Game Theory: The Pokemon Multiverse EXPLAINS EVERYTHING

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Not too long ago, Nintendo released Omega Ruby and Alpha I initially wrote off as shameless HD rereleases. BUT! While the bulk of the story may be the same, there's a bit of post-game content that ROCKS the foundation of the Pokemon world and changes everything we THOUGHT we knew about the franchise!

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Gabe Elcock
This is a dumb theory
Wait he said beware! Oh..... This was in 2015....

Astrid the Otaku
never insult the games that introduced my favorite pokemon
Brecht Martens
I may be going meta right now, but what about the anime? Ash travels to Kalos and learns about mega-evolution in the same universe where he started in Kanto or is he maybe an interdimensional traveler like ghost girl? This theory goes against the anime imo. or again maybe I'm just going to meta and shouldn't get this mixed up with the anime.
Jake t
So there must be a universe where I have a Gameboy advance afterburner rather than my beloved gbasp
Olivia Way
Nice use of the Supernatural blooper
Error papyrus The skeleton
i love pokemon !!!!!!!!!!!! pokemon go is my favorite !!!!!!!!!!!!
Alex Binkley
6:27: Kamehameha in pokemon confirmed?
PandaAssassin 18
EVEN MOR PROOF: so I played x. First time, I found a riolu just in the first forest in the game. Not knowing that the game gives u a lucario, I kept it. I beat it and reset the game. I get to that same forest, and I didn't find a single riolu.
LizCraft And other games!!!
HI MATPAT!!!!! Have any advice for a theorist in training????
Hanna Sharkey
HE MENTIONED THE RED RESCUE TEAM!!! AKA THE ONLY POKEMON GAME I HAVE BECAUSE I'M CHEAP AND HAVE A DS LITE!!! (which takes Gameboy cartridges) the game was even a hand-me-down.
Jaicomics games
Soooooooooooooo multiverse theory?
do what is under Diglett
2:00 triforce/ illuminaty
TheMiniPigs The Pigs
Comicus Peixes
this would explain in the anime that ash is always 12 and pikachu tends to become extra weak each season
but in this skitty theory, you called a random situation like a broken pokeball the reason, but you need to connect the cat with the micro-verse
the random breaking of this microverse piece, wich is in the superstate, is causing the confuse about it because you cant connect micro and macro
but you didnt even tryed to put it in a superstate
the broken pokeball hasnt anything to do with the microv.
Or to be right, I ignore the fakt that cats just got transform into a ball
pokemon sun and moon so proves this !!
Is kinda zoned out during video until seeing SPN gif
Cummerbunns Watson
Miguel Lara
Does that mean in the anime, we could possibly be watching the same characters in another universe, because no one seems to have heard of mega evolution in the anime even though the games make it seem like something ancient, even in the anime, they make it seem like that, the fact that you would still require both stones to cause mega evolution in the anime kinda makes me wonder, despite that some characters in the anime saying that it's a recent discovery
Carlos Ramirez
Well, maybe another clue for this theory support is how do they know about mouse, bulls, eels, etc, they are not supposed to exist and the PokeDex classify Pikachu as a Mouse Pokemon... maybe the humans come from another dimension and ended up in the pokemon universe? :p
Kehl Shaw
In the real world the multiverse theory has been disproved. Sorry matpat.
Aura Power
hey hey steven stone is a rock,ground,steel-type trainer
Brian Kelp
Is there anyway that i can contact matpat? i want to ask him a few questions sorta related to this topic. Well the multiverse part
Jordan Edwards
Pokemon Sun and moon basically confirm this theory. Spoilers if u press read more

basically in the end after u catch solgaleo or lunala and beat the elite 4 u can go thru a portal that is in the place u caught ur legendary. u transport into an alternate dimension and u can get cosmos there
TripPurpleCatThePrincess :3
I acendtly killed deoxys why I played alpha sapphire (╥﹏╥)
Derik Garza
does anyone else still have a working link cable cuz I do
The Peach of Power
The only thing that makes me feel old is diamond and pearl made in 2007
Is this the theory where he mentions the movie Pokemon Heroes with Latios and Latias?
Cas Plays
Heeeey! Notification squad!!!
As a little piece of trivia, the scientist that came up with the many worlds theory (Hugh Everett) is also the father of songwriter and frontman of the rock band The Eels, who had a string of hits in the late nineties (including Mr. E's Beautiful Blues and Last Stop, This Town).
Personguy Dudehuman
Puns are great
William Almroth walldén
did he finally make a long solved theory
Rob Pegg
Favourriitie videooo
Richard Lyman
We need another kanto game
Sierra Davis
Those snacks aren't free...
Krazy Lolly
Nisse Kanin
Schrödinger is near to be swedish åäö
Goddamnit the puns goddamnit, to many puns.
shannon lundy
jake p
I was born into the generation that released diamond and pearl
jake p
How old is diamond and pearl
In real life I wonder if mat pat is actually funny irl
purple panda
Also this links into one of the Pokemon episodes in xy because ash gets sucked into a parallel universe where things are slightly different
DeyVonte Travis
Sun and Moon confirms this theory
RedCom78 Zack
I'm pretty sure everyone knows what a dimension is
Mike Pendle
Finnaly I found a bid with his old intro
hahaha I like that the most rememerable thing for me in the entire mystery dungeon series is the thing with Diglett's legs
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