annoyedperson101 hi
a guy in my history class told me to watch this. waste of my fxcking time. ps clay don't ever make me watch shite like this again.
Benito Skinner
I watch this once a week just to keep me sane.
Alexa R.
Interesting...I didn't think of it that way.
PITCH PERFECT. 5 letters in pitch, 7 letters in perfect. Add them together and what do you get? 12. What does this have to do with 9/11? Look at the 9th letter in that phrase: F as in Fake. But the phrase consists of 12 letters... Break them down. 11+1 = 12... Conclusion: The first attack on 9/11 was the first false flag attack. + 1 means there's another one coming. We must prepare ourselves!
Maelann .G
do a pitch perfect 2 theory
J Cal
"People don't realize this, but the entire screenplay is a palindrome."
Stay woke
Sam Adams
Jack Owens
im 27 which 27 minus 16 is 11 my buddy was born in September which is the 9th month...9/11...which was plotted by his neighbor Who guess who...harry conick jr!! this makes to much sense the truth is out there.
Aaron Harris
investigate 311
The use of Mogwai elevates this
MAN THIS IS PUSHING IT. Room 237 is a great film
South Florida
omg lol
This is amazing. A non serious video portrayed beautifully in a serious way about a non serious topic. mmmm
Jacob Smith
I couldn't stop chuckling. Awesome work Cook St Productions :)
Keep 'em coming
how could I have been so blind
Halle Bagshaw
This is the single best video my eyes have ever had the pleasure of absorbing. I will never look at anything the same again. WAKE UP SHEEPLE
And did anyone else notice when Aubrey says "My dad always says, if you're not here to win, get the hell out of Kuwait!"

Turn the words around TIAWUK now spin them around twice, two 'spins' for two towers, Kuwait. Kuwaiti oil.
someone already has that username
You know I think I've recently discovered that the Narnia trilogy is really just symbolism for Watergate. The franchise ends with a literal Watergate. The franchise has been on hiatus since 2010, now the studio done this on purpose in order to make people ask the question "Does Narnia Continue?" take all those initials and you get DNC. DNC = Democratic National Committee. A quote from Wikipedia "On the morning of June 18th, 1972, G. Gordon Liddy called Jeb Magruder in Los Angeles and informed him that "the four men arrested with McCord were Cuban freedom fighters, whom Howard Hunt recruited" the Iceland and Estonia release of Prince Caspian was on June 18th coincidence? I think not.
the evidence is all there
Sue F
Finally, someone whose not afraid to say what we're all thinking!
Vulphlux BF
this is troll right?
Derick Vigne
Post your thesis
Red Lime
that's fucking brilliant xD
C Cylinder Music
Just look at the title "Pitch Perfect" Obviously talks about how she gave the Govt. the PERFECT PITCH about this whole movie...when are the Sheeple going to wake up man!?!?
I didn't even have to suffer through the movie to find this video amusing.
William Thompson
on the ground....ground zero...
J. Bryan Barnes
"People don't realize this, but the entire screenplay is a palindrome"
"The other conick jrs"
tickled me just right
Fierce Maggot
we must go deeper
Maddy Gosselin
this is the funniest shit ever ahaha
Daniel Lassander
Im not sure if i should laugh or cry.
Sam Coope
sam harris is that you?
Psychic Surprise
that was a journey.

I'll never forget it
Tom Lambert
"Thesis on fine-toothed combs" 😂😂😂
Sounds like Ryan Higas theories
Jeewantha Bandara
The mental gymnastics required to arrive at your conclusion are truly astounding. Keep it up my man
my brain hurts
Abel Jonathan
first points actually make sense
Steven Duke
iMail 19
This is fucking hilarious
fr4nksumatra oh
I feel like Anna Kendrick would find this hilarious, privately. If she publicly voiced her acceptance of this video she would be crucified by the media for some clickbaitey bullshittery thats too stretched you cant actually figure out what happened anymore. Great video.
Really wanna fuck beca
"the rest of the Connick Jrs" lol
Fucking fantastic man.
this is my favorite thing
My favourite joke is the counting to 8????? on the guy's abs.
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