Game Theory: The Pokemon Multiverse EXPLAINS EVERYTHING

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Not too long ago, Nintendo released Omega Ruby and Alpha I initially wrote off as shameless HD rereleases. BUT! While the bulk of the story may be the same, there's a bit of post-game content that ROCKS the foundation of the Pokemon world and changes everything we THOUGHT we knew about the franchise!

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Pokemon Theories:
Are Humans Pokemon? YES! ►►
Pokemon Evolution EXPLAINED ►
Is Jynx RACIST? ►

Mario Theories:
Can Bullet Bill kill you? ►►
Mario is a Psychopath! ►►►

Legend of Zelda Theories:
What's in Link's Potions? ►
Majora's Moon ISN'T a Moon ►
Which Link is the strongest? ►

FNAF2, The Killer REVEALED ►
FNAF1, The TRUE Story ►

Scary Theories:
Call of Duty: Death from Space ►
Mega Man: Death by Robot ►
Polybius: The CIA Conspiracy ►

CoD/Shooter Theories:
Call of Duty: Death from Space ►
The Warcrimes of Call of Duty ►
What Sex is Team Fortress 2's Pyro ►

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The true Satoh
Physics puns. Love it.
By far my favorite video.
Subscribe to my channel plz!!!!!
sunknight 147
That intro though XD.
archangel arzola
that actually explains why every game has its OWN legendaries even though every one can get them there's only ONE in every game
Mabrel Playz
Wanna feel old this video came out before he had is gt live or film theory channels
What song is played at 5:55 it's beautiful and I can't find it
"HE HAS FEET?!?!?!?!" - magneton reacting to diglett saying he had feet feeling like they were on air.
Frankie Savage 1212006
0:55 what did you just say?
Amir Sawalha
2:22 MatPat oras plz
Xavier Olivera
How about cartoon network pokemon show and all the seasons are in one universe and in the first ten seasons they never talk about or heard about mega evolution
cough cough Sun & Moon cough cough
mercury sailor
the gameboy is in pokemon sun and moon.
Francisca Reyes Aguilar

Isai Melendez
Professor Kikui breaks physics in sun and moon demo
Ayuub Jama
5:04 Anyone hearing the Flash! (slash every marvel slash dc comic)
Crystal Ptacek
This video made me cry tears of joy.
Hide the pain
I can systematically prove that the portal that is used to transport the meteor from universe to universe, can and WOULD destroy the universe if activated
It's funny because Game Freak didn't go through with the alternate universe concept completely. There are an infinite number of universes, ergo there is a 100% chance that the machine will be fired, ergo every. Single. Universe ever will be bombarded all at once. Since you are a part of the infinite number of universes and there is an infinite number of meteoroids coming to bombard every one of the infinite universes that exist. Head hurt yet? Because this'll get a whole lot worse.
Since there is also a 100% possibility that the meteoroid will miss therefore making it a meteor, then that means that an infinite number of universes where the meteor misses. We are apart of that infinite. Ergo there is a 100% chance that the meteor will hit us, AND ALSO miss us at the same time.
In addition, who's to say there is only one meteor coming? If there is an infinite number of universes with meteors coming to hit AND miss the earth at the same time, then there is a 100% probability of there being a universe where ten, fifty, hundreds, even MILLIONS coming to hit that planet. And you know where this is going. Since there is one universe that exists where something happens. There is an infinite number of universes where something happens.
I can name a few ways that this portal can systematically destroy the entire universe. Here's one of the ways.
Still not experiencing that piercing migraine you've always wanted? Who's to say that there isn't a universe, where the portals coordinates where miscalculated? Who's to say that the portal can't miss earth and heads straight to Venus? Or Mars? Hell who's to say that the portal can't miss THE ENTIRE SOLAR SYSTEM and head straight. Into. A black hole. Yes. The portal instead of sending out a meteor. Accidentally sucks in the biggest. Black hole. In the universe. If it does that then there is a universe where it sucks in Earth. Venus. Mars. The sun. The entire solar system. The closest star to us Alpha Sen tori. Even missing our entire Milky Way galaxy and hitting the next. All whilst packing up and expanding, as it sucks in more black holes making it even bigger. And you know what that means. If it happens in one universe. There's a 100% chance. That it will happen. To us. And this isn't an option anymore. The portal has a 100% chance of missing. A 100% chance of landing next to, or inside a black hole. And swallowing the entire universe.
I can name a few more ways that the portal can kill the entire universe, but this wall of text is too long already.
Thumbs up because it literally took my 20 minutes to write this wall of text.
I AM A POKÉMON MASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fox sly
also of you look where you got a pokemon in pokemon sun and moon it says this pokemon came thought time in space from where ever you got is. and that is pretty cool
Sterling Taylor
Or game freak wanted to add a way to evolve ur fully evolved Pokémon but only in a battle
Zima Hernandez
why depic the [ortal gun thing as z mac cannon
AussieGaming GmodMinecraftAndMore
btw its grisiouse orb on normal giratina to transform it into origen form
Yonder SpaceKing
did you know that the original theme song for lavender town has notes in it that cause kids to commit suicide, and have seizures!
Spiketrap lol
cats arnt lame you jurk
Mad hatter
Who else isn't a big fan of the games and still thinks the "universe" ( cause there is a lot of them) of the franchise is beautiful?
Don't give me wrong, I'm not a Pokehippie or whatever, it's just... I don't know... there's something about the pokeworld (or pokeunivese, or... whatever you want to call it) that makes me feel happy every time I learn more about it (when I think about it, maybe it is that this "universe" is kinda like ours, but kinda different at the same time.. You know what I mean? no, not THIS you know what I mean, the one for people who don't think about IT all the time... you know, "normal" people?) ....

....Does someone feel the same, or I'm just a creepy weird pokefreak?
Domani'k Sorensen
your puns are amazing
Salty Salt
ooAAHHHH 2015 introooo
Nathan Gomez
network the most powerful Pokemon do plz
Cyber Disciple
[spoiler] Every single fictional thing is related to all the others.
Cyber Disciple
Look, if there is a hungry cat in the box with poisoned cat food, it's not alive and dead at the same time, it's either alive or dead, you are just not aware of which, but only one can be true, so it does not have a multiple state, its one or the other.
This may be a little farfetch'd (pun intended)
Lucario 777789
Gen 2 is best and gen 1 worst
take that genwunners
shashi bhagwat
het matpat i like the intro of game theory can you send me a link of thr intro.
misha de jong
wane feel old?
this video is 2 years old and im rewatching this xD
Naomi Lines
Celibi is a mythical not a legendary
CC Nightcore - Royalty Free Music
That meowth pun is still great 2 years later.
Linda Mason
u did many 🌍s in a harry potter theory
Linda Mason
gotta catch 'em all!

do i sound cheesy
Robo Gerbil
Does this tie in with how red and blue visit alola in generation 7?
mike henriksen
pokeball=mini tardis from doctor who Xd
Name001 Name002
so Pokemon is just copying Digimon
วรพล สวนโน
Odds of sausages rolling 1/3
squirming chaos the endless
every choice made splits the universe into two AUs.
SHADO lancer
im 24 and I still have an old link cable
Zach Buchanan
These puns are my definition of funny
Eliazar Montemayor III
i have pokemon emerald
xX AdamCraft64 Xx
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