Game Theory: The Pokemon Multiverse EXPLAINS EVERYTHING

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Not too long ago, Nintendo released Omega Ruby and Alpha I initially wrote off as shameless HD rereleases. BUT! While the bulk of the story may be the same, there's a bit of post-game content that ROCKS the foundation of the Pokemon world and changes everything we THOUGHT we knew about the franchise!

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Griseous orb on my giratina? I know what it does but what does he mean?
jackhammer 251
I can not unsee nor un hear the life changing thing that I have just heard this literallly just changed my childhood
Kyan Lawrence
there are three no four no maybe six idk man evolution line
Stine Smith
Do You think this is the case whit the new pokemon movie?
Poke Topichu
Mk legend
Maybe the shinies are from the other universe
TheEnderFox433 Gaming
joshua witt
This would explain why the movies are inconsistent with the tv series
speedy jolteon
I have the poster of the picture at 9:37
Lamidło Spustoszenia
Awwwww Old intro
Time Diamond
you kinda overthink it a bit, maybe the games are different pathways for the story, wait is their even a timeline? I am sorry but I have not played Pokemon in a long time
Battle Unicorn 21
lol the intro!!! I'm watching this in 2017!!!
Rajit Gaddu
More Pokémon theory's please😂
Jack Gay
puns galor
Luke Fleck
this also is why you never meet other players in the pokemon games. They are in other dimentions
Zack Shaw
Low key wish he was my science teacher. :)
Fearless Paladin
It also means there's an universe were Ash won every League or at least most.
Vivacel Meme
But hold on here, i may be wrong but, in i think the first movie where red and blue are introduced, wasn't red given a stone much like a mega evolution stone? I havent seen that movie in a while but if it was the first movie, that would prove mat's mega evolution stones were created in X and Y theory wrong, right?
Emma Heiberg
Can you do a theory with digimon
Kitty Playz
This is just Undertale for me all over again, when I heard about the Undertale multiverse.
ThatOneLegend Emerald
Actually, the skitty would be either ded or alive no matter what. It doesn't matter if WE see it or not. Anything that records information about the universe, such as an atom or the flow of time, will observe the skitty and record what has happened.
edit I typed this trying to remember an interesting point I remember someone saying a while back about the paradox-(or theory or whatever)-so please don't blame me. Blame my brain for not remembering!
John Asler
what's the music used when referring to Schrodinger's Cat and the Coppenhagen Theory
it sounds very nice tbh
David "VC" Miller
Wait, in the TV show, Ash goes into places that have not discovered mega evolution (Kanto, Johto etc.) and places where it does exist (X and Y). Is it canon?
Cerytine Bond
My cat's name is Skitty , as in Skittle kitty
Shadow Light
You know this theory could also explain pokeballs. I always thought of them as a device that simulates the natural environment the pokemon lives in but with this theory it might be a pocket dimension itself and depending on the pokeball the pocket dimension grows more stronger with either better technology or specific parameters set to capture specific pokemon better (Ex: Dive balls, Net balls, and maybe Beast balls) and the pocket dimension itself could be like my original theory about pokeballs they help simulate the pokemons natural environment with probably a few key differences that alert them if they are entering a battle, being traded, or just simply being let out of there pokeballs.
Not real. Black and White take place in the same place just different times. Just look at beonica!
Ian Lee
Oh, and don't forget, Mew was discovered in Guyana, South America!
Prehistoric FossilFinder
That was the best opening ever!
This explains why you started as a human in mystery dungeon explorers of sky but turn into a Pokemon
flaming wolf sword
Red is in the non mega reality yet he is in the sun and moonso hes in 2 dementions
The Eeveelutions
Alonso Rodas
hey Matt Pat do you collect Pokemon cards?
Troy Zlata
no more pons
Daniel Si
Could have used the Pokemon XY Series anime Episode 37 The Cave Of Mirrors for this theory but yeah cool theory.
John Parker
ThePrince Gamez
Could you do that Az theory
CrazyOwl 23
in the introduction I literally had to go to to PokeDex online to figure out who the snake rock was, just for that joke!
(I found out its name was Onix)
Jenice Cruz
But MatPat about the war and timeline in the first game seargant ??? In the 3rd gym in Gen 1 on any Gen 1 game he says"hey kid,electric pokemon saved me during the WAR"and Gen 1 is part of the NO WAR,MEGA EVOLOUTION,AND CRAZY MACHINE Dimension so this theory is NOW DEBUNKED BY ME(unofficial)
Christopher Rosa
This also explains where the beasts come from in sun and moon.
Ok, what happened in the anime?
B is for gaming
lol steven stone and his skitty standing silent in the stadium try saying THAT ONE 5 times fast
I GOT IT. Pokémon platinum for the win

Meh, that usually happens anyway
Brenda Toups
More Pokémon jokes make a whole video about them that's an hour long
Cookie Productions
did anybody ever stop to think that almost every ash is a different ash ending hi journey in kanto going to a new region which would kinda explain why ash lost to a level 5 snivy hes just not as strong I'm not entirely sure but its just a theory
Joel McKenzie
cool kade
This theory is also backed up in Pokemon sun where if your trade for a Pokemon from another game it says " it seems to have traveled through time and space to reach you"
What about the TV series, ash, is he in a different universe, he seen the non mega, and the mega, and isn't in a different dimension because he remembers and sees the same people before.
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