URG -cool-
how about black and white
did u get it?
Ashleigh Decker
I had a version of this theory when I got my first Pokemon game (i.e. six years ago) and this just builds upon what I was thinking. So yeah, I'm a firm believer in this theory.
the yo-kai fan
i was born the age of ruby and sapphire
Yang Ice Ender Dragneel
puns are life
Ribbons0121 R121
head explodes
PJ Demigod
I think maybe EVERY game being a different region is a bit of a stretch. Splitting them in two for exclusives and then again for Mega Evos makes sense, but that's all. I mean, Magmar are only found in Blue in Gen 1, White and Black2 for Gen 5, some maybe that's a clue
Blake Nelson
I no a lot about multiverse theories
jr roemerman
watching in 2017 thinking about Pokémon moon and Pokémon sun and the portals to other dimensions
Omegaruby Senpai
MatPat Zinna Mabey lying
Sam Pharris
this was so awsooooommmmmeee
Rhiannon Stuart
younger than both
Adam Dao
They warship lord helix
Picaplannet 444
9:03 Ok...was I like, skipping text or not paying attention? Because I do NOT remember this!!
Brandon Solis
Does this mean Ash went to a different world when he went to Kalos? None of the other regions had mega evolution.
Ender _Owl07
I just have one question to people who are watching the Multiverse theory. How many of you guys have heard of or even played one of the PMD games. Because Matpat did reference the game for Red and Blue Rescue Team. And also I just want Matpat to do a theory on the game for once since he mostly done theories on the main games and Pokémon Go, but not for any of the spin-off games like PMD and Stadium.
alucard 123
does that mean sun and moon are there own dimension
Silver Mist the Lost Wolf
3:34 JAREEEED!!!!
Not to mention, that "Link Cable" would likely have been invented in several other universes, and would pose a threat to the one that you are in.
then does that mean we are seeing two Ash's
Alexzander Fry
this is also supported by Bioshcok Infinite
Mohammed Games
what is the song called at 10:40 ?
Atom Cat
Best opening ever
The Dragon Hunters
how about this thory: why can pokemon of eletrick type can not learn rock tm moves?
Oshri Yamin
this is the one of the good theorys that make some headhache
Rossa Lupus
whats the music at 10:05 ?
Or.... because it's a GAME, megaevolution hadn't been invented yet when RBY was released.
the song at 10:49 is ath Under the Peach Tree (Destiny of an Emperor Remix)
Jhero Playz
do a sun and moon theory I'll give you a lead- (Annabelle)
TheDarkMage Omega
don't forget that episode where other dimension Ash takes original picachu and Ash and his friends have to get him back
What about the no cloning theorem?
But Steven doesn't have a skitty....
other dimension like... the ultrabeast dimension
Is that music from Aero the Acrobat 2?
William Li
but it's just string theory like you said but you should have put a picture or thanked Dr Kaku
William Li
great theory
Kacper Walczuk
but wait what if gary uses one of the things that make an pokemon evolve
Leili Rosen
You sound like you have a cold lol
Peter Moody
BOOM!!! mind blown
10,000 subs no vid challenge
8:43 I never even realized that because I was skipping all the dialog
Tuti Cuty
Hahaha, I just happen to have Alpha Saphire and I just won Rayquaza. :)
Wardoug23 !
It's pronounced poke-ay-mon
Night Dragon17
I like your theory, but still I just played Pokemon Sun and I haven't even seen a mega evolved Pokemon. So, which dimension is Alola in?
Giron Adventure
what if the other dimension also has a link cable gun thing and they shot it so will it be a tennis game with asteroid?
Sam Kennedy
Kanto still exists in this other universe, Pokémon Origins
سعيد العامري
0:01 =garnet 🙂
Kirby Fan lovers
13:26 A GOOD THEORY!!!!!!
Oliver Keelan-Glew
Gold gets to fight red
Matteo Dyaus
That Steins;Gate music in the background brings back so many memories
I agree with each copy and version being another dimension but I still don't get why the old ones are separate from the new games because in POKÉMON sun and moon you clearly see Pokémon trainers Red and Blue and battle them with the ability to use mega evolution, also another theory: what is pokémon bank? And why does it have some creepy lady taking 4 dollars a year so you can transfer POKÉMON from old to future games? It could link up to this whole alternate worlds theory.
MW43778 Plays -Vlogs & Other Such Nonsense
The opening joke was really funny for me... I wonder if anybody else feels the same way
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