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Got myself really educated about physical activities in that class

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Yù Yī
I thought u killed him at first >~<
Ethan Som
person A falcon punched person B
Patrick Star
worst thing in gym:

Chase thompson
guys we must find out why that teacher was fired!!
_- _-
The beginning is racist
SilentNinja DJH
...Tmw you see Armin
Niko Kamisaki
Ha that one kid who is a snitch
Tifany Eldridge
Why do people do that? Like if see all the other students telling the same lie you go along with it. This isn't a game man. WERE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!!!
lapis lazuli
I actually did singing practice and the teacher..... made me run laps and he adds another lap every time I'm there.... and keep in mind, no walking, non- stop, of course I did it but my asthma came in.... I didn't go to singing practice for two weeks..... best two weeks ever
Rice Krispie
2:05 yup just smack him in the head, that'll wake him up
Brooke Torres
did i win
Jacqueline Gordillo
Lol Armin....attack on Titan season two is out...yup u probably already know that
vuk vukasinovic
nous ne sommes pas étrangers a l'amour tu connais les regles et moi aussi
kitty z Zavala
omgggggg atac on titan!!!
sheep_ flyer
2:05 are you fapping for this sound effect?
Dan The Man
0:33 You could have put water in and do some sick trickshots with the bottle
Ash Harris
My 5th grade teacher got fired from complaints of being a crappy teacher
Mr Fuzzy
"Did I win??"
Infamous 05
The amount of likes I get is my age
Wolfblitzer Music
Did I win ?
X_Z0 0M_X
2:05 is the funniest part
Berthille Jim FILLARCA
actually in the philipinnes every friday we actually to Physical Education but we just play outside whenever we want
Oh instead of physical education its PE
Eagle Xiong
Holy crap buckets! 3:25 is my high school! Lmfao I almost missed it but those ugly green frames are something you do not forget lol
Amanda Chapone
Things like this are why I don't do on-campus PE anymore
Luxrio Gamer,Blogger and More
2:06 is my favourite part
2:52 HE USED FLIPN ARMIN!!!😂😂😂 I'm crying right now!!! #AOT OMG IM LAUGHING WAY TO HARD
He was just telling the truth he should get an award
1:29 slaps their butt and hits the penis.
Stephiequake LA
to be honest P:E teachers should do P:E with us!!!
Larissa Mateo
El Original
My PE teacher just takes attendance to make sure who's dressed out and just play basketball the rest of the period
Hit Girl
Cock shot's fair??
The fitnessgram pacer test is a BEEP
Abster asgard
we have to take pe every year at my school.
Okay no more redbull
In my grade 7 PE class we would all change into our PE strip and then sit in the gym until everyone was ready. Then we would go outside and jog 1 lap and proceed to do whatever activity the teacher assigned. One day we're all sitting in the gym waiting for a few kids to finish changing, and 2 kids are quietly chatting. Then the teacher blurts out "Okay! 2 laps today!" JUST because 2 kids were talking, and usually while we're all sitting in the gym EVERYONE talks with each other. Then one kid didn't hear the teacher and asked the person next to him "what did he say?" and then the teacher says "3 laps today!" Then a few kids say "WHAT!?" and then the teacher says "make that 5" we jogged for almost the whole class.

It was the Thursday before a long weekend, and for PE that day it was multiple choice. Usually what the teachers did was unlock the shed full of balls and equipment and let us play whatever we want. They were even fine with us playing CROQUET. Me and a group of friends would always go to the playground. But this day they said we had to do soccer or football. Me and my friend didn't know how to play football and we were shit at soccer. So me and my friend went to the playground and we were actually being pretty active, running around and climbing and stuff. Then when class is over we all went back inside, and the teacher gives us each a "pride slip". At my middle school "Pride" was the motto, and a pride slip is a pamphlet you had to fill out when you did something really bad. You have to write down what you did, why it was bad, what you could've done instead, who you put in danger by doing it, etc. Then your parents need to sign it and you need to bring it back the next day or you'd be in more trouble. So the teacher gives us each a pride slip and says to fill in that we "endangered ourselves by being out of supervision". And keep in mind we would go to the playground every multiple choice day. But the stupidest part was at the end of pride slips there was a question that read "What punishment do you believe is appropriate for your actions?" Of course, having common sense, I wrote "nothing".
I'm Not Good At Names
Oh, look a water bottle ca- WAPOW
Theres alway the one person who tells the truth and gets us all in trouble
Nick The gk
hate my gym class bc me and like 4 other kids know what we're doing. everyone else just stands out of the way . and others pretend they know what theyre doing to look cool, and it also sucks bc im the only one who knows how to play hockey correctly
Kendall Maurer
From wreck it Ralph (don't know how it's spelled and really don't care)
Kendall Maurer
The boy who doesn't want to play bodies voice sounds like Felix
The fallen Dreemurr
heh armin does have a weird bowl cut
2:04 is me when my friends on discord are offline
John Park
Screw PE
Yehoshua Fowler
Phoebe And stuff
Listen I have to go like 4 or more times around our huge field at school!!!!!
Aiden Playz
you did 1 or 2 laps in 9th grade I'm in 8th grade... I do 4-8 laps each lap is 200 metres
2:51 ARMIN!❤
Maria Green
When I saw the picture of Armin, I paused the video, and then screeched. I didn't know James watched Attack on Titan?! Anyway, I enjoyed this video. Not that you need my validation anyway..
My sports teacher made us run in the woods while there were hailstones
Murderous Squirtle
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