history of japan

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Mom: So where are we going for our 2 week vacation?
Dad: I was thinking Spain or Germany, got any ideas?
Me: How about Sunrise Land?
Dad: Where?
Me: Japan. (facepalms)
Please make more!!!!!!
Specialized Music Study
Can you make more
Specialized Music Study
Like really amazing
Specialized Music Study
This is amazing
Azula Hatamari
Wow America is annoying
Samurai Music
Did somebody say "Hire a Samurai?"
Lord Beeris
That one moment when your high and you have to do an essay by tomorrow
Arıkan Celikok
USA: Knock, knock, it's the United States...
China: Hi, Dipshit !
dutch is selling, clocks, guns, and JESUS
James Henry Smith
This almost certainly never happened. The artifacts look too new, intricate, recently painted, well made, and faked to be real.

The Spanish and Portuguese artifacts look much higher quality and much better faked than others, but are still almost certainly fake.

The English artifacts are obvious fakes.

The French artifacts are a little less obvious, but still obvious fakes.

The artifacts are varying too widely. Some look older than others, when they should all be the same age. They are probably made by different fakers in different places around the world, some probably in China, while others in the USA or Japan.

The 1801 isolation document paper is still white while the supposed WW2 1945 end paper has turned yellow.

Some even seem to be made of plastic.
Sam Christy
Open the country. Stop having it be closed.
Walid A N
wow your video sooo awesome easy be understood and soo funny, so i can you make more video like this. i like your video, take my subscribe and my like!!
Jack Tee
well... just learned 5000 things i should've learned in ap world history
Controltale Sans
Korea : Japan you killed 6000~6600 of our ppl a long time ago
Francisco Becerra Jr.
This is fantastic. Please do more history videos.
So without WWII, we wouldn't have Honda, or Dragon Ball Z. It really makes the 11M+ people who died in the holocaust seem worth it.
Jon Teske
Do more of this. This was awesome.
rushan akmal
"hi dipshit"
hasko abdrg
most of this information is not true
1:16 I haven't laughed this hard all week
i used this on my japan test
Ztiv Steven
Liza Gitelman
My teacher showed me this so hi
Did anyone else get dem feels at the atomic bomb part
AlEggs BarJaJaz
you should do more countries
Mary Kraus
Fun Fact: Hitler has his famous mustache because he had to shave it to fit his helmet.
Anne Thames
Why does America throw the bomb to Japan? That must be terrifying for Japan...
need more history lessons please!!!
more videos please!! this makes history more enjoyable
"Then russia rushes in" I'm quite surprised they didnt rush B this time o.O
Best Combo
Tina ? Tina belcher ? is that you ?
Angel Heart [Monisit] Yu-Gi-Oh
"dude, dont replay"
"how bout I do, anyway"
I wish you did a bit more of these videos! it makes history so much more enjoyable and entertaining. this video helped me understand Gintama, amazing anime haha
Can you make more history videos with completely accurate info?? It would be awesome to be able to study by your awesome vids. :)
Ninja Emerald Potato
Best History Teacher
Hayley H
Make more of these!!
well. this video is great. but Japan did not Conquered korea in 1989. actually, Japan was conquered korea in 1910. and Korea was not owned by China. korea (The Empire of Korea) has declared neutrality before that. but Japan was Conquered korea Without permission.
Do a history of UK BREXIT EDITION.
Frei Francheise
Aiko Yamasaki
Man those are some cRaZy RiCe FaRmS
Make more of these please
murdoc niccals
Im convinced, this is the only reason i got a solid B+ on a test, from a section in history in school. Without this i would've failed.
Lya Chandler
Please make more vids like that!
japan's history should be exactly like this
Konan Kun
pause at 3:59 Donald Trump. like really nigga?
Papa Pyro
Wow Japan seems like a blast!
Mr.CoolGuy Mr.CoolGuy
I did nazi that coming
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