Game Theory: The Pokemon Multiverse EXPLAINS EVERYTHING

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Not too long ago, Nintendo released Omega Ruby and Alpha I initially wrote off as shameless HD rereleases. BUT! While the bulk of the story may be the same, there's a bit of post-game content that ROCKS the foundation of the Pokemon world and changes everything we THOUGHT we knew about the franchise!

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That's Not A Potato!
I know loads more about quantum physics and similar facts than calculus and algebra. Just now thought about that...
Erin Rizzo
Can you look at fat Pokémon
TheGreninjaGamer TGG
I love pokemon puns. :)
Minh-tam Dinh
Why can't they just pull Diglett... -_-
Reaper Sans
I just paused it at 3:25 aaaaaand that's true yay you wiiiiin a priiize (lol) they supported that theory that in sun/moon where you can just go through a magic portal to technically the other game alter of the sun to alter of the moon also NO EXPLANATION...WHYYYYY
Wan Muhammad Shafizan
string theory+sheldon cooper= mega evolution
Shira's Universe
do a theory on what is under diglet
Saint of Sins
Thomas-Isaac Arcino
The true difference between the dimensions, is that one is in 3D
Anyone else realize that there is a dimension without some random dud with no toilet
Jose Monroig
I wanna be that guy who just says But matpat! The multiverse is Inffffiiiinnnaaaaaaattttttteeeeeeeee
one year later
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee so you can't explain all the multiverse
That guy who always wants to stop a conversation: WELL HEZ GONNA SAY THAT NO BECAUSE! He wants to....
Harry Gandel
But then Pokémon sun and moon comes and ruins this theory.
- DEDM33T -
Ruby and sapphire is almost a year older than me :p
Mimikyu Gaming
I know what you mean grisiouce orb makes giratina in too it's origin form
PonyBoy Kai Curtis
Matpat sounded so unhappy back then XD
He is dead
Super tree 9678
Link cable

I know what you mean
Pokemon and Anime lover
Please note. You said Rayquaza. RAY-KWAY-ZA. No. PRONOUCE LIKE THIS. RAY-KWA-ZA
h20 jahydon
Plz do yu gi oh
the big noob 2017
Well I'm convinced. And inspired.
Victiny Star
i hope i find 10 hours loop of game theory theme
msp darkapple
That moment you realise the URL has Myh0E in it xDDDD
Sheila Frye
You lost me a min 7
I loved the intro! It's not ONIXeptible. lol
Simon Rose
I know what you mean
The Anonymous Cactus 98
The second hey said they were different for a reason I knew everything that was coming next
Dang alpha sapphire and omega Ruby is as old as me....
Does anyone know the BG music playing at 12:13? DX Ive beek trying to find it for aaages!
isaiah hedrington
Pikachu seems to give me a lot of lessons in quantum physics, and i mean ALOT
stumpjumper123 Gaming
ruby and saphire came out when i was born
I like the string theory joke
THE REASON MEGA EVOLUTION DIDNT EXIST BACK IN THE OTHER GAMES IS BECAUSE NO ONE EVER TRIED TO CREATE IT! ONLY AT THAT TIME (Gen 6) IN THE POKÉMON TIMELINE DID MEGA EVOLUTION EXIST BECAUSE THEY WERE EXPERIMENTING AT THAT TIME. let's say mega evolution occurs in the FIRST game. Then what's the theory? For all we could know, the portal they opened for the asteroid could've gone to the Distortion work back in gen 4 with Giratina. (I got the joke with Giratine btw, nice.) so what would be the theory for multiverse then? Primal forms? Even then, primal forms weren't made by the scientist... so there is no evidence to point towards multiverse theory from the Primal form as the foundation. So, what's the theory? The answer, there isn't. Everything in the Pokémon universe has never even mentioned things about other worlds. So how could it come up now? Unless, scientist were trying to experiment that kind of thing at that time. I think it's a matter of time and place, not of infinite solutions from one cause. Think of it as a math problem x+6=9 this is an easy one, X=3. One outcome. But if it was 15-3=10+2 then that is infinitly many solutions, as in an infinite amount of multiverses. But, the pokemon world could be one of those two equations. But until there is evidence to point towards infinitly many solutions, then it has to be x+6=9 one solution, one outcome to that skitty with the faulty wiring in that pokeball. A matter of place and time. Sorry if this response is 2 YEARS LATE. I just love looking through at old content. Love Y'all!
See the difference there’s 2
Like if if you saw both the differences
Itsa Me Jaden
I'd like to point out that Schrodinger's cat IE the Copenhagen theory is wrong. Let me explain. We assume we are the only ones who can observe but that isn't true. The cat is also an observer in the box with the poison or Nuclear material. There for multiverse theory can only exist in our minds and not in reality. But it is just a theory.
Afterburn 722
Seeing the footage of Ultra Sun and Moon of Ultra Space, this theory has much more meat to it, I'd say
Marsel Marazyan
this would also explain why kalos is the region that intorduced the least amount of pokemon maybe there's a lot (and i mean a loooot) of pokemon in the kalos region bu in the dimension where AZ blasts the weapon all new pokemon were perished and in the other one they were stil alive and more pokemon to catch
hmmmmmmmmmmm this sounds farmiller...............................................................................................................................rick and morty
botnel Colico
and for some reason im getting an extreme deja vu feeling right now like I watch these video before....
you got me
link cable
"wanna feel old???" matpat asked his subscribers who are young young children
Professor Mudkip
This theory is irrelevant now because there's megas in sun and moon
wanna feel old?..... this video came out 2 years ago
Molly O'Kami
I'd like to see what that would make Pokémon Bank…
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