Game Theory: The Pokemon Multiverse EXPLAINS EVERYTHING

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Not too long ago, Nintendo released Omega Ruby and Alpha I initially wrote off as shameless HD rereleases. BUT! While the bulk of the story may be the same, there's a bit of post-game content that ROCKS the foundation of the Pokemon world and changes everything we THOUGHT we knew about the franchise!

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Now, just get someone to do Cave Johnson's scam on these universes as well.
Skelton Shark
My brain hurts now
Emerald_ Crazy
Queen Wolf
I wish I knew how old Matt is... but I'm too lazy to figure it out, that's why I'm on this channel so Matt can do it for me
"That's A Theory For Another Day" 2 years later WHERE IS IT MATPAT?! AZ THEORY!
Celestia: TheSoulofDarkness
did any one see the link at the top of ur screen
Loric Minatchy
That's Steins;gate OST, good choice !
Landon Swafford
or uh, they haven't thought of mega evolution
Inuyasha TT
Rune Kishen
This theory also applies to Fire Emblem, especially in Fates as explained by Shigure in the Heirs of Fate DLC!
Zora of Time
What if the meteor is being teleported to someone else's game? Then they have to save the world from the meteor! What if while doing that, the same meteor which almost destroyed a world twice goes through another link cable? Could the meteor that appears on everyone's game files be the same meteor???
Aimash Baghel
Man I wish that US would be the first to land on moon Instead of Soviet Union. Maybe in other dimension the US landed first on moon. Who knows?...........
If you look on the atomar plan everything is action -> reaction -> action... and so on even your brain cells and thoughts and actions. If you have all data of every atom in the world and all scientific laws, you can predict everything in the future. Everything is action/reaction so two possible outcomes of something cannot exist. Multiverse is impossible
psybreon the psyborg umbreon
da puns
he should do this theory again because sun and moon has even more proof with the post game
So now... What if Pokémon is actually based on reality? What if these dimensions actually exist, and the whole "sending an asteroid into another dimension" thing happened to OUR world roughly 65 million years ago?
1:47 Can now be considered a pun
benjåmin Våtlånd
you know skitty is kitty well you know what seel is seel
Jessica Neitzel
wow mind explodes
Skitty is just the supersymmetric kitty
That means when I don't do my homework, in another world I do? Huh.
David Bent
What if black holes are the time rifts so when you go in a black hole you end up in a different universe
Gabriel Rubio
Then how did ash get to x and y by FLYING!
so much bullshit really the only real reason is cuz they stole mega evolution of digimon and now stole sprites and moves from yokai watch -_-
Ches Belle
ok, this would have been at it's best if you hadn't sounded so cocky. slapstick comedy and bashing historians doesn't fit the vibe of pokemon theories at all. thanks for the work tho, you don't need to say more than you would on a normal basis just to appeal to more crowds. (cause you'll wind up with an embarrasing and contradictory fan base)
Charles Reilly
Wow, a game for kids has a huge multiverse… mind blown.
Chrono Trigger song <3
TheSmasher1386 - Doges, Roblox and more!
Try to say this 3 times fast:

Go Gold Golem
Dat Goat On Fire
So (in theory), if the Delta episode never existed, Pokemon would not even exist!
scorpio slash123
That diglet though
Kathryn Summers
Pocket dimensions... Makes more sense than the other idea that you had... much more.
The DukeFuturePenguin
Maybe the pocket dimensions are why your bag space is unlimited...
Juliana Gefes
me and my brother both had a game boy and the first game my brother got was Pokemon blue... I still have it... You think I can sell it??
cmon. multiverse theory is the theory for when you have no theory. stop it. now!
Sunny The Espeon
This is just... fascinating! I love the theories that seem FARFETCH'D (i actually typed that once and didn't notice the pun at first) at first, but then when MatPat explains them make a lot of sense! Good on ya MatPat!
Angelo Rodriguez ウェッブ
Ethan Palmer
i got the grasios orb joke lol im weird WEIRDOS 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh man, wait till you get to Post-Game of Sun and Moon. The presence of a character from an older Gen would definitely support this theory.
Cadir Ferrreira
awesome puns!!!!!
SAS gd
I remember the link cable...
kyle molindo
you answer questions and REVEAL secrets
Cαssαndrα Cat Projects OwO
Now I'm afraid about my skitty Petal :( .
Dark Mask
Make an another one sun and moon came out
Karl Brazal
dude in Pokemon black and white you can go to other dimensions
Malachi Tilmon
well Pokemon black and white said every specifically that there was a separate universe
Jedi Master Justin
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