Healthy Pet
Rubber molds.....amazing.
Thunder Pie
copied from a commercial and underlay annoying music . TIMEWASTER
Meteoro Show
¿Quien TOSE? Who coughs?
Marius Fournier
Guys, purpose love this wovm scene =)
Sm00th TV
at what point do you stop for a moment to think if it wouldn't be cheaper to just get the real thing?
Mark de Solla Price
Yeah, its easier to just use real stone or brick, this is just not that good..... and when it cracks and it will crack, it looks dumb.
The One and Only
People who Like and Enjoy their jobs, will always be amazing to watch.
ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ l
Looks pretty f***ing stupid with an expansion gap through the middle tbh.
Musab Salih Akten
I hate this music.
bobbymac 131
Or you could just tile it
Sir Charizard
I'd prefer this than actual brick, looks way better and the maintenance is next to nothing
Freemason's at work . Hard work.
Wilson Eusebio
Buen trabajo muchachos.
Ken Holdredge
Nice work!
Paul M.
Why not just DO pavers? wtf
pattern imprinted concrete, then sealed with acrylic....nothing special
bipolar disorder
I like.
So fake this is photoshopped
Ford Falcoon
Ive been a contractor 14 years and I must say Wow nice work done here. Nothing I would have in mind.
My dad put the tiles in my basement bathroom.... Is that cool enough for a video like this? No? Ok....
The music sucks
Dr Chunky Biscuit
People on here. "Why don't they just lay brick?" "Why don't they just lay stone?" Easy answer. Because it's WAY easier and looks just as good!
Henry Higgins
why ? seemed like a lot of work for an ordinary looking outcome .
Willem Heitlager
wow this is great work
Debbie Spiegel
Too much work better pay good 🤔
Orlando Rivas
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much work for that. Ill just lay some bricks thank you 🍻
Sashi Amanda
,nice video
read more:
Jack Tyler
how they keep it wet?
Nils Eriksen
Very competent tradies, great job... wish they were here in Oz so I could get my pathway done.
Omu' Problema
Nice work but it's not that good in time...
Ben Schwarz
that fake hard work looks amaaaaazing
people ask 'why not just lay brick' - this is designed to have the strength of concrete and the design of stone at a lower cost than laying a concrete supporting slab beneath real stone.
Stamping a pattern into concrete... I don't think anyone has ever done that before. Could have done without the "music."
knee knobla
thats cool
Sorry but this is so old fashioned. We stopped doing this type of concreting in Australia about 15 years ago. They definitely have done a good job but no one gets that anymore. 1 it's old looking 2 it doesn't wear great on drives ways and 3 it's carcinogenic. Terrible stuff. Just saying. Oh btw been concreting (.mason) 20 years.
True Dat
He needs to change the title. What is the point of this?
John Adams
Great job.
Oh I'm sorry. I was supposed to text something negative.
michael haiden
Assholes and opinions
Jonathan Smoot
So! lol
Angsty Lady
the first one was the best
Jew_world Order
This creation is called stamped concrete.
DisasterBro9744 Bro
5:27 "Damn Son"
Eezee Listen
Another video spoiled by the poor choice of music - if you can call it that!
simon lloyd
Bryan Gonzalez
I'm a construction worker but I only build houses!!!
علي بابا
Amazing. Awesome. Good. Great. Cool 😎 رائع 😎
Construction workers, my ass. These guys are artists.
Jennie Hughes
Muted a 7:50 .
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