Always make sure to close the door
that mom DIVED in there. lol
Jack Thomas
They became meme starts so young.
Vivi Siqueira
It's been months since this video but i still laugh quite hard at it
I love them 😭❤️❤️❤️ they're are so cute on superman returns
Chiicken Salt
It was already funny when the little girl walked in with all that swag but I absolutely lost it when the baby rolled on in

EDIT: ive watched this more than a 100 times
So funny!
Глеб Дени
Странный мужик. Родную дочь отпихнул. Да плевать что это прямой эфир. Повернулся бы, взял бы её на руки. Все мы были детьми, им это простить можно.
Blackfriars Superstar
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
James Du
i would wack them if I am the dad...............not the baby
عراقي والهيبة تسطر
towhare kohu
Omg he's on return of superman
#Dogs #AnimalAbuse
#BoycottKorea get a divorce !!
#Dogs #AnimalAbuse
omg so bad
Kawaii_ gal20
I'm laughing 😂
Lemel Covington
The first thing I was reminded of was that scene from Ironman 2 when young Tony Stark walked in on his dad Howard Stark when he was recording that video xD
Daniel Cevallos
It's kind of cool to see this... these people is human, after all. :D
Cute family....
Rafa Putra
I just don't understand why he don't lock the door?
shane fistell
A fresh scandal! Even the world map shudders and flaps.
Bloody useless nanny!
Kentley King Taggart
That was great
Artorias of the Abyss
Lmao the mom drifting into the room, just look at her feet when she enters..
kusanara keoto
the mom gliding like holy fuck
João Victor Castro
Matheus Games BR
30 Hora
sonhos de menina
vim pelo 10 cisas
It's not bad, I loved that so much ☺️
tlana EQ
Live life
Sardor Iskandar
so cute
I don't think that woman was his wife though, probably the maid.
Guardian Of The Divine Feminine
...Interview Agro...Baby DPS.. Spam Heal...
Katia Mirlach
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