Game Theory: The Pokemon Multiverse EXPLAINS EVERYTHING

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Not too long ago, Nintendo released Omega Ruby and Alpha I initially wrote off as shameless HD rereleases. BUT! While the bulk of the story may be the same, there's a bit of post-game content that ROCKS the foundation of the Pokemon world and changes everything we THOUGHT we knew about the franchise!

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Pokemon Theories:
Are Humans Pokemon? YES! ►►
Pokemon Evolution EXPLAINED ►
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Can Bullet Bill kill you? ►►
Mario is a Psychopath! ►►►

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What's in Link's Potions? ►
Majora's Moon ISN'T a Moon ►
Which Link is the strongest? ►

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FNAF1, The TRUE Story ►

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Call of Duty: Death from Space ►
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MiniPeach19 xX Anime Xx
Jack Duffy
Supernatural gif at 3:35
People say the Pokemon war was Pokemon GO
Falco Pro
I have beat everything in this game and everything in others
Jello Trooper
Sun and Moon confirm this whole theory!
Melissa Paulk
Wait so The two Universes Are THE SAME But there different That doesnt make that much sense...
Cat Rawr
pokemon sun and moon also support this theory, with the ultra beasts coming from another DIMENSION
Sutton Holscher
I just realized that the portal Steven Stone and his dad were going to open is most likely the Wormhole from Sun and Moon.
The butter 501
Dido dose exist! Just caught one!!!
Daniel Wolf
I just noticed that Lord Helix is in a painting behind steven's Dad
Dragonic Destroyer
Im sorry to say,but this isnt even a theory.near the end of oras it shows the other team (aqua for omega ruby and magma for alpha saphire) 'say' something (I dont wanna do spoilers)
Thatguy Man
I prefer the pilot wave theory
Hex Manic Bluski
if the old games are the destroyed universe- MY CHILDHOOD HURTS...
Wanna feel old? This video was posted 3 years ago.
Pink Fizzles
Lol I just noticed now he sounds like principal oak in the beginning
ismael nehme
This theory makes pokemon really, really clever. Good job game freak and good job mattpatt
Rin 10th
Ah yes, this "theory." The multiverse is canon, it's explicitly shown in the delta episode
Gage Stafford
Ok I saw the whole vid and I was surprised..........but when I was watching I started thinking about the tv series if the same war that happened a long time ago in the tv series happened then why did ash go to all of these regions and finally find mega stones in x and y? Think about it.
Yeah I Got Nothin
This... isn't a theory... It's cannon, why is it on game theory?
Laughing Jack
2 most painful experiences in my life pokemon x Kangaskhan and Mawile
Fairy Tail Is AWESOME
hah old matpat
The guy who likes Cats
Who justs watches this for the editing
Joanna INBED
unfortunately i'm the sad dimension me without snacks. :(
Animate It
As I remember it can be explained by xy when ash entered a cave and........ their was another ash and that ash was a scaredy cat instead of being brave and team rocket on that world is like heroes instead of villains remmemberrr it's on xy
carla rodas
Dude game there y fix your therey about pokemon being humans and humans being pokemon
Ethan Bok
What this does not make sense
Inan Chowdhury
bad time BOSS
gametheory:wanna fell old?
gametheory:ruby and saphare is 13 year old
me:dude im 12
what if the meteorite that got pushed into another world was the moon from majoras mask?
the world may never know
EllieHannaPlays // Ellie Hanna
Team Rowlet GottaKetchumAll
AHAHA i don't have a life
Santiago Moral
Another proof is that the original game doesn't have Mega-Evolutions and the new one does.
Yakarot Sennin
The real question is... If you crush a Pokeball with a Pokemon in it, what happens to the Pokemon?
wait... oooooooohhhhhh that's why ash is still a flipping ten year old even though in the 90's pokemon tv show brock or misty mention that they can't believe it's been a year since they were in the town they arrived in
Jerias Safieh
Steven Stone's Skitty, Steven Stone's Skitty, Steven Stone's Skitty. Ha did it
i watched the intro and i wanted to die
Sabrina Williams
Wall of china ad sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nate The Gamer
because they wasn't thinking about it
Nate The Gamer
Ahad Khan
And also that portals that go through space and time are ultra wormholes
Ahad Khan
In either sun or moon, you can go to a portal that leads to the other game. If you're in sun, you can go to moon, to change the time
Ahad Khan
Fudge Capili
Fudge Capili
Fudge Capili
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